Newbreeds log trying out USPLabs Patented Anabolic

  1. Newbreeds log trying out USPLabs Patented Anabolic

    Hello everyone. I would like to thank everyone on team USPLabs for chance to try this product out. I have not been disappointed with any USP product and don't expect to start now. My goals for this run are to increase strength, size, and shed some bodyfat. The only other products I will be using are:

    Orange Triad
    Omega 3
    Whey Protein
    Modern BCAAs

    I will be looking to see how it works on it's own and with stim products such as pre workouts and thermogenics

    For week 1, I will be using what I listed above

    Week 2, I will be using Jack3d original and see how it works with the PA

    Week 3, I will be using Jack3d Micro and see how that works with PA

    Week 4, May consider using OEP or Recreate

    Let the party begin.

  2. 11/12 Chest

    The first thing I noticed is my body heated up real quick. Started sweating after the first exercise when it normally starts around the second or third. Felt very aggressive with the weights as well.

    Cross body scoops with dumbbells 5*8-15
    Barbell bench press 6*4-10
    Barbell incline press 5*6-12
    Incline hammer press with bands 4*8-15
    Negative dips 4*8

    Great workout. Drenched afterwards

  3. 11/13 Legs

    Warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes and dip a few sets of hip abductor and adductor supersetting for high reps.

    Squats 6*3-12
    Leg extensions 4*15-20 pausing at top for 3 seconds
    Leg press 5*6-15
    Standing angled leg curl 4*6-10
    Single leg curl 4*8-12
    Lunges 4*8-12
    4 stages of hell calf raise 4*20,10,20,10
    Seated calf raise 4*10-12

    Once again, I noticed my body heated up real quick and sweated during warm ups. Had great focus during the session as well. Great workout.

  4. 11/14 Back

    Lat Shrugs (warm up) 4*10-15
    Close Grip Hammer Strength Pulldowns 5*6-12 (PR 380*6)
    Reverse Hammer Strength Pulldowns 4*6-10 (PR 220*6)
    T-bar rows 4*5-12
    Hammer Strength Neutral Grip Rows 4*8-12
    Reverse Grip Rows 3*8-12
    Assisted Pull Ups 3*8-10
    Weighted Back Extensions (deadlift style) 3*10-15

    Workout went great. Had great focus and drive. Started sweating right away. I noticed a slight increase in appetite and thirst today which is a good sign of anabolism. My sleep quality has been good to these past couple nights. Had a couple hours less sleep last night than usual but still felt like I got a good amount of sleep in so that's a plus.

    Will have more to report tomorrow for my delt destruction workout

  5. I haven't really noticed the body heat that much. Thirst & hunger are crazy!!

  6. Hey bub, did you link your thread? Well I'm in!

    Handful of peeps been reporting that feeling, bout everyone has noticed hunger.

    I may give your ad/abductor warm up a go next leg day. Idk why I've never tried this, my hips are always tight.
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  7. That's a positive sign

  8. Not yet I need 150 posts I believe.

    Best exercises to warm up with IMO

  9. Sorry I haven't kept everyone posted. I just moved into a new home with my family and we don't have the internet so I will try to get on here as much as I could and post my workouts and what I notice with PA.

  10. 11/15 Delt Destruction

    To add to what I am noticing to the product, I am noticing an improvement in my sleep quality. I wake up and feel all ready to go even if I don't get in the normal amount of sleeping hours I normally do.

    Side raises 5*8-15
    Partial side raises 4*12-15
    Reverse flye pinky up 4*8-12
    Pinky up front raise and out to the sides 4*6-10
    Hammer strength shoulder pad facing the pad 5*6-10

  11. 11/16 Arms

    Dumbbell curls 4*8-12 last set using 65 PR
    EZ curl pinky up 4*10-12
    Hammer curls 4*8-10
    Close grip bench press 5*6-12
    Rope pushdowns 4*12-15
    Single arm incline overhead extensions 4*8-12 PR 45*8
    Staright bar pushdowns 5*10-12
    Wrist curls 4*10
    Reverse wrist curls 4*10
    Wrist curls thumbs up 4*10
    Wrist curls pinky up 4*10

    Felt very confident and strong with this session.

  12. 11/17 Deadlift Day

    Triset (Deficit deadlift, deadlift, rack pull) 6*4-10 KILLER!
    Deadlift under shrug machine bars so when the barbell hit the machine handles, more resistance would be added knee level up 7*1-8

    New reports on the PA:
    Noticed an enhanced libido. Sweating form the beginning. Great drive and focus during the workout.

  13. 11/18 Cardio

    I like to switch my cardio up from HIIT to longer duration cardio. This was a 45 minute cardio session on the elliptical while playing video games.

    My week 1 review of the USPLabs Patented Anabolic
    1. Improved sleep quality
    2. Strength increase
    3. Enhanced libido
    4. Great focus and drive during workouts
    5. Noticed the most with the cardio session, improved endurance

    So far I am very impressed with the product after 7 days. I believe this will be a gamechanger in the industry and one thing many will love about it I'm sure is it's ONE pill as opposed to taking a bunch throughout the day.

  14. 11/19 Chest

    This week, I am using Jack3d with the Patented Anabolic. I noticed more intense pumps and focus than just taking Jack3d on it's own. I also felt a great mind muscle connection. Not bad for the first day.

    Incline bench press 5*3-12 (225*3 PR by 2 reps)
    Incline hammer press with bands 5*5-12 (2 45's and 1 25 per side*5 PR)
    Incline dumbbell scoops 4*12-15
    Flat bench with a target of 5 negative push ups after the set 5*6-8 fell short on the 5 negative push ups at the end

    Stretched then headed out. Great workout.

  15. 11/20 Legs
    Nothing new to report from the other posts. Broke some more PR's with this session.

    Hip adductor
    Superset 4*15-20 for both (warm up)
    Hip abductor

    Hip Abductor with my butt off the seat (hits glutes better) 3*10-12
    Leg extensions with rolled yoga mat under the back of my knee so I get a better stretch and contraction 4*10-15 (last set was stack and a 10 lbs. plate attached PR)
    Leg press (22 plates by 7 reps beating out 4 reps with the same weight PR) 5*7-12
    Squats 5*6-10
    Hammer strength single leg curl (old PR 2 45's per a side for 5 new PR 2 45's+5 a side for 7 reps) 4*7-10
    Single leg angled leg curl standing 4*6-12
    Dumbbell step ups (PR 80's for 6 reps) 4*6-10
    Seated calf raise 4*20 slow reps
    4 stages of hell standing calf raise 20 BW, 10 weighted, 20 fast BW reps, 10 BW reps with stretch at bottom

    With all the PR's others and myself are breaking, this product is the REAL DEAL.

  16. 11/21 Back

    I noticed an improvement in my endurance with this session. I was able to train heavy and take a small rest period (30-45 seconds) then do another set with heavier weight with no issues. Strength is up as I was adding no less than 25 lbs. per side as opposed to 10-15 lbs. per side each set. Others have noticed my increase in strength within a short period of time and even asked if I was using something illiegal which I told them no it was the PA I'm testing and they did not believe me at all. That's a great compliment.

    Wide lat shrugs 4*10-20
    Close grip hammer strength pulldowns 4*5-10 PR 400 lbs.+band*5
    Single arm barbell row 5*6-12
    Hammer strength close grip row 4*8-12
    Reverse hammer strength pulldown 4*7-10 PR 240*7 Previous PR22*6 Not bad for a week
    Lower back extensions deadlift style 3*10
    Assisted pull ups 4*8-10

  17. 11/22 Delts
    Pumps are more intense for sure when Jack3d is used with PA. PR's are dropping so fast you think I was using gear or something

    Pinky up single arm reverse flye 4*8-12 PR 140*8
    Partial side raises machine 5*8-15 PR using stack instead of couple plates short
    Hammer shoulder press 5*8-10
    Chest down on incline bench pinky up front raises 4*8-15
    Dumbbell side raises 4*6-10

  18. PR PR PR PR PR PR!!!!!!
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  19. Haven't forgotten about the log. I decided instead of typing, I will post videos which I can't post until I get to 150 posts here I believe. I plan to upload videos all the way from day one.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by newbreed View Post
    Haven't forgotten about the log. I decided instead of typing, I will post videos which I can't post until I get to 150 posts here I believe. I plan to upload videos all the way from day one.
    Buzz kill.
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