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Well, its been a week since I hit the gym because of my wife being out of town and me having to be both mom and dad. I am also at the end of my bottle of T-Blast so here is my final review. First I want to thank NLA Founder for sending me a bottle of T-Blast. It was my first time using DAA and I have to say I am very impressed with the effents it had on my body!!
STRENGTH 8/10: I would have given this a 9 if I didn't have the shoulder issues and could have really tested out my limits. But I have got some joint supps with glucosamine/chondoritin, MSM, Fish Oil and White Willow Bark.
AGGRESSION 9/10: Aggression was definately up and not to the point where I wanted to rip the head off a little girl's baby doll and eat it (like other test boosters have made me feel)
ENERGY 9/10: My energy was up and stayed up for the entire cycle, even when I wasn't in the gym the past week
LIBIDO 10/10: I don't like to give a 10/10 for anything because there is always room for imporvement but the for the libido boot for this was incredible, starting the 2nd week my wife was like "WOW, what's wrong with you?"
OVERALL 9/10: I feel and look better then I have in a while. I would definately recommend T-Blast to anyone who is interested in a DAA supplement. I am also looking into the NLA Ultimate Stack possibly for the spring (pre-beach) cut!
Great Review Bro! NLA's products will help us all reach our Goals. They are helping me for sure, skies the limit! Thanks for Logging Bud!