living up to the name, Lamonsters Finaflex 1-andro log

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  1. living up to the name, Lamonsters Finaflex 1-andro log

    All right gentlemen the time has come to dive into this 1-andro and 4ad cycle. I just checked the usps site at work and my goodies are at a post office about 5 minutes from my home. I will take my first doses of each this evening. I plan on running this cycle no less that 6 weeks and hope to extend it to 8. I will be attempting to add 10-12 of mass to my frame and keep accumulation of fat at bay. I am not going to be heartbroken if I get a small amount of fat though, I wear hoodies and jackets from now until april. I will be dosing the 1-andro at 4 caps a day spaced 12 hrs apart and the 4-ad at 2 rde tabs a day for the first week and then adding an additional tab weekly until I reach 4 tabs a day. I will then stay at the 4 tab dose throughout the duration of the cycle.

    A quick bit about myself, I am 22 and have been training for the past 6 years more or less. The last 2-3 years have been completely on my own however without a sports coach or stregnth and cond coach guiding me. I played baseball for 3 years in college so the early years of my lifting experience consisted of plyos and athletic movements which were great but I wanted more from it. I then transitioned into bodybuilding/powerlifting. The reason I have them both mentioned is that I cannot for the life of me make up my mind as to which one I like more. I enjoy both training styles equally, I normally devote several months at a time to each training style. This has allowed me to build a unique physique as well as develop some unique abilities. I am not a strong guy , at least in the eyes of the strong and guys on here like airborne. I am shorter at 5'9 and weigh between 195-200 on average.

    So My goals for this cycle are as follows, add the 10-12 lbs of mass and become stronger in the benchmark exercises squat,dead,bench.
    Stats as of today:
    ht 5'9
    wt 198
    Dead 1rm raw: 455
    Squat 1rm: 405
    Bench 1rm: 325

    Other noteworthy numbers:
    Pullups w/o weight : 36
    Dips w/o weight: 52
    Db Row: 130x20
    BB Row: 315x12
    Seated bb shoulder press; 185x10

    As you can see the numbers are nothing to gawk at power wise but they are acceptable.
    I hope to also add some size to my chest and hams.So in a nutshell I want to get bigger, stronger and more symmetrical.

    I will try to add some photos tonight after my lift, until then feel free to hop in for the ride.

  2. Been three days, not much to report at all. Im not expecting much for another week or so. One thing to note however is that the ams 4ad takes a good while to dissolve. It isnt terribly unpleasant Its just like having a peppermint goin on all day. I have been letting the 4ad dissolve in cheek similar to a chew and then once it has dissolved significantly Ill put it under my tongue.... any better ways to do this or is this the way to go?

  3. Quick update for anybody who is watching/lurking, Its been siz days and not a whole lot to report: Things to note that I have noticed,
    1) I seem to be a bit agressive, not all the time but there was a couple instances over the weekend when I allowed myself to get upset by little things. I wasnt short fused psycho, I was more willing to be confrontational. I also felt very self aware.
    2) Stepped on a scale and im up a pound or two which puts me at 202. , I cannot however attribute this to either compound. I feel that it is all water as I have seemed a bit softer around the mid section. This could also be due to the increase in calories, I have been eating fairly large quantities of red meat.
    3) Sides, none to report. Girlfriend is home for thanksgiving from state and the weekend went well for us, I was eager, and ready to rock when the time came. No noticible drop in libido. If anything I would say it is up, this could also be due to the fact we spend about 1-2 weeks apart when she is as school.

    Lastly I want to say my stregnth hasnt increased but my between set recover was absoloutely ridiculous on sunday's max effort bench. Also my recovery is fast as its every been.
    * Only have enough 4 ad for four weeks as I have bumped dosage to 4 a day, This doesnt upset me at all as I am not a huge fan of the rde delivery system. The things take FOREVER to dissolve and at 4 a day it seems I always have one tucked in cheek. The peppermint gets a bit annoying. Im thinking of switching over to stano for the last 4 weeks.

  4. nice update. you should be seeing some addtl effects soon.
    what you say with temperament/aggression, yes that's a sign!
    love me some increased recovery (of course another sign and an adjunct to potential increase in growth)
    as for drop in libido/functionality, you should have no issue with that yet the early going, you should actually notice increased function.

  5. hopefully the libido drop isnt too severe, with the holidays comin up im going to have a lot of time with the girlfriend. You think im in for a rough time or just a decreased desire? and would the 4 ad help midigate any of that?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14 View Post
    hopefully the libido drop isnt too severe, with the holidays comin up im going to have a lot of time with the girlfriend. You think im in for a rough time or just a decreased desire? and would the 4 ad help midigate any of that?
    this is a very individual thing - tho when most of us hit shut down, we experience the same general symptoms..
    i wouldn't expect any issues until possibly the last couple weeks, and with the 4ad in place you've taken nice precautions.

  7. Yep, we will see. You think subbing in stano for the last 4 weeks would be a wise idea, rather than the 4 ad?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14
    Yep, we will see. You think subbing in stano for the last 4 weeks would be a wise idea, rather than the 4 ad?
    I'm in for this monster. Glad to follow another 1-andro log other then my own. Hopefully it goes well for you. Come on over and check my log out sometime if you want. I'm at like day 28. Only side I'm having right now is back acne but I'm trying to knock that down with glytone. I have also been taking preform for most of the cycle so I have had no libido issues. log below

  9. Ill stop in for sure, im gonna look into a bottle of that. AI is a solid company and ive heard good things

  10. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14
    Ill stop in for sure, im gonna look into a bottle of that. AI is a solid company and ive heard good things
    Yeah deff. As I said seems to be doing the trick for me. I believe there is no need for it during pct. correct me if I am wrong. Which will be nice to drop 4 pills a day. Are you taking one cap of pct black at night or no? log below

  11. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14 View Post
    Yep, we will see. You think subbing in stano for the last 4 weeks would be a wise idea, rather than the 4 ad?
    you could try it if you want, but i don't really see a benefit to it if things are rolling along fine.
    maybe add in if libido tanks, lethargy creeps etc..
    really, you should be fine. if you start to worry about it needlessly, that'll create its own issues.

  12. All right, ill just stick with the 4 ad, and to the question referring to pct black nightly the answer is no.
    As of now its just 4 caps of 1 andro and 4 tabs of 4 ad per day. Im also taking lecheeks cycle armor, a all in one cardiovascular support, multi, efa,
    alcar and lclt.
    If I decide to use the pct black it will be in pct, but right now I dont see the need for it. Its like fighting a forest fire with a garden hose, and also if it has an AI in it Id hold off while "on". 1 andro from what i can find dries you out, i dont want to be the tin man.
    Im gonna buy the perform this week just for general purpose and some fun. at 19.99 why not?

  13. 7 days in. Nothing new to report. Had a pretty gnarly pump yesterday, not sure if it was due to condense or the andro either way it was sweet.
    Heres the workout I completed
    Pullups 12,12,10,10
    T bar rows 12,12,10 (used 25lb plates for greater r.o.m.) 4plates,6plates,8plates
    Lat Pulldowns 150x12,170x12,200x6-drop140x15
    HM plate loaded yates rows 45x2 12 reps, 45x3 10 reps, 45x3 9 reps
    Db Rows 130x15, 130x15, 70x28-failure
    Lower back ext bwx15 2 sets

    Cambered bar curls 25's x12, 35'sx10, 25's x 12
    db incline curls 30x12, 25x12, 20x12- pump was pretty intense range of motion reduced to zero
    Machine Preacher/iso(used single arm) 50x8, 40x10, 30xfailure

    Ab Roller 3 sets 15 completions
    Seated crunch machine 100lbsx15 4 sets
    Leg press calf press 350x8, 250x15- 4 sets

    Cardio: Tabata intervals 6 intervals 1 min warm up-6 cycles-2 minute cool down

  14. Another day down Sides to note are oily skin and a little more irratability. Especially in the gym I have some serious tunnel vision. Ive also noticed some minor testicular atrophy, not bad however.
    Weight is at 202. Im feeling slightly bloated but i also seem to be hardening up. My delts felt rock fuggin solid yesterday.
    Libido is UP, I think the 4ad is providing a nice boost there. I am also supplementing sustain alpha for some more fun in that dept.
    All in all, feel like a boss but the stregnth gains havent hit yet and the weight is slowly creeping. Should continue to be a smooth ride toward my goals

  15. Quick update: tommorow will mark 2 weeks. I havent noticed much of any body composition changes. I am starting to get some acne on my shoulders/back and aggression is still there. Libido is sky high and I feel great. Another think I have noticed is minor joint clicking and i get a pump from doing miscellaneous every day tasks.

  16. Another update for those of you who are following, although it seems Im just posting for my own amusement.
    Monday was chest tri, lifted with my buddy old school in what we call the power shack. To be honest Its kick arse, we got about all we need in there and best part is its free 99. The simplicity of the equipment is great and effective only downside is here in pa it was about 30 at 5:30 yesterday so the beginning was difficult.

    Chest :
    Barbell bench 135x15, 225x12,275x6,295x1,315x1,335-fail,275x6,225x12
    This is the most I have benched in over a year, Bench has been lagging since I was sidelined a year ago. I was and am extremely happy with this.
    Incline smith press (wide grip 45 degree) 185x12, 205x10, 205,8,225x4
    Dips 15,15,15,12
    Cable crossovers 40x12,40x10,40

    Rope pushdown 90x12,100x10,100x10,90x12
    Single arm reverse pushdown 40x12,40x10, 30x12, 30x12-quarter reps to failure

    Abs: rope crunch, knee ups, roman chair situps

    Felt very good all day, I found it easier to keep tight when I was benching the heavier weights. With 335 I had excellent control of the bar throughout I missed my path however and brought it a bit too high and could not press through my sticking point which always seems to be 8 inches off my chest.
    I felt solid as my mind muscle connections seems to improve daily. I have also noticed increased vascularity as did my lifting partner. It looked like charolette's web in my forearm and there is also a myriad of veins beginning to show in my biceps. This makes me very excited because I am not very lean at the moment. 5'9 198 as of this morning.

    No sides to note feeling great.

  17. i am here my friend, no worries.
    and tho no one has yet posted in your thread, trust me when i tell you ppl are watching.
    (you have 140 views already)
    do not be discouraged!
    oh and btw -- nice benching.
    carry on.

  18. Thank you sir, for a minute there I felt like nobody cared haha.

  19. yesterday put me at day 15, quick recap of the workout:

    Did legs and lets just say I was not pleased with the workout: I normally love to use high volume but yesterday my back would not allow it.
    Squats: 135x15x2, 225x12, 275x10,315x3,335x3,275x8,225x1 2- I normally work up to 405 ish and couldnt due to some serious stiffness in my lower back
    Good mornings 135x12,135x12,185x10
    RDL's 135x12,225x10,135x12
    Seated calf raises: 90x12, 8 sets

    It wasnt a horrible workout but it was not like some of the previous i hve had.
    Some things to note are increased vascularity, most noticable for me. I also have seen a massive increase in appetite-which I love bc well lets just say im a fat arse at heart.

  20. Another update: Yesterday was day 16 and it was shoulders/traps. I would say that yesterday was a great day for me outside of work:
    I work for an air freight company and it gets hectic this time of year so normally I arrive home frustrated and angry. But yesterday I came home to a usps box from Nutraplanet and my mood changed lol. Recieved my perform,ad3, second bottle of cycle armor, my 100g of DAA, and flashover for like 9 bucks from nutras BF sale.

    Anyhow on to the fun stuff: quick workout overview
    BB Standing Overheads 95x15 135x12 135x10 155x8 185x3 205x1(pr), 135x10 ( all done with strict form not push press)
    Seated bb shoulder press 135x12 135x10 135x10
    Barbell Supine front raise bar x12, bar x12, bar x12
    Dumbell side lateral (single arm) 30x15,30x12,30x12
    By this point my shoulders were fried.
    BB shrugs 225x12,225x12,315x8,315x8,225x 12,225x12
    I then decided to get a little tricep work in
    Straight bar pushdowns 70x20, 120x15, 140x10,160x6, 140x12
    Rope overhead ext 70x12x3

    In all this workout was fuggin incredible.
    I am feeling solid, like rock solid its sweet. My mind muscle connection is pretty remarkable as well. I just feel everything better, it may sound weird but I can get a much more desired effect if I can feel the weights better.
    weight is holding at 202 I am still getting leaner as my abs are much more defined but my erectors are looking pretty sick as well.
    Anxious to see where I will be by the end of week three, Im finally starting to feel like im on something.

  21. Day 20: Over the Weekend I had the opportunity to do my back workout at a new gym and saturday did a max effort squat day at a home gym
    Heres what went down as I recall:
    Deads(no belt no straps) 135x12 225x3 225x3 315x3 315x3 365x3 405x1 425x1(personal best)
    Wide Grip lat pulldown 140x12 170x10 200x10 170x12
    seated machine t bar rows 160x12 200x10 240x8 200x10
    DB rows 130x15 130x15 75x20 75xfailure
    Finished with face pulls at 80 pounds for 3 sets of 10 reps, these were done free standing without bracing myself against the tower
    The biceps portion of this workout was legnthy as well Ive not much to note on biceps because personally I dont care much about those numbers. By time the back portion was done they were probably nuked anyways. I did however manage to curl 135 on a barbell for 5 reps using strict form, so that was cool.

    This was saturdays squat workout:
    Box squats from 135-295 x5
    405xfailed twice
    I was going past parallel probably a bit deeper than would be required for it to be considered a good lift. I figure that Going past parallel would be a good thing as the growth as of late in my rear end has really accelerated. I fit into 34's at the waist loosely but they hug my arse and quads.

    Im feeling pretty good right now, dont feel "on" so to speak but definately good, Stregnth seems to be going up and weight is holding at 202. I am still getting leaner. Visually I am very pleased at the moment, the numbers are ok but I still have at least 3 weeks left.
    Sides to note:
    no acne, no lethargy, no loss of sex drive
    I have however been experiencing night sweats the past two nights, as i wake up several times.

  22. solid update man, and good #s!
    night sweats, uggh..i get this too. bad.
    don't see too many others having this issue, but it is recurring for me, happened every time i've done hormonal product.
    thankfully, it's only a few days duration, under a week for me.

  23. Im leaining towards the fact i worked outside all day saturday and sunday in the rain. Im thinking I may just have a cold as I feel a bit congested. Either way its nothing thats unbearable just kinda sh'''tty waking up to a wet pillow.

    Im ready for this stuff to kick in this week and set some new pr's

  24. Quick question could I switch to 1 alpha for the last four weeks? I found a cheap source.


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