living up to the name, Lamonsters Finaflex 1-andro log

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  1. All right Im back for what I am certain is my last post with final thoughts on this log: I have two days left until I start pct.

    In summary I ran 1-andro for 4 weeks and 1-alpha for 2. I dosed at 4 caps /day along with AMS 4-ad at 4 rde tabs a day.
    I also took my staples ALCAR, multi, efa's, cycle armor, and Perform.

    My PCT will consist of Tamoxifen 20/10/5, DAA @3g daily, Anabeta, and AD3

    My starting weight was 198, this morning I was 209 on a scale.
    My previous 1rm were
    bench 315
    Squat 405
    Dead 425
    Currently they are
    bench 335
    Squat 425
    Dead 455x2

    I would say that the strength gains were the most abvious gains from this cycle. All of my other lifts went up an additional 10-20 lbs as well.
    My weight increased as well, and this was a nice 6 week run with minimal to no sides. A quick list of positives followed by the short list of negatives,

    body composition
    strength(largest factor)

    dry joints at times
    elevated bp normally 110-130/75-80, I have been around 140/80 recently
    Night sweats in weeks 2-3
    slight decrease in sex drive/libido- this in no way shape or form effected function , everything remained in working order

    In summary I feel that this was a great run and that this product is fantastic for a beginner or experienced. If you nail down your dosage the gains are consistent and show up around week 3(as this is when I felt ON). This compound for me seems more suited towards lean bulk/recomp and the strength gains i experienced were the best part.

    In all if I could give this a numerical rating it would be a 9.5 only because of the dosages required to run. It can beat the wallet up a bit. I would like to see a higher dosage of the active per cap. Other than that good stuff and easily stackable. I plan to run a 550xd/stano/1 alpha 6 weeker in the end of april.

    Thanks to all who read alon

  2. awesome review my man, very thorough and complete.
    looks like you made some awesome gains and had a prosperous ride.
    we appreciate your time and effort, and most importantly - your honest feedback.

    happy holidays.

  3. And thank you sir for following along and all the advice. A quality company with great products and knowledgeable reps. You guys did awsome with these products.

  4. Don't know how I missed this one bro. Just finished a 12 weeker with 1-alpha and 550-xd. Not both for the whole 12. Just started pct today. Nice gains by the way
    Independent Review

  5. Thanks man. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm on week 4 of my pct and still have kept all the strength gains. Still getting stronger as well



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