living up to the name, Lamonsters Finaflex 1-andro log

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    Snags loving this stuff great product! Could you suggest something to run along side the 550 xd. I'm buying some bottles for a future run.
    being a 2-step precursor to 19nor, any androgenic product would stack well..
    would go nicely with your 4ad....would also go well with something simple like creatine. check out some CreaTrona..stand-alone is effective as well.
    awful lot you can do with this product.

  2. what do you think about stacking it with stano and possibly 1-alpha for 6 weeks.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14 View Post
    what do you think about stacking it with stano and possibly 1-alpha for 6 weeks.
    sounds like a mean stack.
    stano would be a great androgen for any cycle.

  4. thank you for the quick reply, I am loving the 1 alpha so far.
    When i started using it instead of the 1 andro the night sweats quit and my strength went up almost immediately.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14 View Post
    thank you for the quick reply, I am loving the 1 alpha so far.
    When i started using it instead of the 1 andro the night sweats quit and my strength went up almost immediately.
    interesting feedback.
    i've not used the Ff 1-Andro so i cannot compare.

  6. Yesterday was ME squat day, and it is also my 13th day of 1 alpha. I am now more certain than ever that 1-alpha is the superior product. Both are solid IMO but as of late the gains have been frequent and evident. Quick workout recap:

    Squat ME
    warm up sets of 135,225,275) 315x5, 335x5, 365x3,385x1, 405x1,415xfail, 415xfail

    Deadlift conventional 70%of 1 rm
    315x3x6sets( really tried to keep my rear end buttoned up, I tend to do straight deads instead of actual deads thus keeping me from moving larger weight)


    Hammer Curls
    55x10, 60x10,65x8,60x10

    Plate loaded Grip machine
    4 sets of 30 sec holds with 135

    Box jumps to 45 in box 5x5 hops 2 with 12 lb db's - hadnt done these in a long time decided to start with baby steps
    Farmers walks with 100lb db's
    kettlebell swings-3 rounds 20 swings

    In all a great workout, i need to continue to work on my form on all 3 major lifts but i feel that i am improving at a steady pace.
    Felt great all workout and hours after. Today is an off day and I will be in the gym again wed for ME bench.

    couple things to note- gym aggression is great, sense of well being is also great. I canot satisfy my apetite which is ravenous all day long, I have been waking up at 3 am and eating. Its getting to be be kind of ridiculous but I dont mind the calories esp now that Im kicking my CNS's rear.

  7. Back again, Just ordered another bottle of 1 alpha and 4 ad to stretch this run to 8 weeks. I feel it would be a waste to stop at 6 because the effects keep getting better.

    I stepped on a scale yesterday at 207 so thats roughly 6-7 solid lbs and a recomp. I am noticably leaner but appear dense as ever.
    Heres a quick recap of yesterdays workout which was ME bench:

    BB bench 135x12x2, 185x12x2, 225x5,275x5,295x5,315x5(PR), 335x2

    Jm Presses 135x15,185x15,205x12, 135x15

    DB Flat bench 80'sx15x4

    Ring pushups bwx20x2

    Hammer curls 70'sx10x4

    Pullups wide,parallell,supine 12 reps each

    Face pulls 130x12x4

    Wheel o Death : Standing 3 sets of 8 repetitions-THESE ARE AWESOME btw

    No sides to note other than what seems to be a large ego boost, no libido issues either had me some quality time with the misses. I can attribute this to 4ad and perform.

    Gains are great, vascularity, dense, dry and strong are a few words that come to mind.

    2.5 weeks left maybe ill get to 210 ?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lamonster14 View Post
    2.5 weeks left maybe ill get to 210 ?
    should be easy.

    lol on wheel o death, DW got ahold of you dint he?

    nice update!

  9. yes haha, tell u what thought do them things standing and I would argue it is the single most complete and intense core workout you can do besides deads/squat

  10. Smashed it today, hit deads up to 455, dynamic bench with 55%of 1rm with bands, did some stability bench hanging kettlebells off the bar with resistance bands.
    Decided to do dumbbell bench presses and managed to throw the 100s for 3 sets of 12 . Worked up to four plates a side on the hamer strength dip machine. Cranked out pull ups,face pulls and the wheel of death and got out of there feeling great.

    Weighed in at 208 which I'm happy about, also looking dry according to my training partner.

    Tommorrow and Christmas day off then wendsay I was invited to play in the annual high school alumni vs. Varsity basketball game. I can't wait to see all my drunkard out of shape classmates and also to see how I jump. I always had the ability to get off the floor quick at5"9 could dunk in college. Mind you I never trained legs for explosive power. I'm excited to see how that may have changed.****also I wanna whoop up on the little brother as he's a junior and thinks he got game ill bench my face off after that and update then.

  11. All right Im back for what I am certain is my last post with final thoughts on this log: I have two days left until I start pct.

    In summary I ran 1-andro for 4 weeks and 1-alpha for 2. I dosed at 4 caps /day along with AMS 4-ad at 4 rde tabs a day.
    I also took my staples ALCAR, multi, efa's, cycle armor, and Perform.

    My PCT will consist of Tamoxifen 20/10/5, DAA @3g daily, Anabeta, and AD3

    My starting weight was 198, this morning I was 209 on a scale.
    My previous 1rm were
    bench 315
    Squat 405
    Dead 425
    Currently they are
    bench 335
    Squat 425
    Dead 455x2

    I would say that the strength gains were the most abvious gains from this cycle. All of my other lifts went up an additional 10-20 lbs as well.
    My weight increased as well, and this was a nice 6 week run with minimal to no sides. A quick list of positives followed by the short list of negatives,

    body composition
    strength(largest factor)

    dry joints at times
    elevated bp normally 110-130/75-80, I have been around 140/80 recently
    Night sweats in weeks 2-3
    slight decrease in sex drive/libido- this in no way shape or form effected function , everything remained in working order

    In summary I feel that this was a great run and that this product is fantastic for a beginner or experienced. If you nail down your dosage the gains are consistent and show up around week 3(as this is when I felt ON). This compound for me seems more suited towards lean bulk/recomp and the strength gains i experienced were the best part.

    In all if I could give this a numerical rating it would be a 9.5 only because of the dosages required to run. It can beat the wallet up a bit. I would like to see a higher dosage of the active per cap. Other than that good stuff and easily stackable. I plan to run a 550xd/stano/1 alpha 6 weeker in the end of april.

    Thanks to all who read alon

  12. awesome review my man, very thorough and complete.
    looks like you made some awesome gains and had a prosperous ride.
    we appreciate your time and effort, and most importantly - your honest feedback.

    happy holidays.

  13. And thank you sir for following along and all the advice. A quality company with great products and knowledgeable reps. You guys did awsome with these products.

  14. Don't know how I missed this one bro. Just finished a 12 weeker with 1-alpha and 550-xd. Not both for the whole 12. Just started pct today. Nice gains by the way
    Independent Review

  15. Thanks man. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm on week 4 of my pct and still have kept all the strength gains. Still getting stronger as well


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