stopstalking mans up with MAN'S N-FORCE

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  1. stopstalking mans up with MAN'S N-FORCE

    first off i would like to thank neddo and MAN for hooking me up with N-FORCE. I Am getting this log start but wont start taking the product until tomorrow. I work 16 hours tomorrow so i wont make it to the gym but i will still still take it before high carb meals.

    now lets get to the product for those that dont know
    N-Force™, The One Capsule Dose Insulin Stimulator,
    with Road Map Vascularity & Muscle Hardness Effects.†*

    • Enhance Insulin Release†*
    • Stimulate Insulin Receptor Sensitivity†*
    • Force Feed Muscle Cells w/ Glucose & Amino Acids†*
    • Support Road Map Vascularity †*
    • Promote Muscle Hardness†*

    To support that Hard, Dense, Road Map Vascular looking physique- just
    One-capsule Before Carbohydrate Dense Meals†*

    Vacuum Nutrients Like a Dyson

    Imagine activating every single muscle cell in your body at once to suck up
    anabolic nutrients in your blood stream to be stored as lean muscle –
    this is real power. This is where the term “Anabolic Window”
    comes from.. but now you can help EVERY meal be an “Anabolic Window”. *

    There is a Powerful Anabolic Nutrent Transport Hormone Called GLUT-4. The
    reason Glut-4 is so powerful, is because it is found in every single fat &
    muscle cell in our body & stays asleep until woken up by weight training or
    dietary intake.* Once Glut-4 is woken up it rises to the surface of muscle cells
    & acts as a powerful nutrient vacuum – sucking anabolic
    nutrients into the cell like never before.*

    Near Perfect Protein Synthesis

    N-Force is so powerful you can feel this stuff working in the first 24 hours.
    Don’t believe us... put it to the test. Hours before you even step foot in a gym
    you will start supporting pumps from your first meal’s natural anabolic nutrient
    uptake promoting protein synthesis.*

    The N-Force Ingredient Arsenal

    Gynema Sylvestre (75%
    Gymnemic Acid)

    Gymnemic acids from G. sylvestre: 1) it supports secretion of insulin, 2) it
    promotes the health of islet cells, 3) it increases utilization of glucose: it
    is suggested to increase the activities of enzymes responsible for utilization
    of glucose by insulin-dependant pathways, an increase in phosphorylase activity,
    decrease in gluconeogenic enzymes and sorbitol dehydrogenase, and 4) it may
    reduce the glucose absorption from intestine [2].*

    Banaba Extract (Corsolic

    Corosolic acid stimulates glucose uptake via enhancing insulin
    receptor phosphorylation and increases GLUT4 translocation from cytoplasm to
    cell membrane.* Corosolic acid is also suggested by a recent study to support
    the phosphorylation level of insulin receptor [3].*


    Chromium is an essential nutrient involved in the
    metabolism of glucose, insulin and blood lipids. Chromium increases insulin
    binding to cells, insulin receptor number and activates insulin receptor kinase
    promoting increased insulin sensitivity [4].*

    Cinnamon 4:1

    In a recent study Cinnamon added to the diet provided support
    for increases in muscle glycogen.* Results suggest that cinnamon improves
    insulin sensitivity and suggest that these effects are related to less
    accumulation of mesenteric fat and enhanced liver and muscle glycogen [5].*

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    It has been reported that α-lipoic acid may support GLUT-4
    translocation, promoting glycaemic control [6,7].*

  2. 1st & in it.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  3. Now it's a party, in

    You don't seem too hung over today; always a plus lol. Looking forward to your honest feedback brotha.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  4. Day one.

    i woke up and took on N-FORCE. 15 minutes later i consumed aprox. 75 carbs.i didnt notice a whole lot.but did notice idid not get my normal bloat.i tookone later with mymid day meal and one with my late evening meal.

    the biggest thing i noticed was i was hungry all day. i would eat my normal amount and be hungry an hour later. ihad zero bloat and zero stomach dicomfort whichhave gotten from other gda supplements. I cant even touch glycbol stuff just kills my stomachnot a whole ton toreport since i was at work for 16 hours and didnt make it to the gym

    tonight i plan on hitting bi'sand tris so i hope to have more to report.

  5. Well a major change in plans for today. I got called home from work. The lady and my twin 1 and a Hal year olds are throwing up everywhere. Ill update tomorrow and hopefully can hit the gym tomorrow

  6. Damn dude, I hope that clears the hell up. I'm sorry to hear that.

    On the (relative) upside, having twins is awesome.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  7. In on this, curious to see how N-force works out for you.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AvD
    In on this, curious to see how N-force works out for you.
    Thanks for joining

  9. Well looks like il be out for. Few days. I now have the flu the rest if the household is no done with

  10. Damn dude, well bad news comes in threes (superstition) so be careful.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  11. Feeling a decent amount better. Hope to be back at it tomorrow.

  12. Okay so started feeling pretty crapy again. Tomorrow I have to work a 16 hour shift so Monday I will start N-force again and will hit the gym as well. I'm so ready to be back in the gym. I have lost so much weight I'm scared to step on the scale

  13. That's the name of the game bro, I'm sorry to hear it's not really improving.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  14. okay im offically 100% and ready to kill it in the gym tonight. im gonna start up my N-force again today. im stoked to be back in the gym. ihave lpst tons but its time to get it back. iwont make it to the gym until about 11 pm california time. so i will have an updated tomorrow. Gonna kill an arm workout tonight.

    sorry for the delay i just wanted to be 100 % to give this a fair chance. some gda's inthe past have caused me severe stomach issues, i didnt wanna mix up being sick with the supplement.

  15. Glad to see you're back to full strength bro, kill it; did you notice you got picked up for PRxt as well?
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  16. i did just see that. im stoked. its gonna be a fun next few weeks !

  17. ok so last night i got off work and headed tothe gym. I had my preworkout meal about an hour before along with 1 N-FORCE. wow the pumps awesome.

    I consume anywhere from 300-450 grams of carbs a day. I took a total of 3 pills. one with my breakfast one with my midday meal and the final one with my preworkout meal.

    i hit arms. This was my first day back after a break and then being sick, so i went kind light so i was extremley shocked how pumped and vascular i was. I also really love that with all the carbs iconsumed i didnt no feel bloated at all. and so far no stomach issues like i have noticed with other GDA'S.

    people following would you prefer a log including workout numbers ? or just a detail of how the day went ?

  18. oh and also i steped on the scale at 204 lbs. This is very light for me. I DO NOT LIKE BEING UNDER 212. so im really hopeing to bulk up quick.

  19. Dont try to repack it on too quickly though.

    And for me, the general noting of its use is applicable enough. What's your diet breakdown? Just curious.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  20. i shoot for a 40p/40c/20f diet. at the very minimum i will eat 200 grams protein and carbs but thats only when work gets busy. I work in a prison so it all depends on how the inmates are acting. 300 is goal for the day. Since i got sick i havent been able to eat that much though. i have been hitting about 210-230. Ill get it up there again though.

    yesterday i used as my day off since the doms from my previous day were crazy nd my workout parnter asked me to hold off until today.Im hitting shoulders and legs tonight. chest and back will be tomorrow.

    i got to say i do feel like my muscles are full all day. stomach bloat after a high carb meal is way better. still not stomach issues. to early to say but this very easily could become a staple supp for me.

  21. Well two more solid workouts and tons of carbs with no bloat. veins are starting to pop out. veins are really noticeable in forearms and shoulders around my pecs.
    I'mim still getting my strength back from being sick but itdefiantlyly coming around.

  22. i will give an update tonight. yesterday was an off day. today i hit arms but have only taken on pill so far. i will update after i have taken my other two doses.

  23. so last night i worked 16 hours and couldnt make it to the gym. i did however still take my three doses. on my second dose i ate over 100 grams carbs so i took two pills. Muscles were feeling very full all day. When i got home i was changeing in the restroom when i noticed i had a road map on my forearms. Vascularity was in ful effect (may be hard to belive but my veins were much more visiable the wheni was on cycle. my cycle even had equipose in it)

  24. I'm looking at about the same for the 100g+ and 2 caps later tonight, dat vascularity for MNF shenanigans!

    How's the health bro?
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  25. Quote Originally Posted by neddo View Post
    I'm looking at about the same for the 100g+ and 2 caps later tonight, dat vascularity for MNF shenanigans!

    How's the health bro?
    i need to try that 100 + again soon.

    health is great. feel 100% and starting to get my numbers back up in the gym. Ill step on the scale again at the end of the week


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