Ben is PUMPed to get SHREDded!

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  1. Ben is PUMPed to get SHREDded!

    First off, I will like to thank Mr.Dead and ErgoGenix for providing me with the opportunity to log not one, but two products. These are ErgoPump and ErgoShred. I will be stacking these together. I will take ErgoShred in the morning and later in the day. ErgoPump will be taken 20-30 minutes before a workout on on days and mid-afternoon on off days.

    My workout routine is based off 5/3/1, but is varied to a creation that I feel is best suited for me. If wanted I can post it in its entirety or let it develop on here as I post. On some off days from the gym, I normally do 15-30 minutes of core or cardio work. My diet is at maintenance or slightly above since I am at a great weight of 195. I just am looking to turn gradually 195 at 13.20% ( tested at bodpod) to 195 at about 10%.

    I can post pictures if wanted. I can log anywhere from one day to seven days a week. Do not be afraid to ask questions about my experiences with these products through this log or PMs. I am going to give my best effort in logging these products and will give an honest review as I go and final review for both products at the end.

    Now I just have to wait for the products to come in the mail. Boy, aren't I pumped to get shredded.

    ErgoShred's Bio courtesy of ERGOSHRED
    rgoShred ™ is the latest ErgoGenix offering in the fat burning category. Due to its innovative and cutting edge design, ErgoShred is unlike any other product on the market, making it a revolutionary product in the oversaturated fat burning category. ErgoShred will promote fat loss, suppress appetite, increase endurance, and provide long lasting energy —all without affecting your athletic performance.

    Through the combination of Quercetin, Caffeine, N-Methyltyramine (NMT), and Zingerone at effective doses, ErgoShred exploits many different metabolic pathways in synergy. Caffeine can induce lipolysis, increase performance by delaying fatigue, and increase pain threshold. Quercetin may boost metabolism, inhibit cortisol production, boost stamina, and potentiate fat loss by increasing the rate of lipolysis induced by caffeine. Zingerone, like Quercetin, also acts to accelerate the rate of lipolysis induced by Caffeine.

    In addition to the rate of Caffeine induced lipolysis being increased by Quercetin and Zingerone, NMT and Zingerone both promote fat loss by preventing fat storage, while still allowing for clean and anxiety free energy.

    Another ingredient in ErgoShred, B-Phenylethylamine HCl, also provides clean, jitter-free energy, and has been linked to an elevation in mood, giving you long lasting, feel good focus.

    ErgoShred also contains the rare esterified carnitine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (PLCAR). The inclusion of PLCAR in ErgoShred can improve cardiac function by protecting tissues from oxidative stress, enhance anaerobic work capacity, and can reduce bodyweight via stimulation of the carnitine palmitoyltransferase pathway.

    ErgoShred also contains a blend of patented Capsimax ® and Bioperine ®. Capsimax contains an extract of capsicum that does not cause the feelings of heartburn people have come to associate with other capsicum products, while still providing an optimal level of capsaicinoids, while Bioperine on the other hand improves nutrient absorption, leading to an increase in the absorption of the ingredients within ErgoShred. Not only will ErgoShred lead to fat loss, but through the incorporation of Capsimax in its formula, it will allow you to burn more calories both during AND after exercise, supressing your appetite, increase thermogenesis by increasing energy expenditure, and improve body composition by lowering levels of body fat. Capsimax will also lead to an increase in oxygen uptake while lowering levels of perceived exertion, so you not only work harder, but you also feel less tired.

    Promotes fat loss by synergistically increasing lipolysis and thermogenesis while also preventing fat storage, allowing for an improvement of body composition
    Supresses appetite without affecting athletic performance
    Increases endurance by providing long lasting clean energy and supressing the effects of fatigue

    Potentiates fat loss by inducing beta adrenoreceptor lipolysis and stimulation of the carnitine palmitoyltransferase pathway
    Improves body composition by blocking fat storage and increasing metabolism
    Enhances anaerobic work capacity by boosting stamina and delaying the effects of fatigue by improving muscle contractility
    Increases blood flow to skeletal muscle, which allows for assistance in radical scavenging
    Inhibits cortisol production and increases nutrient absorption
    Promotes cardiac functioning by protecting tissues from oxidative stress

    ErgoPump's bio courtesy of ERGOPUMP NMT
    ERGOPUMP NMT™ is ErgoGenix’s entry in the pre-workout performance category. Athletes of all types will benefit from ERGOPUMP NMT’s Energy & Muscle Amplification formula. ERGOPUMP NMT works to enhance Energy, Focus and Performance. This scientifically designed, cutting-edge formula works to augment blood flow by promoting nitric oxide production, as well as improving cognitive function.

    ERGOPUMP NMT’s Vasodilatory Blend produces enhanced Nitric Oxide production, due to the inclusion of L-arginine Alpha ketoglutarate, Citrulline Malate and creatine monohydrate. Citrulline Malate has also been shown to increase aerobic performance. Finally, enhanced muscle protein synthesis is delivered by the addition of Grape Seed Extract.

    ERGOPUMP NMT’s Neural Potentiation Blend produces Amazing Energy & Focus via the combination of caffeine and n-methyltyramine.

    ERGOPUMP NMT’s Fatigue Resistance Blend contains Creatine Citrate, which has been shown to help maintain intramuscular energy stores. In addition, Dextrose is included to be available as a form of glucose to enter glycolysis in anaerobic and aerobic metabolism.


    Reduce pre-workout fatigue with a sustained boost in energy
    Augments short- and long-term energy stores for explosive power and prolonged endurance
    Increased blood flow to working muscles and constantly supplies them with the needed substrates oxygen, phosphocreatine, and glucose

    Enhanced alertness and energy will assist in a strong mind and body relationship for even the toughest workouts
    Recover quickly with simple carbohydrates and antioxidants, ensuring back-to-back training days will not be hindered
    Stimulates ideal conditions for muscle contractility, reducing evidence of fatigue-related force deficits
    Promotes muscular aerobic and anaerobic capacity for maximal results under any training or competition conditions
    Promotes optimal body composition from enhanced free-fatty acid utilization and glycogen sparing; burn more fat while building muscle
    Enhance blood flow where you need it the most (muscles), assisting in byproduct removal and energy and oxygen delivery

  2. First in!!! and this will be friggin EPIC!

  3. Welcome Packers!! You always seem to get me fricken pumped to hit the weights!
    Not surprising you are first

  4. Man check out my current log. I've been done with the goods but continue to post til my new thread starts. I hit 285lbs three weeks ago on incline bench!!! Still trying like hell to drop that weight. I also posted my first vid just 10 seconds of standing calf raises!

  5. In.... let the madness begin!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by wasme
    In.... let the madness begin!
    The madness is always here!!

  7. I don't doubt that my friend

  8. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    My workout routine is based off 5/3/1, but is varied to a creation that I feel is best suited for me. If wanted I can post it in its entirety

    I can post pictures if wanted.
    Would be very interested in seeing your routine. And pics in a log are always a bonus if you are up for it.

  9. In this for the monster

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wasme

    Would be very interested in seeing your routine. And pics in a log are always a bonus if you are up for it.
    My routine is a combination of what I have read, saw and picked up from other people. What I say is the most importabt to my bench gains is using the buckeye stratification!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bmftisftw
    In this for the monster
    Welcomr bud! Thanks fir showing up!

  12. Guess what came today!!!

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  14. Yummie looking supps!!!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211
    Yummie looking supps!!!
    Yess sir'

  16. How Day 1 treat ya?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by wasme
    How Day 1 treat ya?
    Updates coming soon bud!!

  18. Today was my first day logging ErgoShred and ErgoPumped! Boy, It was a good one! I felt energized and focused all day long without any weird tingles or upset stomach!

    I started a little bit lower than I could have because I am starting a 6 month routine for Size and Strength. I do not want to ruin the future by going to hard to quick. I know lifting and gains do not come over night, but over life.

    Flat Bench: 250| 155/8 175/6 190/4 205/3 220/2 235/1 190/4 I do the buckeye bench so the first number is what my bench should be occording to the formula
    Bar pulldowns 70/ 8 6 4
    Dumbells Flat bench: 80/ 6 5 3
    Cable Flys: 55/ 9 7 4
    Nose Busters: 55/ 8 6 5
    Tri dips bw/ 15 13 10
    Close set pushups 59 40 28

    I will give a full review of the feel of the supplements after I see how it affects me tonight with sleep!! Hint, It was a good workout!!

  19. nice workout brotha

  20. Quote Originally Posted by bmftisftw
    nice workout brotha
    Thanks bro! I can not wait to see all my results from these awesome products and my overall routine.

  21. Subbed,can't wait to see what this brings!
    mack @
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Mack411
    Subbed,can't wait to see what this brings!
    Thanks for joining bud!

  23. Subbbbedddd
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  24. Quote Originally Posted by howwedo107
    Hello Brother!!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro

    Thanks bro! I can not wait to see all my results from these awesome products and my overall routine.
    Me either!!


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