MAN N-Force log

  1. MAN N-Force log

    A good day at the mailbox today - received a package containing MAN N-Force with several samples!

    Instructions on the label indicate to take 1 cap 15-20 mins prior to meals - which I will be doing. I most likely will dose 1 cap before lunch everyday.

    At the moment running MadCow 5x5 with extra accessory work along with an extra 'back workout.'

    I'll be sure to get a starting weight tomorrow along with pics.


  2. N Force Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: -2 Capsule
    Servings per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Hyper-Force Matrix™ 420mg **
    Gymnema Sylvestre (75% Gymnemic Acid)
    Banaba Extract (2% Corosolic Acid)
    Chromium Polynicotinate
    Cinnamon 4:1 Extract
    ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)
    Link to ingredient information: MAN N Force (60 capsules): Discount N Force Supplements

  3. Dayum, the new bottles look awesome

    1 cap pre-lunch is a great idea -- you can up to 2 once you get a feel for the product, and have a higher carb intake upcoming (60g+ carbs).

    In for this brother.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  4. Quote Originally Posted by neddo View Post
    Dayum, the new bottles look awesome

    1 cap pre-lunch is a great idea -- you can up to 2 once you get a feel for the product, and have a higher carb intake upcoming (60g+ carbs).

    In for this brother.

    Exactly what I was thinking. Sexy time

  5. Looking forward to see ur results buddy

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dawilk59 View Post
    Looking forward to see ur results buddy

    Thanks man!

    So im 182.6lbs. There was a blackout the other day at the gym & couldn't get my weight (elec. scale)

    I took 1 cap before dinner - I actually thought dinner would be ready soon, but it took longer than i anticipated - I waited more than 30 mins before i got to eat and i noticed i started to feel a light headache/lightheaded.

    Happened again - guess i'm not cooking fast enough & felt lightheaded again

    did an extra shoulder workout - looked like this:

    laterals: 25x12, 30x10, [35x8->25x8], [35x8->25x6->20x6] drop sets

    upright rows: 115x3x10
    35# plate raises 3 x 12 {tri sets}
    inverted rows: bw x 8

    neutral grip chins: 3x8
    stiff arm pulldowns: 85x3x10 {super set}

    rear pec deck mach.: 85x3x12

    **i'm noticing a fairly decent pump so far - veins are more apparent in my arms**

    --have also started dosing 1 cap prior breakfast and dinner meals on off days & 1 cap prior to breakfast and lunch on workout days

  7. I'd shoot for a 15-25 minute window of cap ingestion to food intake, otherwise you're in for some hypoglycemia brogan.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  8. Today, i weighed in at 182.0, which is .2 pounds less than than 2 days ago (weighed at same of day).

    i'm thinking of upping dose to 2 caps to see what happens

  9. Shoot for 60-80+ carbs with 2 caps 20-30 mins out.

    I just downed 100g+ sushi with 2 caps. feelsgoodman
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  10. sorry for lack of updates - been feverish for the past 3 days - i'm thinking i'll be back in the gym tomorrow

  11. wouldn't ya know it...gym closed at 1:30pm today - sucks, i made sure to carb up real good after my doses. oh well, guess those N-force caps will come in handy tomorrow

  12. finally made it to the gym - dosed 2 caps 20 mins prior to eating ~50 carbs. Hit the gym around an hour later.

    back/bi's workout:

    neutral grip chins: 15, 12, 12, 11
    db rows: 60x12, 70x2x12, 80x11
    stiff arm pulldowns: 85x15, 100x12, 115x12
    pulldowns: 100x12, 115x12

    preacher curl machine, 1 arm at a time: 45x12, 55x12
    db concentration curls: 30x12, 25x2x12

    pumps was in full effect today - i don't always feel a decent pump in my lats, but today i sure felt it. Biceps were pumped also; veins continue to appear more visible.

  13. 11/29


    Bench Press: 240x7, 260x5, 275x3
    245x7, 265x5, 280x3

    Incline Flyes: 35lbs x 2 x 15

    Plated-loaded Dips: 270x3x12

    Tate DB press: 30x3x11
    French press: 70x2x12
    Cable Pushdowns: 115x3x12

    Considering the events that took place on Thanksgiving -workouts have been good - changed my bench prog. to a 7/5/3 format. Pump is excellent, veins pop-out easily with very little physical exertion - seems as if my forearm skin has ' thinned out .'

  14. 11/30 Legs

    Front squat:
    115x15, 135x10, 175x8, 185x6, 115x15

    Leg Press:
    4 plates (45's) x 15, 8 plates x 12, 10 plates x 2 x 12

    DB preacher curl: 30x12, 35x11, 35x11
    Concentration curl: 30x12, 25x11, 25x11
    Wrist curls: 35x3x15

    Dosed two caps 15 mins prior to breakfast & hit the gym about 4o mins later. Had plenty of energy, considering it was a "stim-less" morning workout. Pump and thickness definitely making my arms look swole that morning.

  15. 12/3 workout - Chest

    inc bench: 245x7, 265x5, 280x3
    255x7, 275x5, 290x3

    db pullovers: 40x15, 45x15

    inc DB bench: 55x15, 70x12, 85x12

    pec deck: 100x15, 115x2x12


    Elbows out DB extensions: 30x3x15

    overhead cable extension, rope handle: 100x15, 115x2x12

    v-Bar pushDowns: 130x3x12

    2 caps again about 20 mins prior to breakfast, then hit the gym about an hour later. Energy was there, as was the pump- was knocking out those reps. As it is, my chest still feels pumped!

  16. 12/4 - Back

    Rack Deads, mid-shin: 240x5, 275x5, 310x5, 225x5
    Yates rows:135x3x11
    Seated rows: 115x11, 130x2x11
    Stiff arm pulldowns: 115x2x15
    Pulldowns: 130x3x12

    Cardio: Tabata intervals on bike

    Pump def. noticeable when doing seated rows and pulldowns - i never really used to feel it as much until now

  17. Don't you hate that talking to yourself feeling

    I'm sorry bro; I've been overwhelmed for what seems to be the last month. My own training has taken a side step to classes, and in effect browsing the forums.

    How's your take on NForce, and REMPM if you've given the latter a shot?
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  18. i hear ya Pops been in the ICU since Thanksgiving, so my workout schedule & diet has kinda gone to ****. The N-Force, however, is working real well. No bloat at all with all the "dirty meals" i been having. Last night I was frying rice and my veins started popping out and forearms were pumped.

    As far as the REMPM goes, it does an okay job at getting me to fall asleep a little faster. I've been having trouble sleeping recently & even Vicodin doesn't even cut it.

    The GameDay works great though! U can feel the stims and BA kick in within minutes - workouts are on-point with that

  19. Damn dude, I'm sorry to hear that & I hope that clears itself up quickly -- I know that's stressful as can be. Not quite the apt Thanksgiving present.

    I hear ya with Gameday; it has a nice stim complex, one that even gets me going and I'm relatively stim insensitive.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  20. 12/8 Back, bi's

    -Pull-ups, b.w.: 10, 10, [10, 10 neutral grip
    -Db rows: 65x11, 70x11, 85x20-> kroc rows
    -cable rows to sternum: 115x11, 130x2x11
    -stiff arm pulldowns: 130x3x10

    preacher curl machine, 1 arm: 45x12, 55x10, 65x2x8
    hammer curls: 35x3x10
    reverse grip curls: 65x2x10

    so i took a cap after i had a huge meal & eventually fell asleep an hour later. woke up maybe 90 minutes later, hit the gym & had some nice pumps & "veinage" from the arms.


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