Carbonx from VPX seems like an interesting product and i'm going to give it a shot along with some other goodies. I mainly wanted to reproduce a carb/creatine/leucine recovery product, along the lines of Dark Matter, Myozene. I had pretty good success with Muscletech's Anabeta waay back when.

I'm mainly doing Brazilian Jiujitsu workouts now, but soon will add lifting back into my program. My goal is to increase endurance, hold onto as much strength as possible, recover well from workout to workout, and again, to increase my endurance. Here is my list of goodies.

Anabolic Pump taken before shake.
Pre-workout shake- Carbonx 25g, Leucine 5 grams, Silk Amino Acids ( plain powder ) and Concrete creatine in capsule form.
Post-workout shake- Carbonx 25g, Leucine 5 grams, Whey Iso 30 grams, and Concrete creatine.
30 minutes later have post workout meal.

Currently I train bjj in the morning.

Lifting will probably be done in the evenings and on the weekends, away from jits.

So bottom line goals: Drop weight, maintain strength, increase endurance and cardio.