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  1. Update:

    No new effects. Still taking 1 cap per night. Helping me stay asleep and get the rest I need. I definitely need this product for the past week and this week because of finals. Helping me get the extra sleep. I am pretty tired already, but when I pop a REM PM, it knocks me out almost instantly.

    So to say the least, with my bulk and working out intensely I am getting good recovery and rest.

    Got about a week or a bit more left of REM PM. I may try to dose some of this during the mid day sometime to see what that will do and how long it will put me out.

    Over and Out.

  2. Final review:

    I totally thought I already gave a final review.. so my bad.

    Anyways REM PM was a fantastic sleep aid.

    Only had to dose I cap per night. I did try to dose 2 caps a few times but there was no need for 2 caps.. for me anyways.

    Helped me fall asleep very quickly.
    Woke up feeling good. No grogginess or anything like that.
    dosed with food and without food and still got the same effects with one cap.
    The ability to recover was amazing. With the amount of sleep I was able to get and how rested I felt while taking this product, my recovery was on point.

    I can't comment on body composition because on other supps at the time.

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great sleep aid. Taking one pill a night makes the bottle last 2 months which is amazing. So for anyone looking for a great sleep aid... check out REM PM. I haven't taken other sleep aids so I can't compare to anything else.

    Over and out.
    PEScience Representative


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