You wanna go night night!?!? A LiGHts Out Log

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    Done, and doooone mane.

  2. Monday, Day 15:

    I'm posting a quick update today. I have been experiencing the same effects from LiGHts Out as I have for the past two weeks. I'm not going to continually post the same response every time. However, the past few nights (less the night I skipped the dose) my dreams have been pretty vivid.

    I'm not going to go above two caps for the rest of the log. It has been working perfectly.

    Night #15: 2 Caps

  3. Tuesday, Day 16:

    Nothing new to report. I've been experiencing the same effects (without side effects) consistently. It has been a pleasant surprise.

    Night #16: 2 Caps

  4. I apologize for the short break in my updates. I've been out and about with family and friends for Thanksgiving and I haven't the time to update my log.

    Day 17, 18, & 19:

    I've been sticking the two cap dose and it has been consistent. I really am running out of words to say about LiGHts Out, other than it has been a product that has worked for me. I've slept like a baby, which leads to great recovery.

    Night #19: 2 Caps

  5. Alright everyone,

    I'm going to close this log due to the fact that I have found the product effective. I don't have the time to continuously type updates to say that LiGHts Out contributed to a great nights sleep. I found it to be an effective product.

    I will complete a final review in the coming week.


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