IronMagLabs Super DMZ 2.0 And a little less fat

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mack411 View Post
    Nice work and update bro!
    Thanks man. I hope I can get my diet dialed back in. Being sick for awhile definitley screwed that up.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Thanks man. I hope I can get my diet dialed back in. Being sick for awhile definitley screwed that up.
    Oh I know,I had to postpone my current cycle bc I was sick it logging it you should check it out!
    mack @
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  3. Subbed...interested in the results of this cycle. Good luck man!

  4. Ok people. Crazy work week. Did you ever wake up on a friday morning and say" WTF..that week went by fast but..I had no time for anything."

    Quick update now. Details to come later...

    Up another 3 pounds. Diet HASNT gotten dialed in. Eating whatever and whenever I can doesnt help for Dieting. Im not stressing it. Im still about 10-15 pounds lighter than this time last year.

    Pumps are crazy. My biceps have held a pump which seems to be all week. Im know Im giving them a little special attention but ooowweee. I feel like its fully engorged everytime i raise my arms..LOL.

    Worksoutas have been killer. Getting in and killing it. One Thing is That i noticed DOMS more relevant now than before on cycle. I mean, I feel like my workouts are soo good, that the next day or two Im hurting WAy more than usual.


  5. Man my doms has been cut in half, except for legs.

  6. I'm not getting any DOMS at all. Love it lol.

  7. Yeah thats crazy. Not quite sure. Any thing Ive ever run before DOMS was reduced. Maybe its due to the fact I was sick the other week and came back strong. Who knows




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