View my strength gains on test booster T-BLAST by NLA Performance

  1. View my strength gains on test booster T-BLAST by NLA Performance

    Hey everybody,
    I figured the best way to earn respect from everyone on this site would be to openly document my strength gains over the next month while taking the natural testosterone booster T-BLAST. Yes I am one of the co-founders of NLA Performance and yes I am putting our Ultimate Stack to the test 100 % honestly. You can't trust a company whose owners don't walk the walk. Anyways I did bench press yesterday and I am at 315 lbs for 3. I also front squatted and was able to do 315 lbs for 1 rep max. I will continue to upload videos over the next month to show you that our products work.

    My 315 for 3 bench press: NLA Co-Founder Bench Presses 315 lbs for 3 reps - YouTube
    **Feel free to give me form suggestions. I know I am not the best bencher. I lift for power and strength.**

    My supplement regimen:
    Morning: 1 scoop of RECOVER-D protein with Milk: 14 grams of protein (whey and casein). 2 pills of T-BLAST.
    Pre-workout: 1 serving of SUPP-D pre-workout with 1 serving of our nitric oxide booster SWOLL-N. 2 pills of T-BLAST.
    Post workout: 2 scoops (1 serving) of our gluten free protein RECOVER-D. Final 2 pills of T-BLAST.

    Justin M.
    NLA Performance: The Choice of Champions

  2. i checked out your site...products look solid, not much in the way of ingredients that we haven't seen before, i guess effectiveness will depend on amount of ingredients per dose.

    btw-very nice prices....usually home sites are a lot more pricier!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  3. I posted a bench video yesterday and here is a video of me squatting 315 lbs for 3 reps. I was only on SWOLL-N today and T-BLAST. I did a 5 sets of 3 reps. Here is my last set:

    I want to be at 315 for 10 reps by the end of my T-BLAST cycle and get my max squat up over 400.
    NLA Performance: The Choice of Champions

  4. I've been lifting hard and am on week 2 of my T-BLAST. Team NLA was doing chest and triceps today. I haven't gone hard on dips in awhile so I decided to strap a couple 45's to me and do some weighted dips. Check out this video of me doing weighted dips with 90 lbs attached to me:

    NLA Performance: The Choice of Champions

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