A dream log......EBF Recompadrol & Lecheek MassHGH!!!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Hope gma is ok !
    thanks, she went home today so hopefully thigns will get better, still worry abotu her, she jsut never sits down, shes liek 80lbs and has alzheimers she needs to rest but she wont

  2. tonight i will take recompadrol right before bed becausealmostno carbs today, off day. mas hgh i took bfore my big meal aain, this ends up falling a fewhours beforebedbut its theonly timei can reallytakewithout food......

    i was able to sleep in yestwhich was nice but the sleep was not uniteruppted which stinks, hopefully hte sleeep qualityimproves i hate notbeing able to sleep............. tomorrow will be chest/tris and another 100mgs of test!!! :-)

  3. todays workout- chest/tris/abs

    banded bench


    dbincline press

    weighted dips


    db press


    banded hammer incline


    hammer incline
    90 drop 70 drop 50 drop - 2 sets

    incline db fly 3 sets 10-15 ss with flat db fly

    fly machine 3 sets jsut last 3rd ROMfor intense contractions!!!

    CG bench


    DB overhead
    55x8 drop 35x8

    rev grip skull crushers with pull over 4 sets AM plus CG presses

    rope pressdown 3 sets As man with doubl drop on last 2 sets

    leg raises 10 sets of 12

    rope crunches 4 sets 20 ss 25 crunches

    side leg raises "(hanging) 4 sets 15 on each side

    barbell roll out with 25lb plates 4 sets 15

    mental focus was a little lacking today and less ofa pump than normal probably due to the lowcarbs yest...........def making up for it today :-)

  4. dosed mass hgh about 30-45 min pre meal today, hoping for beter sleep, my mind jsut races when i sleep which sux so im always waking up and tossing and turning :-(

    one note on recompadrol which i have noticed the past few days..........a sign of high blood glucose is excessive thirst, and i usually get really thirsty when i wake up in the middle of the night and end up drinking at least a full glass of water throughout the night, but lately i jsut have not been nearly as thirsty so to me that means my gblood glucose levels are much lower!

    took 2 recompadrol 30 minpre meal, 2 caps half waythrough and 2 caps bout 3/4sof the waythrough....540 carbs today!!! meal lookssomethinliekthsi,imaybefo rgettingsome things............

    3 eggs (1 used for french toast)
    6 egwhtie
    1slice ffcheese
    1cup blackbeans
    12 ozrawchicken
    1 cup pasta sauce
    1serving whole wheat noodles
    3/4cup ff Cottage cheese
    1 cup lowfatcottagecheese
    4 oz cooked pork tenderloin
    fun size 100 grand bar
    1 slice pumpkin spice bread
    2 slices whtie bread (french toast)
    sugar free syrup
    yoplaitlight yogurt
    chobani yogurt
    3/4cup oats w/raisins
    almond milk
    golden feast in almond milk
    medium apple
    2 oz avocado
    whole wheat wrap with light Bluecheese dressing and guacomale with buffalo marinated chicken
    strawberry cheesecake quest bar............itihnk thats it :-) o and some olive oil and coc. oilof course.....supplements, multi, vitd,c,e, fish oil, coQ10 b complex

  5. Are you taking a preworkout ? Could you be taking it too late at night? That could attribute to the tossing and turning also.
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  6. i do take in alot of ceffiene but i think its prolly cuz of all the food i eat right before going to bed :-( gonna hve to play aroudn with it

  7. So it's been 1 week on both products.

    What have you noticed?

    Can you give light to:

    Body composition

    Or anything else you want to add

  8. Recompadrol

    Body composition - 1 week in, not much other than i do feel a little fuller so i think i do appear al ittelbigger which is nice

    Bloat - when you are eatign as much as i do atonce there is always bloat howeveri notice when i take recompadrol at least 15 min pre meal it helps remarkably. One dayi forgot and took it right when i started eating andfeltmore bloatedthan normal.

    Sleep- honestly sleep has not been very good, aloton my mind and also more food sitting in my stomach so i think thats the biggest issue, yest. sleep wasbetter but nstill nto as good as id liek although i dunno if id ever be happy lol i notice im always relaly hot when trying to fall asleep

    Pumps - no doubt pumps are better yest i had a sick pump in my back from relaly focusingon contractions and was etremelyimpressed and lovedit. How often can you say ur whole back is super pumped haha rarely for me!

    Endurance - my pace has increased in my workouts at leas to start moving from one set to the next quicker thannormal. Towards the end of my workouts i need to take alittle longer rests but in the beginning there is def. better endurance

    Fullness - like i said in the beginning i do feel fuller and look a little fuller, nothing godly but im not complaining haha, this week im ognna try to take a pic the day after my off day before my higher carb meal then again the next day after i have the higher carb meal...........

    Hunger/thirst/appetite - hunger id say is actually down as a whole which helps with IF i stll get some pretty big hunger pangs but overall id saya little less than normal., thirst at night is wayyyy down which to me means my blood glucose is lower.

    Mass hgh

    i think it is still too soon to comment on its effects sinceits really only been like 4 days.......this is the type of product taht needs to be used for a while, also i jsut started dosing it anhour before my meal which will hopefully help...... either way lovin the stack so far and am extremely lucky jsut to be able to be using these

  9. Thanks for te update!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Thanks for te update!
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  11. no prob.....today was an off day, no carbs today, meal consists of

    4 eggs 7 egg whites
    1 slice low fat pepperjack cheese
    1 T coc oil 1T olive oil
    6 oz raw chicken
    2 oz raw 90/10 beef
    4 oz avocado
    2 salads one with 4 oz chickena nd feta cheese and greek dressing, otehr with 2 oz ham , ff cheese boiled egg and ranch dressing
    2 chicken sausages
    1.5 cups cottage cheese
    piece of low carb cheesecake
    1 scoop of no whey pumkin pie protein in almond milk

  12. sleep was much better yest. didnt feel as full when i went to bed so eating alot before ebd looks liek it maybe the reason.........got a new pillow to try out tonight too so lokin forward to that!..........i am thinking of shortening my workouts for a week or jsut not trianing to failure or doing drop sets and stuff, jsut felt worn out today............what do u guys do for a sort of adeload, which method woudl you recommend?

  13. When I Deload I pick different exercises and just do like 15 rep sets and drop the volume by one exercise per body part

  14. I know MKretz and he does measure all of his food which Is a great habit to get into if your willing to do it. I never count calories or measure food but in the future thats a good habit to get into

  15. Low weight and higher reps would be good. Also changing up the order or type of workouts create better muscle gains

  16. well;.....didnt deload today, felt really good, although pumps were not too great, probaly due to low carbs yesterday......... big carb up today right aroudn 550 with 5100 total cals, hopefully i can sleep with all this damn food............jsut beingable to sleep in one day sure woudl be nice, i think thats another thing messing up my sleep, always having to worry about getting up and worrying about what time it is.

  17. todays workout - chest/arms/abs

    got alotdone today,moving pretty quickly

    bench with chains! (hardcore baby!! haha 3 big chains, not sure how much it was at the top but pretty heavy lol


    quick note.....i was lookin pretty big id say today and one ladyat the gym commented so that was cool!

    incline hammer strength 4 sets 10-12 65 on each side drop on lastset taking a 10 off for 2 drops

    db incline fly 3 sets 35 lb dbs
    db press 35lb on all these i jsut go to failure not sure how many reps i did but reps go down very sset due to short rest periods - usually fail between 8-15

    flat db fly 3 sets
    db press w/ twist

    high cable fly 3 sets ss dips 3 sets

    decline hammer strength 3 sets double drop on last set

    banded ez br curl 4 sets 8-10 cheated on last couplereps on last 2 sets but really squeezed teh top of the motion(the band gives teh sickest contraction on these)

    standing db twist curl 4 sets 10-15 drop onl ast set 17.5lb dbs

    1 arm preacher curl 3 sets 20lb dbs forcd repson last set

    high cable curl 3 sets 12-15 drop on last set

    vbar push down 3 sets double drop 120,90,80

    rev grip overhead ext 3 sets 12-15

    rope pressdwn asmany with pull apart at bottom then extended set with hands touching together for more reps 3 sets

    rope crunches 4 sets of 25 ss with 100 bicycles, sick burn!

  18. btw i was only able to take liek 2 bad pics of me more "depleated" i will try to get a couple more tomrrow when im "full" to show recompadrols effects after jsut one realy high carb meal, however like i said the pics were not good since i had to take them myself and if they are not worth it i will not post, but we will see tomorrow!

  19. todays meal - a doozy

    3 eggs
    6 whites
    2 wraps - 1 with buffalo marinated chicken and light BC dressing, teh other with a spinach and feta chicken sausage and light greek dressing
    3/4 cup oats with almond milk pumpkin and rasins - sooo good - cinnaomon and nutmeg and splenda of course
    chocolate peanut butter quest bar
    8 oz lean beef with veggies and sloppy joe
    1T cocoil 1 T oliveoil
    banana pumpkin oatcake - 1 banana 4 wegg whites, 1/2 cup oats pumpkin cinamon nutmeg, cook like pancake
    chobani blueberry yogurt
    1 slicecinamon raisin bread
    2 slices high protein bread with sugar free jelly
    2 slices of french toast with butter and sugar free syrup
    2 wild strawberry poptarts
    1/2 cup kidney beans
    applepie ice cream......................... .......carb city!!!!
    3 oz organic ribeye steak with 1.2 cup mashed potatoes

  20. Hows the sleep going ?
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  21. Can't wait to see updated pics man

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Hows the sleep going ?
    sleep has been geting a little better everynihtsincei startted dosin mass hgh an hour pre meal, jsut wish i could sleep in one day , i def. couldve slept alto lngerthis morning, felt great!!!!

  23. i have to upload the pics online through my ohone and the site is downrightnow so i will try tog et them up tomorrownigthi guess

  24. soooo i went in with the mindset aof a type of deload but jsut got too amped and ended up jsut doinga shortr workout butpretty intense, did back

    pendlay rows or jsut relaly bent over rows lol,

    85x12x4 few cheat reps toget to 15on last 2 sets

    strict tbar row, verybent over - really focusied on form on everything good squeezes

    85lb (using 35lbplates for reaterrom) 4 sets 12-15 reps drop on last set

    1 arm db row (really hard with good form lol)


    hammer strength row 3 sets 10-15

    rev drip pulldown 4 sets 12-15

    DL 3 sets of 25 2 sets with 135 2 sets with 145, heart was racing!

    4 sets of 100 decline ab twists with a 10lb plate

    high pace, about onehour wokrout thena little cario, sweatin like crazy, felt great

    tomorrow i will tryto do soem legs, not as crayas uruall though as my "deload" :-)

  25. keepng carbs extremely low the next few days esp since i picked a filing out of my tooth and now it hurts to eat :-( so i woudl think sweet things woudlnt be good either, i knwo cold is horrible

    todays meal

    piece of low carb cheesecake
    1 cup2% plain greek yogurt with scoop of no WHEY pumpkin pie protein
    4 eggs
    1 slice ff cheest
    omlette with buffalo chicken sausage light BC dressing and 1/2 oz mosserella cheese
    2 salads - one with feta cheese and feta dresssing with chicken , one with chicken and bacon ranch dressing
    chicken leg
    6 oz rw chicken
    4oz avocado
    3/4 cup full fat cotage cheese
    3/4 cup low fat cottage cheese
    3/4 cup ff cottage cheese
    1 T dark chocolate PB
    1T coc oil
    1T olive oil

  26. sleep was not vey good yest again, but im pretty sure it scuz i was super hot all nigth for some reason, looking forward to a good nigth sleep tonight though.........

    my muscles feel a bit fuller.....i looked at the pics i took adn i cannot really tell much of a difference and they are not the best pic in the world so im not going to post them.

    still sittin aroudn 160-162.....been shortening my workouts which i kinda like for the mental break cuz its hard to stayfocused sometimes but at the same tiem i feel ike im short changing myself.......i will continue with it and see how it goes for now, but i usuallyenjoy very highvolume but i think my bodyneeda bit of a breakdn i guess makin my workotus an hour shorter is my "deload"

  27. todays workout...legs

    low box squat with chains!! hardcore **** haha 3 big ass chains, no idea how much tehy weighed but a decent amount. (paused on the box for a second before eploding up_

    225x0 :-(

    back squat

    front squat

    1 leg (foot on bench) squat with DB on chest (like a front squat)
    4 sets of 15 with 20lb db real deep reps.

    leg press 4 sets of 20 double drop on last set , partial reps to 100 reps total, few breaks on last drop
    started at 4 45lb plates +25 lb plate dropped to 2 45s anda 25

    DB RDL
    75x10 drop 55x6

    lying ham curl 4 sets 10-12

    forgot about leg ext 4 sets...10-15 drop on last 2 sets

    used a plate loaded hammer strength machine for leg curls and leg ext. really weird feel to them but something differentnone the less

    rev. hyper ext 4 sets 15

    high and wide leg press 3 sets 12-15 drop on last set

  28. nice workout!
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  29. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    nice workout!
    thanks brotha

    today will best chest/tris/abs....i realyl feel liek im losin my abs (coudl jsut be a mental thing) so i am goign to try to increase my ab work....anyone have any exercises tehy realyl ike somethings to really bring out the abs, i usualyl stickw tih leg raises and rope crunches and chops...............

    last two days were low carbw ith workouts which i usually dont do so i think im gonna carb up tonight :-)
    recompadrol to teh rescue.............really lookin to mass hgh to kick in this week i think its starting to get to the point of being able to notice a difference since its approaching 2 weeks! hoping for a great week!

  30. For whatever reason my stomach was absolutely kiliing me yest i literally had to force feed myself and still could not finish my meal (pretty close though) suprisingly thoguh sleep was not too bad, i think it is cuz i was able to stay cool since it was cold outside and i slept with jsut a sheetand the window open.

    todays workout - back/bis

    took a while to get goin today, mentally wasnt all there untill at least half way through the workout

    DL 315x2x5

    eplosive DL (no negative) used bumper plates


    bent over row (body parallel to ground) - i feel these alot more than regular bent over rows so i will do tehse from now on

    115x10+5 drop 95x10

    strict tbar row with 25lb plates for greater rom

    85x12x4 drop on last set

    2 different hammer strength machines 3 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    pulldown 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set, reallly good contractions on this today

    str8bar pulldown 3 sets of 15

    lower back mchine 4 sets 15

    cheat curls (controlling neatives asmuch as possible)

    cable ez bar curl4 sets 10-12 drop on last set, some cheat reps as well

    lying cable curl 4 ets 10-12 , few cheat reps

    rev grip cable preascher 3 sets 10-12

    3 drop sets of incline curls

    got alot of energy botu half way through but then started to lose focus toward s the end again, i migth ahave to stat shortening my workouts so i can stay focused............ hopeing to get a good night sleep tonight, i can sleep in a little :-)


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