gamma labs ptf/gamma-o stacked log

  1. gamma labs ptf/gamma-o stacked log

    okay, I had this up before, but it was taken down, too bad the admins couldn't put it back up. all that work gone.

    short and sweet. got some PTF (pre training formula) and their test booster Gamma-O in hopes of increasing numbers at the gym.

    I was also sent a some samples of their g-fuel, I tried the blue-raz and lime, both delicious and gave nice energy. i gave the fruit punch to my friend. dont know if he's tried it yet or not.

    first thoughts on ptf, is that it isn't very strong. the fruit punch flavor is good, so that was a relief, but I think I like the g-feul more than the ptf.

    I can notice a hint of the beta-alanine, but not much.

    next is the scooper, they have this funnel scooper, so picture a funnel, but with the large end closed off, leaving only the small end open to scoop the contents. so it takes a few scoops.
    at first I thought this was pretty cool and smart, you know, for those bro's that are hard up to buy a shaker bottle.

    But after a few uses, it is a bit annoying when you're in a hurry.

    when my log was taken down, i put off using the products, now that this can get going again, we will re start this.

    i am going to go with 2 scoops of ptf, as one just doesn't bring it for me.

  2. new look from last year..

    ingredient label...

    whats on the inside...

    Cool new scooper?????

    2 scoops shaken...

    some left overs...

    mixed up with 2 scoops dark fruit punch red, taste was still good, but with two scoops, there was a faint chemical taste, more noticable at the end with the little left overs.

    so overall, mixes pretty well in a non shaker container, no foam, goes down smooth with little bit of sand left.

  3. Subbed

  4. In on new log

  5. Going to stack this with my carb product today, generation ucan. Go the distance.

    Got a bunch of tiny pimples forming on my chest, this isn't good news.....

  6. Pimples are always good news when using an effective test booster

  7. if you take 2 scoops, make sure you have something to do, cause it packs a punch (no pun intended)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    if you take 2 scoops, make sure you have something to do, cause it packs a punch (no pun intended)
    PTF can get a little intense at two scoops

  9. back today, two scoops ptf plus carbs. post workout later.

  10. nice 2 days off, let the week begin.

  11. Chest on Tuesday, back yesterday, thinking shoulders today.

  12. Light legs instead.

  13. How do you feel with 2 scoops?

  14. The energy and focus with 2 scoops vs 1 is significantly different.

    2 is better for performance enhancement benefits for sure.

  15. Libido is going strong, acne is starting to get better. Appetite is moderate, that is, until I take 2 scoops of ptf then it's zero.

  16. Where did you notice the worst acne?

  17. lower back, arms, some around my jaw line. almost like i was 17 again. only it went away, instead of staying. looks like my estrogen went up.

    no workout today, a client came in and took the w/o spot.

    was in a seminar learning about metabolic efficiancy training most of the day. tired.

  18. posted this in the wrong thread,

    hit prowler today.

    this morning with a client, he tried 20 plates, wasn't able to get it, but I wanted to see if I could move it, and pushed it the rest of the way. So about 17 meters. just shy of 20 meters.

    strength has gone up.


    leg pre exaustion, heavy on squats, 6 sets of 3 reps, back forth with partner, starting with 185, ending at 285
    went over to leg press, started light, 4 plates each side, then 6, finished with 7 each side. 8,5,5

    had 30min till nutrition meeting, so went and pushed prowler for 25 minutes. light weight, only 3 plates each side.

    partner switch off, 6 sets, 1 set consisted of push one way, 20 meters, push back immediately, 20 meters (40meter push total).

    pre w/o 2 caps of gamma o
    did this while sippin on 2 scoops ptf + 1 scoop of citruline malate (sns) + 1 scoop of creatine mono (sns)

    good times.

  19. I notice breakouts with Gamma-O also, this is usually due to an increase in T-Levels

    Gamma-O contains a solid amount I3C to suppress estrogen

  20. im really enjoying both of these products so far.

    nice only having to take 2 caps, instead of 4-6 twice per day.


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