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    After Hours With Lights Out (Sponsored)

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    Hey everyone! Finally got my package of IFORCE Lights Out so the log begins! Technically, it began last night @ 9:40pm (my first dose). I took 2 caps as I had seen that dosage vs. 1 caps touted by both reps and users. I had an idea of how the product was going to work because I am familiar with some of the other HGH products (e.g. USP Labs PowerFULL) but I had also realized this product contains the same ingredient as LABRADA NUTRITION Humanofort. I also like the fact that it has 5-HTP in it. I used this a lot more back when I was 18 y/o but I always liked the cognitive effects of it. I believe this may be an underrated supplement but behaves much more favorably when given the opportunity to function synergistically with other compounds. That's why I'm glad to see it in this formula with other good stuff!

    That being said, I was a little uneasy when I first saw the product contained magnesium stearate. There is a wide variety of conflicting research regarding the absolute safety of this ingredient. I'm not a fan of fillers and I imagine this compound is deemed "safe" just as aspartame . However, this is my first bottle and I am merely assessing the efficacy of the product and expressing my initial thoughts at face value. I will attempt to take things one step at a time and remain objective

    After my initial dosage, I began to feel an intense relaxation creep over me. I was out like a light before the hour had passed. It was great to fall asleep with such ease. I normally watch my episode of "The Walking Dead" with 'On Demand' but I wasn't even able to get through an episode because of how sleepy I was. What I liked about it was it was not a groggy-type of sleepiness. I was also very impressed how well-rested I felt when I woke up at about a quarter to midnight. As some of you may have read in my application, my fiancee and I recently became parents to a beautiful boy and he is the pride and joy of our lives. He is also the reason for our sharp declines in sleep time! Last night was a rough night as the baby wasn't be slightly difficult and my lady couldn't get to go to sleep AND stay asleep.

    As I indicated, I woke up close to midnight due to the baby being fussy. I typically feel pretty drowsy/groggy upon waking at that time and I'm not exactly in the best mood when I'm woken up in this fashion. I managed to get back to sleep and woke up a couple of times after as the baby eventually progressed to cease crying but was simply being fussy in his bed. At this point, it was around 1ish and I got up to rock the baby a little in his crib and gave him his pacifier. This seemed to work well and after a few minutes of rocking him, putting on the cartoon projector and some white noise, he finally gave into the sleepiness he seems to constantly be fighting against lately. I used the restroom and went back to sleep quite nicely. This was considering I was a bit more alert than I usually am during times like this. Thus, it took me a bit longer to actually fall asleep but I didn't experience difficulty in falling asleep. When I did manage to fall asleep, however, it was as if I had never woken up in the first place. Nice!

    I wake up Monday through Thursday mornings @ 0355 to be at work by about 10-15 min. prior to 0500. This morning was a bit of a struggle to wake up. That being said, it wasn't as major of a struggle to get up and things began to go much smoother once I was up. The ride to work seemed much calmer than it normally does. I tend to always feel a bit anxious or rushed when I'm on my way to work. I usually leave at the same time, but for some reason, today wasn't the same. When I got to work, I felt livelier and more sociable. I have a co-worker who I have been having some difficulties managing over the past few weeks and we had a nice, short chat prior to me relieving him. Breakfast typically entails some Quaker cereal with soy milk, Greek yogurt at times, and a banana. At about 0530 I begin to perform my rounds to secure the property I work at. It normally takes me about 10-15 minutes to really get my mind out of the gutter but I was awake and alert well in advance to having arrived at work. My overall mood was elevated and cognition seems to be positively affected. All I am taking at the moment is a multivitamin, 500-1000mg sustained release vitamin C, and sometimes a B-complex. I am currently restricted to strength training with bodyweight so there's lots of chin-ups, spiderman push-ups and other calisthenics going on at the moment. However, diet is still generally clean. Some days I simply fast until about midday and then pig out the rest of the day. I've been doing this for a while and it was only until recently that I was told I am doing a loose version of intermittent fasting. May explain why I've leaned out a bit!

    I am really looking forward to the proposed positive effects regarding libido. Although I'm 25 y/o, the new change in sleep patterns with the baby having arrived has definitely created a noticeable change in my vigor. I'm not at that point where I'm needing to reach for the Cialis just yet (and I don't foresee that happening anytime in the next few decades) but I do notice a difference. I suppose it comes with the territory!

    I'm looking forward to keeping you all posted with my experience(s). It seems like this is going to be a good ride and I will get some much needed help with sleep thanks to IFORCE!

    Thanks again, fellas! Much obliged!

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  2. awesome start, count me in
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    Quote Originally Posted by baldwanus View Post
    awesome start, count me in
    Thanks, chief! I welcome any and all feedback! Looking to maximize this stuff to the utmost possible.

  4. Along for the ride.
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    Hello again!

    I'm deeply resenting not being able to take my dosage last night prior to bed. Upon arriving at home, things became complex quickly as I was caring for the baby to give my lady a break (she's a stay-at-home mom). I normally go to bed @ around which limits me as to the window of opportunity I have to take the LO as recommended (1.5-2 hrs after a meal/empty stomach). Last night I ended up having dinner a little after 2000/8pm. I didn't find it logical to force myself to remain awake just to take LO so I just headed straight for bed.

    Although I managed to have a great night, considering I slept straight through (thanks to my wonderful fiancee), I can't help but wonder how much better I could have slept if I had been able to take LO how it should be taken. I noticed a delay in the time it took me to wake up, how well-rested I felt upon waking and various other factors that appeared somewhat different vs. when I took LO. I was considering taking my servings @ 1900/7pm, eating dinner and then going to bed, but I had a notion that strategy may not work like I planned it would. Any suggestions?

    Until I find a better strategy, I'm going to have to make sure dinner time comes by at least 2030/7:30pm from the looks of things.

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    Managed to finish dinner up @ around 7:30pm last night so I was able to take my serving of LO. However, I must say, I had a completely different experience this time around. I experienced something similar to the first night in terms of having gone to bed a little after 9pm and being woken up at around midnight (approximately 3 hrs sleep) but this time around I woke up SO groggy and droopy-eyed. It did seem I'm getting good sleep because I was not as tired at work as I usually am, and I seem to be able to require less time to shift into work mode. Tonight was like most other nights: ready for bed by 9pm having taken my serving of LO.


    The night went like virtually every other night goes: good sleep with no more than a few small interruptions due to the baby sleeping. Nothing major though, I woke up around 6:30am to help with the baby and stayed up for about 10-15 minutes. Although I woke up feeling rested, I managed to get back in bed and fall asleep with no problem until about 9:30am. I may have overslept a bit considering it took me some time to get out of bed but it proved no challenge to consciously remove myself and get up.

    Yesterday was a great day for precious metals investors. Silver and gold prices dropped drastically so it was a pretty hectic day attempting to determine the best buy position. Ran some errands throughout the day and ended up going out for dinner land had some greatly anticipated sushi. Dinner ended well @ around 8:30pm, and fell asleep with the baby a little after 9pm, waiting for my lady to finish up showering. I woke up a little before 10:30pm and hopped into the shower. I took my serving of Lights Out (2 caps), dropped a few drops lavender oil in the shower to help relax me, and ease me back into sleepy time, which seemed to work.

    I couldn't manage to wake up for the life of me last night even with the baby crying. Don't get me wrong, I didn't sleep all the way through, but when I attempted to wake up, and help my lady with the baby, that ended in failure Damn you LO! I woke up a little after 7 am this morning to give the baby his ranitidine (Zantac) before she fed him.

    It's currently 8:30am and I don't really feel the need to go back to sleep. I probably won't be going back to sleep anyhow. Libido seems to be positively impacted and energy levels are noticeably high. I also notice my cognitive function seems to be positively affected as well. I notice better memory recall, greater fluidity when explaining things, and in a calmer state of mind.

    Whether all these things can be attributed to LO, I can't truly say, but I know I can deduce that better sleep plays a role in all the aforementioned things. You figure out the rest.
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    This was actually my improvised Lights Out replacement for bedtime last night. By the time we had gotten the baby to bed and gotten ready for bed, it was close to 10pm, and I had a weird craving for ice cream/yogurt. One thing led to another and I ended up at home eating an entire tub of this stuff. The Greek Yogurts are so much richer than the regular Ben & Jerry's ice cream products! Their other flavors look amazing so I know what I'll be grabbing next time I get the munchies late at night! The only drawback from eating a pint of this stuff in one sitting is the gastrointestinal repercussions that come on about 45 minutes after putting down the spoon. Aside from that, I slept well and made it to bed around 10:30pm and woke up ready to start the day @ 10:30am. Technically, it was 9:30am (due to the time change), so I don't feel like it's been such a lazy Sunday.

    Tonight will be likely be a Lights Out night so I will report back in tomorrow morning once I've gotten settled at work. Hope you all have had a great weekend!
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    This night was a bit hectic. Baby was having a hard time falling asleep, and even though we were in bed by 8:30pm, there were several interruptions throughout the night. I woke up @ around 11:30pm, again at midnight, and 1:30am. It was a rough night in every respect but I was able to understand how my body interacts with Lights Out. It seemed I was doing well at first with a 2 cap dosage, but after the first couple of times, I started to notice it was becoming increasingly difficult to wake up when I needed to/when I normally would be able to during the night (to help with the baby). It was very similar to waking up during the night after taking a prescription sleeping pill: you're trying your absolute hardest to snap out of sleep to get up but you physically cannot bring yourself to follow through.

    I have officially added 10 seconds to my time to my planks. I recently started doing these bad boys again. I started out with 30 secs and that posed quite a challenge although it was manageable. After a strong, short workout I went ahead and ate dinner, and I decided (at least for a brief moment) I wasn't going to take Lights Out at bedtime. I wanted to experiment a bit and see if LO was really the culprit behind the hard time I was having getting up at night (even to use the bathroom when I really need to go!). Instead, it dawned on me that I should simply take a serving of 1 cap instead of 2 caps. My lady told me it took the baby some time to get the baby to fall asleep (almost 1:00am), but I ended up falling asleep @ 9:45pm, and I think I may have woken up once. Aside from having a little trouble waking up (I fell back asleep and started dreaming for about 10 minutes lol), I woke up feeling well-rested. As I write this, it is 5:55am and I feel mentally alert. I have also started drinking a glass of Silk's Fruit and Protein with liquid egg whites to jump-start my day and it seems to be doing me well.

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    (This stuff is awesome. I probably won't buy it all the time but I do recommend everyone try it out!)

  9. my girl drinks silk milk, what's your favorite flavor? She never had that kind.. she likes all those flavors, which do you think is best?
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    Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    my girl drinks silk milk, what's your favorite flavor? She never had that kind.. she likes all those flavors, which do you think is best?
    Only had the mixed berry but I imagine the other ones taste even better as they are more appealing to my taste buds than any berry flavored beverages! I normally drink Vanilla soy milk and I can also tolerate the unflavored kind. If it's good for me, I'm in. As long as it's not GMO.
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    Last two nights have not been Lights Out nights. However, I have been able to fall asleep with no problem. Then again, I work 12 hour days and I wake up early so it shouldn't be much of a challenge, right! I do notice a bit of a difference in how well-rested I feel when I get up and I want to say I feel more energized on the days after I've taken LO. That being said, it's difficult to say for sure. This weekend will definitely involve some Lights Out nights. I'm convinced 1 cap is all I need to be reap the benefits of the product while still being able to have the ability to wake up if necessary during the night.

    I'm going to need all the rest I can grab starting today. I recently just placed an order for 116 tubs of Athletic Edge Nutrition's Pre-Surge Unleashed as operations for my retail supplement business have gone underway already. Amazon will be one route and local sales will be another route I suppose! Hope everyone is doing well. Stay focused and stay hungry!
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    Good morning everyone!

    It's been a few days since I've last posted. There were no Lights Outs nightsthis past weekend with theexception of Sunday night and I also took LO Monday night. I have noticed there is a quite a bit of difference in the way I feel when I wake up in the mornings during my work week. Monday morning I woke up feeling pretty rested, early as usual, so I was still a bit tired, but it was a different kind of "tired". It wasn't the kind of tired that influences you to stay in bed/makes it more difficult to get out of bed. This kind of tired was more of mere acknowledgement by my body that didn't interfere with my ability to roll out of bed. Make sense?

    I also noticed since I lowered the consistency in which I was consuming Lights Out, it became slightly more difficult to get through the part of the day that tends to drag the most for me: 12pm-3pm. Overall, I'm noticing a notable difference between supplementing vs. not supplementing with LO. I even noticed my skin improving within the first week of starting the Lights Out regimen. My skin has actually regressed since temporarily ceasing supplementation. It could be for various reasons not related to supplementation (or lack of) but I'm just jotting down all my observations.
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    Hello again everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Lights Out has been working quite well for me. I am currently experimenting with one and two cap-servings at the moment. Over the weekend I reverted to a 2 cap dose and it worked great. My lady has developed a good schedule with the baby which is getting him to sleep over an extended period of time. He tends to wake up once during the night to be changed and sleep until about 5am-7am. Compared to how he was operating before, this is heaven for my fiancee and I. I'm able to get much better quality sleep during the work week so I am able to get away with going to bed a little later on the weekends and wake up feeling good.

    It should be noted there seems to be a big difference between 2 caps and 1 cap doses. Again, I'm making sure I take my doses at least 1.5 hours after a meal. However, I aim for two hours post-meal as I notice the effects are more pronounced and favorable. My REM sleep seems to shift into overdrive when I take two caps. I wake up like I just went to sleep but feel rested. On the weekends, I lay in bed because I'm intentionally being lazy but once I'm up (after about 30 min. laying in bed/checking my e-mails, stock market etc.) I'm ready to take on the day. It's amazing how fast time passes during sleep with two caps. In all honesty, it tends to freak me out a bit. My lady will tell me I said something during the night time while she was changing the baby and I won't remember. The odd part of it is that she claims I seem perfectly coherent when I'm saying it.

    Is Lights Out causing me to sleep walk?!

    Just kidding guys. I've never had anyone report to me that I'm talking in my sleep or doing anything else I was unable to recall. This is a new experience for me. At least I'm not sleepwalking and going on a killing spree then waking up in bed with red sheets! How would I even defend that in court?

    I have been able to get to bed by 9pm and be knocked out by 10pm. I simply cannot get past 10pm - it's just not happening. Once I take Lights Out: IT'S "LIGHTS OUT" within 30 minutes. Libido has seen some slight improvement. At some point it was through the roof but that issue was addressed Now I'm experiencing the healthy levels of elevated libido associated with these supplements. I went back to foam rolling and mobility exercises so my recovery has improved exponentially. I can't comprehend how I could let "time restrictions" interfere with my foam rolling/mobility exercises for the life of me. These factors combined with shoulder dislocations with a band are doing wonders for my posture, recovery and mobility. I really need all this stuff, too. I spend a good chunk of my 14 hour work days sitting down (approx. 2 hour commute + 12 hours working).

    Wish I was getting more love on my log though! I'll keep you all in the loop as things progress!
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    Hello all,

    My supply is running out as I only have a few pills left. So far, recovery has been great. Doing squats 3x a week has been killer now that I've gotten back on the Rippetoe SS program. I definitely felt the soreness the first week and I believe the LO definitely helped take off the edge and enhanced recovery. I've started weight training programs after not lifting for a month or two and things were not pretty that first week. Although it was difficult, protein and fish oil, mixed with 7 good hrs of sleep Monday-Thursday and even better sleep Fri-Sun most definitely played a major role. Thank God for muscle memory and good food.

    I would love to know what kind of effects would be produced by taking Lights Out with a ZMA stack. That must be great sleep! Anyone tried this or something similar before? Maybe Phenibut with Lights Out?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by purebred View Post
    I would love to know what kind of effects would be produced by taking Lights Out with a ZMA stack. That must be great sleep! Anyone tried this or something similar before? Maybe Phenibut with Lights Out?
    im sure the sleep would be pretty crazy with lights out + zma..........zma tends to give me pretty bad nightmares, so i wont be giving that a try

    as for phenibut, im willing to give that a try. 1.5g phenibut a couple hours before sleep = good night, can only imagine what it would be like with this on top of it
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    Hello all! The big day has come and I'm happy it's here! It has been some time since my Lights Out supply ran out and it's been an interesting time running this log.

    First off, I would like to apologize for the massive delay. The property manager at my job has had some work being done to the CCTV systems and the internet connectivity has been affected as a result. I haven't had a good internet connection in about three weeks and when I'm home I barely have time to get on-line. Thank you all for your patience and thank YOU, iForce, for the opportunity to test drive a phenomenal product. God, I love sleep. Therefore, by definition, I love you guys!

    I have gone through different training phases and Lights Out managed to support my sustained performance throughout the entire time. Recently I'd bought an adjustable weighted vest @ Walmart for about $50 to begin training with. I'm in the process of training for the physical portion of the police academy as I will commence the application process in January 2013. I will need to pass a swimming test and a physical agility test prior to moving forward with the process. The following is what the physical agility test in 2013 consists of:

    Holding revolver steadily at eye level with arm extended, pull trigger 18 times with strong hand, and change to weak hand and pull trigger 12 times. An applicant who fails the trigger pull is not eligible to continue.

    Standing on level surface with feet side-by-side and hips width apart, jump forward a distance equal to individual’s height.

    From dead stop, push full-sized automobile forward or backward 20 feet on level paved surface.

    Run a half mile, on level paved track, in 5 minutes or less. An applicant who fails the half mile run is not eligible to continue.

    The most "challenging" portion of this test, per se, appears to be the half mile run. I think this is much better than the 1.5 mile run that was previously implemented in these tests. I guess they have lowered the standards to pass the physical portion of this test. Either way, I imagine the strong and the weak will be separated once the academy is in session. I have begun running about 1 mile a day with the vest on (+10 lbs.). I'm managing a little over a half mile run in less than 6 minutes so a half mile in less than 5 min. does not strike me as unreasonable. I have also begun doing push-ups and core exercises on the 3/4 days I don't run. I know the academy demands a lot of running, calisthenics and core work is essential to being able to keep up so I would like to get a jump-start on the rest of the guys. I will have enough with having to learn the material taught in the academy. I don't see a need to make things more complex for myself and struggle with the physical aspect of the academy as well!

    Here are the supplements I was taking while running my sleep log:

    Lights Out has helped me get some much needed sleep. I notice a significant difference when I take LO vs. nights I do not take it. Nights I do not supplement with LO are followed by 4am mornings that involve dragging of the feet, half-opened eyelids, /facepalms, and plenty of procrastination. I have taken a few other products which boast better sleep, GH, etc. Some of them include PowerFULL, HGH Pro, and GABA. I will say that this product matches up very well to the other products I've tried and outperforms some of the others in several ways.

    One problem I've run into with other GH boosters is what seems to be an all-or-nothing dosing structure. With LO, I felt 2 caps was overdoing it. I would have a hard time waking up and I was groggy when I would wake up. This effect would happen to me when I would take too much melatonin back when I was assessing my tolerance with that supplement. This doesn't work out too well when you're trying to wake up in the middle of the night to help tend to your child or go to work. It was getting to the point that when I would dose LO at two caps, I wouldn't remember anything when I slept. I know this may sound like a "great problem", especially since I work 50 hour weeks, but when your partner is telling you about your sleeptalking/borderline sleepwalking you were performing the night before, and you can't remember--the game changes.

    What I liked about Lights Out was I could easily adjust the dose, bring it down to one cap, and I still got the desired effects from the product. When I tried lowering the dose down with other products, it barely made an impact on my sleeping. I guess it was better than not taking it all, but when I take a supplement I don't intend to get so-so results. I want to ENHANCE my current training, diet, sleep schedule, etc. Lights Out made this very simple. Once I dialed down the dose regimen, I was able to achieve the quality of sleep I needed and I was able to recall events that may have occurred throughout the night which caused me to wake up.

    Lights Out really helped me out during the week when I was able to schedule dinner properly. Thus, I would be able to wait at least 1.5 hrs after my meal to dose. This makes a WORLD of a difference in my outlook during the work week. How different the world is when you are looking through rested eyes with a rested mind. I made less mistakes at work, I was more attentive to my clients, I was more energetic in the mornings, and my energy was sustainable--it lasted virtually all 14 hours I was away from home. Of course, waking up @ 4am to arrive to work by 5am and leave it 5pm + get home @ 6pm will drain anyone. Lights Out simply facilitated my body's recovery between days. Not to mention, I was working out after I got home from work. That means, foam rolling, lights mobility exercises, calisthenics, and a .5-1 mile run. My running time definitely improved with the greatest of ease and I have gained about 3 lbs. since I started Lights Out. Can this be attributed solely to LO?


    Sleep is just a mere part of the equation to grow. That is:


    Before I give my final numerical "verdict" on this product, I want to clarify something: GH boosters are not something I think anyone should consider a "staple" to any regimen, unlike BCAAs, creatine, or protein powder. That being said, it GH boosters should be given much more credit and attention than they get for the mere reason that improving your sleep quality will pays dividends. Many times, these dividends are credited the more popular "performance supplements".

    The primary reason I did not award this product a '9' rating is because I do not consider GH supplements a staple. I would love to try this product with a ZMA supplement and see what results come from that combination. Aside from that, I think the beauty is in the details when it comes to results and increased sleep quality will definitely provide that.

    Lights Out by IFORCE

    Rating: 8.5/10

    I'm almost certain I have more input I would like to deliver but I am pressed for time, as I am not sure how much time I will have with internet connectivity, and I want to get out what I have jotted down so far.


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