Gamma Labs Dual log (sponsored)

  1. Gamma Labs Dual log (sponsored)

    OK everyone my first log got taken down but Gamma is back on the boards!!.

    I have GammaO pills and PTF (pre training formula)
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  2. Gamma O-I started out running 2 pills 2 times a day and a few days ago I bumped it up to 3 pills 2 times a day.

    I like it a little better at 3 pills and I have about a week left.

    PTF-I have been using the PTF at 2 scoops and have had good focus and good workouts.
    I like that I have had no crash from this at all.

  3. sub'd for epic results

  4. In on this

  5. I took my PTF a little later last night and I had problems sleeping. It was the first time I took it that late.

  6. This week is going to be a messed up gym sched.
    I will be hitting the stairs hopefulyy for 60 min.
    Wed. off to take the kids trick or treat.
    Sat I have a wedding at Soldier Field that my wife is standing up in.

    This will be the final week of this log so I will try to get a few updated in. Im sorry I have such a messed up final week of a log that was started late under the circumstances

  7. Looking forward to your final thoughts

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheFugitive View Post
    Looking forward to your final thoughts
    Few days left man. Pretty solid product I must say. I will get the final up for you in the next day or so.
  9. Thumbs up

    I must thank Gamma and TheFugitive for understanding how this all went down and played out!!!!
    They could have been a little hard on the 3 of us that logged but I have to say they have been extremly STAND UP for how bad of a "log" mine was

    For those that dont know we won a promo before they were "officially" on here. We started our logs 2 were taken down if I am correct. Fugitive completley understood. The minute he got back on here I put up another log.
    Pretty much only a weeks worth of a log but here are the reviews.

    I like this PWO or as they call it a PTF(Pre training Formula)Im picky with taste and in general not a fan of Fruit Punch flavor type drinks. This is not bad tasting but I am not all that concerned with the taste of any PWO in general. I rather look for results.
    Strong points of this were the FOCUS & ENDURANCE/ENERGY for me. I did feel like I could train for 3 hours no problem at all.
    This was taken at 2 scoops from the get go.
    NO CRASH which was great and when taken a little later no problems getting a normal nights sleep.

    Nice run for a natty test booster. This is a prequel to my PH run so I really like that it seemed to hardened up a tad with this. I have been eating more so I cant say that this led to my slight weight gain.

    Started at 2 pills to times a day and finished this morning. About a week ago I bumped the pills up to 3 & 3.

    Very comparable to other natty boosters in its class. It could have been a little more for me thats why I bumped it up a bit.
    Every thing that comes with a natty test booster was present here. Libido was noticable but not crazy.
    Like I said with the incease in calories I cant say that this is what made me stronger but my training was very good over the last few weeks.
    I noticed they have a liquid version of this and would be interested in seeing how different the liquid is than the pills.

    TheFugitive I must say from a REP to a REP I appreciate your kindness during this unfortunate log experience for all of us.
    A bad log doesnt make myself look any better

  10. Marms, thanks again, you did a fine job!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by TheFugitive View Post
    Marms, thanks again, you did a fine job!
    Thanks TheFugitive.


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