Burning the fat off with Pyro RX (Sponsored)

  1. Burning the fat off with Pyro RX (Sponsored)

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    OK, here we go!! Time to burn off a few more lbs!!

    Heavyiron & the fellas over @ IronMagLabs were kind enough to send me a bottle of Pyro RX to log for them. I've been dying to try this one, as I love me some 1, 3-Dimethyl. I know a lot don't, but some of us still do.

    I'm going to be logging this, and in a separate log (approved), I'll be logging another product. Pyro RX will be the only thing discussed in this thread, along w/ how/what I'm feeling, and obviously, what I'm seeing, both in and out of the gym.

    I'll update as much as possible, with progress pics throughout. I work shift work, rotating nights & days, so the updates will come usually when I'm at work on the computer.

    This pic was taken last week. I'll get a more recent pic after at least 7 days on this. Oh, as of this morning, I was 170.2. According to the nurses that came to my work last week, the little hand held fat caliper said I was 18.5%. Time to get that down!!!

    I'm working nights tonight & Sunday night (took tomorrow off for Halloween party). I'm going to try & get a workout in tomorrow & Sunday. I'm going to sleep now, till about 3pm.

    Thanks to all that follow.
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  2. Subbed, solid starting point. Let's see what this can do for you!

  3. Thank you for logging brother!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by heavyiron View Post
    Thank you for logging brother!
    no, THANK YOU!!! I'll be popping the first pill tomorrow morning when I get off shift.

  5. Quick update, I got maybe 2 & a half hours of sleep last night at work. I popped one pill about 4:30 this morning and I'm still feeling great! No appetite to speak of either.

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  6. PYRO RX DAY 4

    Weight - 169.6 (as of yesterday morning) I'll get another weigh in tomorrow morning.

    Saturday morning, when I got off shift, I headed to the gym for an upper body circuit course. I felt great, despite the lack of sleep. I don't think I ever really got hungry throughout the day either. We went to a Halloween party w/ the kids later that night, I realized around 9pm that I still wasn't that tired!! I guess I got more sleep than I thought! lol..

    I took yesterday off because we were going to be busy all day w/ the kids & their activities. I got up around 7 yesterday & popped one pill shortly after that. Again, great energy & definite appetite suppression.

    Today is my first full day off & I plan on hitting the gym later this morning when my boy goes to school. I'm looking forward to seeing that scale tomorrow morning!

  7. Quick update:


  8. PYRO RX DAY 6

    Weight - See above!! ^^^^^^ I hit cardio hard the last two days that I was off & laid a bunch of bricks during the day. This was all possible by the energy & appetite suppression these pills have given me. I've been feeling great on a very limited calorie intake. I will admit, I still drink a beer or two on my days off. Especially when I'm out working in the yard.

    Both Monday & yesterday, I was able to get into the gym & do weights and cardio. This morning, I got up @ 3:15 for abs & cardio. I rode the bike for about 45 minutes & was absolutely soaked when I got off. I had to laugh a little when I noticed the puddle of sweat under the bike..

    It's now 11:30 & I'm not even hungry for lunch. I ate a big bowl of oatmeal w/ cinnamon in it around 6:30 this morning. I may try & eat in another hour. I just popped pill #2 about 10 minutes ago. I just noticed on the bottle that I can take the 2 nd pill about 4 hours after the 1 st . I might try that tomorrow, instead of waiting 8 hours for the 2 nd pill. Although, with the long days I work, the larger spacing helps me out towards the end of the day.

  9. PYRO RX DAY 11 (actually, now that it's after midnight, it's day 12, but who's counting??) lol..

    Weight bumped back up to 171. Had a long weekend off & I ate a little too much and didn't get any cardio in. I did manage to hit the weights a little bit, but I think I took in way too many calories, as compared to what I burned.

    I'm going to a Dr. on Wed to see what's wrong w/ my knee. It's really hurting more & more, and it's put running out of the question. Riding the bike is OK, but later in the day, it really starts to flare up. Due to this, I'm focusing more on the weights again, trying to keep my heart rate up throughout those workouts. Today was no exception. I took a good 4 hour nap & got up around 2 yesterday (Monday) afternoon. I got to the gym & it was packed! That's why I usually go in the mornings. I can't stand seeing people just hanging out, shooting the breeze when I'm in there w/ a plan and a time limit.

    Anyway, I did the 10x10 for both chest and bi's today. It felt great! The rest between each set was kept to a bare minimum. I probably drank close to a gallon of water during this workout. That's one thing I've noticed on these pills is the thirst I have throughout the day. I can never drink enough water.

    I'm working nights tonight & tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I'll be off Wed & Thurs, so I can get good, solid workouts all week long. I can't go to the gym tomorrow morning, because I have to go vote!!!

  10. PYRO RX DAY 15

    Weight - 169 - that's what I'm talkin about!!

    I took full advantage of my last 2 days off & busted my butt both inside, and outside the gym. I found myself not craving anything throughout the days, and had good, clean energy all day long too.

    When I got off shift on Wed morning, I hit back & tri's and did some ab work too. I wanted to get some cardio in, but my knee was still kind of sore, so I figured I'd rest it a little longer. I popped that 2 nd pill about 4.5 hours later & it took me all the way up to bed time feeling great!

    Yesterday, (Thursday) I went in & did an all out assault on my legs. I did 3x30 on body leg extensions and curls, followed by 5x20 on the squats, and then 3x15 on db lunges. Needless to say, I'm hurting today! BUT, NOT THE KNEE!!! I went to the Dr Wed afternoon & they put me on 15mg of Mobic. I was shocked to notice that the pain is almost all gone!! Very interesting, considering the pain in my knee has been so bad that it hurt just to stand up & wash dishes!

    I got up this morning @ 3am & popped 1 pill and was ready for the gym by 3:30. I went in & did about a 45 min shoulder session that had me sweating nicely. (the gym was freezing when I walked in).

    Tomorrow morning, I plan on going in & hitting chest & bi's, or maybe just chest and then some mild cardio.

  11. PYRO RX DAY 21

    Weight - 171 - OK, I guess this has turned into more of a recomp, rather than an all out cut.

    Been busy the last few days but it hasn't kept me from the gym! My workout routine has gone from circuit training and cardio to mostly GVT w/ minimal cardio. My knee is still kinda jacked up, so that's what's limiting the cardio. I think the 10x10 has definitely done well at taking it's place though. The thermo effect and energy that this Pyro RX is giving me has helped push me through some pretty grueling workouts. I've actually increased my calories a little over the last week or so, but I'm holding steady right around the 171 mark.

    With my rotating shift, there are days when I'm only able to take one dose, (like tonight -working night shift). Tomorrow, however, when I get off shift, I'll be off till Sunday. I'll take one tomorrow around 5am, & then the next right at 10am. I'm thinking I'll get at least 2 hours of sleep here tonight. Those 2 pills will EASILY carry me to at least 8-9pm tomorrow night.

    I'll be hitting the gym tomorrow morning on the way home for a leg routine that'll leave me soaked in sweat and wobbling out of the gym. Because of leg day, I'll increase the carb intake for the earlier part of the day & then taper them down. Saturday will be morning fasted chest workout. I'm going to try & keep those carbs on Sat a little lower.

    The energy, mood, and heat I'm getting from these pills has really kept me looking forward to my next dose and next workout!

  12. PYRO RX DAY 24

    WEIGHT - 172

    Well, I forgot to take the 2 pills getting off shift Saturday morning, & then took 1 w/ a preworkout powder yesterday morning for my chest routine. This morning, however, I finally dosed 2.. I think my body's fighting something right now. I didn't sleep the greatest, but I also went to bed around 9, so I should have more energy this morning. I got up @ 4 & took the 2 pills shortly after getting out of bed. Maybe too much stim??? You know that feeling you get when you have just too much caffeine in you? I think this may be it. Either that, or I'm just getting run down, fighting off something. I did legs on Fri & chest yesterday. Both body parts, along w/ my shoulders from Thursday are all very, very sore. Especially my legs. I can barely walk, let alone get up from a chair or toilet!! Lol.. Why do we do this to ourselves?? Because we can. There's plenty of people out there that wish they could get in the gym & workout (wounded warriors)...

    I'm working days tomorrow & Tuesday too. I think I'll try the double dosing again tomorrow morning. I'll be going in for a back & ab workout, so the extra energy (if I get it this time), will be much needed.

    The sweat/heat is definitely there. Obviously, not sweating right now here @ work, but my body core temp seems nice & warm. Depending on how I feel come 1pm this afternoon, I may take one more pill to get me through the rest of this shift.


    FINAL WEIGHT - 173

    First off, I, once again, need to thank Heavy Iron & the gracious people of IronMagLabs for giving me this opportunity to run their product.

    As you can see, I ended up adding weight! I don't have any calipers handy, but I'd say this turned into a recomp, as I'm also taking another product that increases my appetite quite a bit. I didn't take any measurements, but I can honestly say that I'm fitting into my 32's just a tad easier than when I started this run. My sore knee really put a damper on my cardio, but I continued to burn calories in the gym w/ other routines.

    Like AE14, I tried the 2 at a time dosing. I thought it was going to totally wig me out, but it didn't. It was actually pretty good! I love my stim's though, so some others may not be able to handle the double dosing.

    The clean energy & heat that these gave me, definitely helped get me through my days on limited rest, and for the first couple weeks, the reduced calories. These definitely can help curb the appetite, as I was only hungry in the mornings, & basically force feeding myself later in the day.

    All in all, this is a nice, potent diet supplement that definitely delivers results. Hats off to IML for yet another great product!

    Final pics. Not too shabby, considering what I ate yesterday.


  14. Thank you for the log brother, very much appreciated!

    Great work!
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  15. Thank you!!


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