relieving long term pain with iForce Joint Help (sponsored)

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    Totally forgot. Still meaning to try protean I'll keep my eyes peeled for sure!
    You won't regret it!
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  2. All good over here. Literally the pain feels gone. Been going heavy and hard but still cautious. I want to try heart health soon as bp and heart rate have been weird lately. I know it's not a bp supp but still looks promising
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  3. Still loving it! Actually pulled the trigger and picked up the new multi and joint help combo for a good deal I like the healthy stuff iforce is putting out now!
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  4. will post my final review in a few days! on a side note.... I needed new shoes cause my knee was killing me prior to starting joint help... not anymore allowed me to buy my second bottle haha

  5. Final Review: I would like to thank vaughn and iforce again for the opportunity to log joint help! As stated before I have had long term knee and shoulder injuries. They have hindered my workouts which has hindered my growth. Joint force seriously took the pain away. As of today I do not have any current joint issues. I have been able to bench more and have much more effective leg workouts. Anyone with joint issues should definitely try joint help.
    overall I would give it a 9.5/10.... I might update when I stop taking joint help and see if the pain is permanently gone give it a try.... you won't regret it!



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