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Hello AM, last few days I havent posted. I am still here and doing well. Training hard!!! Really been motivated to put a bit of mass on for this year. Cissus XT is treating me wonderful. Heavy Heavy weight and very little joint soreness. Maybe a bit here and there but to be expected, when you're really digging deep and adding new exerscises to the routine.

I have been impressing myself with strength gains. Its been a while since I ve been where I am at now. Each day pushing myself heavier then the week before. Shoulder is feeling good. There really been no soreness as I am acustom to. Wake up feeling good.

Hope everyone here in the US had a good Thanksgiving. I worked all day, but still managed to eat som good food. Probably (no probably about it) ate too much. But followed it with two great gym days.
Very good. A bit of soreness is to be expected when pushing heavy, but Cissus does a great job of helping. Glad to the shoulder is doing well.