iForce Nutrition Pharmaceutical grade Joint Help!

  1. iForce Nutrition Pharmaceutical grade Joint Help!

    What's up everyone! Well today after getting some food shopping done for my trip/move back to NJ tomorrow, I came back to a package which made my day! I received iForce Nutrition Joint Help bottle which aids in Tendon, Cartilage,and Ligament repair. I suffer from a really bad AC Joint pain which I had going on for almost 2 years. I didn't warm up my Rotator Cuff and as I was Incline Hammer pressing I felt this snap which messed me up for 2 years. I went to Doctors and physical therapists and nothing has been working. So this might be my next option let's see whether this product works or not. I want to thank VaughnTrue from iForce for selecting me to try this product out!

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 capsules Servings Per Container: 60

    ParActin® (Bioactive 14-Neo-Andro Compound) 126mg.

    Cissus Quadrangularis (Standardized For 10% Total Ketosterones) 1000mg.

    I had to Google these ingredients because I had no idea what they were. ParActin® is a patented standardized natural extract of Andrographis Paniculata, clinically proven to promote healthy inflammatory response and promote healthy brain and joint function by naturally invigorating the PPAR gamma receptor, reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines that cause pain and redness from everyday activities.

    Cissus Quadrangularis has been used traditionally to support optimal joint health, enhance recovery, support healthy weight management, and as a antioxidant.

    The bottle states to take one serving (2 caps) upon waking up with a meal and an additional serving (2 caps) 6-8 hours later also with a meal.

    I've taken so far one serving today and will take my next one in the A.M when I wake up. I have a long 2-3 days ahead of me starting tomorrow since I am moving and headed back to NJ. I will keep you guys updated!

  2. What's up guys! Well I got to NJ today from the longest train ride of my life. I couldn't sleep because it was uncomfortable and my shoulder pain was kicking in. I took the iForce Nutrition joint help twice today around 8am and again at 5pm. I still feel no difference with my shoulder but this is just the beginning so I'm not judging yet but this product can relieve other minor aches I have around my body. These pills are easy to take, so I have no problems with that. I will keep you guys updated!

  3. What's up everyone. Well Im giving you guys another update on iForce Joint Help. I've been taking it twice a day and my shoulder still hurts. But the minor pain I had on my shins and elbows actually feels better!! I've had pain in my shins and elbows for 2 weeks and this works as an anti inflammatory pretty well! The shoulder is something I've messed up bad so it might take a while to get better, but im still in the beginning of this log so anything can happen then.

  4. What's up everyone well sorry I haven't been on. Still recovering from Sandy after 5 days of no electricity. I've been taking iForce joint help tabs every single day. I take it twice a day (4 pills in total). I still feel a bit of difference on my shoulder (AC joint) where I can move it around a bit with not so much pain, but they pain is still there. I have had no crazy side effects from this product which is awesome.

  5. Awesome man, glad you are enjoying so far, but happier that you are safe. I was without power for 6 days in eastern pa.. sucked.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  6. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Awesome man, glad you are enjoying so far, but happier that you are safe. I was without power for 6 days in eastern pa.. sucked.

    Thanks Brother!


    What's up guys! Well I don't know if it's magic working or if it's truly iForce Joint help but my shoulder is actually feeling better. I've actually been able to lift alot more weight without so much pain as before. The pain is there don;t get me wrong and it gets worse when I'm outside in the cold doing absolutely nothing. But like I said I've been able to lift and push a lot more without so much pain which is a plus! Little by little this product is having its advantages. I will update some more later this week. In all I am pretty happy with this product and I once again want to thank iForce!


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