PROnom23 Controlled Labs secret

  1. Thanks a lot Controlled Labs and RenegadeRows for this tasty treat.

    Whey Protein Concentrate
    Whey Protein Isolate
    Whey Protein Hydroslate
    Micellar Casein
    Milk Protein Isolate
    Calcium Caseinate

    All of this in one scoop of PROnom23. I am lucky enough to have received 1 tub of Vanilla Cupcake Batter to use during my training. I used some tonight for my after dinner delight and was very pleased. This tasted so good, even better because there was no clumping. I will be taking this 1 in morning on off days before work and at night. On my training days I will be using post workout and at night. This is going to be great since I have been wanting something that is effective for longer period of time.

  2. Day 3

    Been mixing with just water and the flavor and consistency is still awesome. I only use about 4oz of water so that I can get thickness I get out of a smoothie. Taking 3 times a day after workout/morning, when I get home from work an another after dinner/before bed. Using some new supplements that new me to intake more protein. They both should run their course at the same time.

  3. Over a week in and still going strong. Haven been to the gym as much due to work schedule, so I have not been taking as many servings. Mainly 1-2 a day. Flavor is quality. I was talking with a guy at work and he said he is tired of the portions he takes because there is not many flavors. He was real interested in this because he is a cake batter/brownie batter junkie, not that bad but reminds him when his mom use to make desserts.

  4. This stuff is legit. Taste is very good and it mixes up nicely imo.

  5. Lotsa truth to that

  6. Sounds like good stuff.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by RJW719
    Sounds like good stuff.
    Top three no doubt

  8. Sounds kinda gross but I mixed 3-4 with 1.5 scoops and used as my liquid in my granola cereal.... If it works it works

  9. Awesome!! Subscribed!!!!! Thanks for the great log / reviews

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    Sounds kinda gross but I mixed 3-4 with 1.5 scoops and used as my liquid in my granola cereal.... If it works it works
    That sounds pretty good actually! I've had vanilla granola before, it's awesome! Very tastey treat

  11. Still going strong, mixed up some cottage cheese and PROnom litte thick but add a little ice and water and you good to go. Haven't been using fruit in my diet but if I was I'd love to mix a shake up


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