Howwedos review/mini log on CLs new protein

  1. Howwedos review/mini log on CLs new protein

    First off let me start by saying thanks to RR you are a great rep and a hell of a stand up guy!!!!

    Lists of proteins I have tried:
    ON whey protein almost every flavor
    Iforce protean
    No whey pumpkin protein
    All max isowhey
    All flavors made by BSN and muscle tech (sad I know)
    And a few other random ones I've run into

    What I'm reviewing/ logging here is Controlled Labs new protein

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    Ill be gettin a video up tonight or the next on how it mixes and everything you all wanna know....

    Day 1: today I tried a scoop of the vanilla cupcake batter then a scoop of the chocolate cupcake batter

    Vanilla cupcake batter: Normally I'm not a huge fan of vanilla protein but wow! I was deff blown away by the taste it is exactly on par with my fav protein which is vanilla mint's great at mixing smells nice and tastes amazing! Not super sweet but no weird chemical taste or bad after taste...I didn't even have to wash my mouth out after lol...seriously amazing

    Chocolate cupcake: taste was again fantastic...not as good as the vanilla but my gf liked it more then the vanilla so maybe it's preference but again no weird after tastes or anything...mixed easily and tasted great in water! Can't wait to try both of these flavors in milk yum...

    Overall today was my first day trying it and it's the only protein aside from iforce protean that I can fill up with 8oz of milk or water and just sip on it and enjoy it!

    Videos will be up later brothers along with more details
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  2. you notice what is damned soy protein, a lot of companies are using soy to up the protein count...sneaky bastards think we don't know how to read, lol.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  3. Subbed. Got my tubs today as well. The Vanilla is awesome! Hadn't tried the chocolate yet.

  4. Subd! Cant wait to get my tub in... IForce VMS is also my favorite tasting protein thus far. Gone thru 4 tubs so far lol

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