Cordeen's Creatrona Log (Sponsored)

  1. Cordeen's Creatrona Log (Sponsored)

    Because I am located in Canada shipping is slow and I only received my stuff a few days ago. Anyhow, today I started. Thanks again Finaflex.

    Day 1

    Dosed 4 caps prior to my workout on an empty stomach with no gastric issues. My workout was a good one and I didn't expect a lot from the first day. However this stuff cranked up my mood and has stimulant properties it seems. Not sure how to explain it but it's like my brain was firing faster. I also sweated much more than normal when on the bike. It's now late evening and I still feel good but it has subsuded.

    Thats all for now.

  2. Day 3

    Days 2 and 3 I lifted weights and did spin class. Day 2 I was a wee bit better in regards to strength and endurance...mood and alertness was elevated. Day 3 was more pronounced indeed. My mood was elevated even more, my mind was triggering crazy fast, I was sweating much more, and my desire to push my muscles to overall fatigue was definitely amplified...mind-muscle connection was present!!!.

    I am not really much thirstier and I usually cramp in the calves regularly, which is common for me...but so far so good. I played volleyball today and I felt like I was more youthful and my legs were steadily ready to jump.

    Outside of this, 2 weeks ago I decided to enter a powerlifting competition in order to push my body one more time before i am much older and more feeble...a sport that I have never I recorded my 1 rep max in 3 basic exercises..input it into routines given to me by a fellow coworker ...and here are my week 1 numbers.

    Weight: 179
    Height: 5' 11"

    Bench: 240 x 1
    Squat: 245 x 1
    Deadlift: 375 x 1

    My results after 3 weeks are:
    Bench: 240 x 2
    Squat: 265 x 1
    Deadlift: 375 x 2

    The competition is 21 Nov. Now I only introduced creatrona 3 days ago and it's been almost 3 weeks since I started the power lifting routines. We'll see if these numbers progress normally or creatronally!! 21 Nov I hope to do:

    Bench: 315 x 1 (with pause onchest)
    Squat: 315 ...(ass to the grass)
    Deadlift: 450...(just pick it up!!)

    So I am 5 weeks out. Lets see what Creatrona can do!!!

  3. Day 6

    Only made it the weightroom once this weekend, outside of that i got some cardio in. I took 4 caps each day before execising and it definitely picks me up. I am feeling a little harder in the delts and chest. Lactic burn seems down and ability to really push to failure.

    I felt i had more O2 on my runs. My legs certainly had more till exhaustion and I wasn't breathing quite as hard.

    Still no stomach upset to speak of and I was always a victim to it on most creatines.

  4. Day 8

    I noticed last night in the mirror that my chest and delts show more detail. Muscles are firmer all over thats for sure. Yesterday I did bench and squats. I increased both 1RM by 5lbs. my warm up was where I really noticed the lack of fatigue when repping out the lighter weights. I was easily able to continue going without exhaustion much further than previous weeks. I increased my 1rm by 5lbs like I said and it felt as easy as the week before and I know I could have went higher but I wanna follow this routine.

    Creatrona is still hitting me like a stimulant, I love a clearheaded alertness with amped energy.

    Outside of this my weight is up a little over 1lbs. Muscle memory, creatine and heavier than normal weights should hopefully get me 5lbs of lean mass in 2 months. Thats what I am shooting for anyhow.

    lastly one question, I just received my Ignite 2 (Thanks again Finaflex) and I really wanna stack with Creatrona. I was thinking I would take the Ignite on training days and the Creatrona on non-training days...both as per label instructions...good idea?


  5. Day 9

    I took 1 scoop of Ignite with 4 caps of Creatrona at noon before spin class. Clean energy with no jitters or crash. Sweated a lot and had good endurance. Lifted later in the evening and had a great pump all evening.

    I am noticing improved recovery. More vascular forearms and still harder muscles. Slight leaning out around mid section.

    Ignite really improved my mood right into the evening. I slept like a baby with increased libido in the morning. Sexual dreams that's for sure.

    Really looking forward to lifting today and the improved mood.

    If this is any indication how Ignite works, then I can see myself taking this every day with my 4 caps of Creatrona. Unlike how I had planned only on lift days.

  6. Day 12

    Not a huge stimulant effect felt from the Ignite. Slight anxiety felt on occasion after taking but it subsided a couple hours after ingesting.

    My muscles feel really powerful and lactic burn is down bigtime. Stronger in all exercises with 10lbs increase on bench, 20lbs increase in squat and 25lbs on deadlift. I am drinking more than normal amount of water.

    Tweaked my back a little yesterday while doing heavy squats with no belt. A day off today. I had to cut back on cardio because of my powerlifting competition only 20 days away, I figured it was counter productive. Focus solely on strength and 1-3 rep range.

    I am training a couple of smaller muscles groups today but not hard.

    heavy bench tomorrow.

    Loving both products. But I will be monitoring the anxiety thing. DAA did this to me in the past.

  7. Day 15

    Feeling great. Leaning out a little and libido is up. I prefer to take Ignite later after lunch because it seems to give me anxiety if taken in the morning.

    Creatrona at 4 caps with a scoop of ignite certainly had me dialed in during squats. I increased my max to a 25lbs or so increase.

    Great pump and my muscles are feeling more full and hard throughout the whole day. catching myself flexing a

    Things are going really well.

  8. Day 18

    My weight remains 2lbs heavier. I definitely feel harder and the mirror reflects that. The stim effect from the Creatrona has gone down but the muscle rush remains. I am still running it with the Ignite and love the stack. The only side effect from the Ignite initially was anxiety but seems to have disappeared. I am still dosing both after lunch prior to my workout and my body prefers it this way.

    I feel like I am able to lift more frequently and less fatigued in th gym when my workouts run longer. Unfortunately I am not doing any cardio as I am preparing for a powerlifting meet, so I need to focus on strength and not over-train. I am confident I would feel an improvement in this area though if I were doing so.

    Outside of the positive effects I am having with these supps I am having trouble with my deadlift technique. Seems I am using too much back and not enough legs. I am trying to tailor my technique and see which works better, sumo or traditional. So my weight has remained the same in this lift because I wanna avoid injury until I get my technique down.

    But on a good note my bench and squat are up! Squat up 30lbs and bench 15lbs!!

  9. Day 21

    Really really loving this combo. Progressively getting better. My recovery has improved in such that I am able to train a day earlier. More leaning out and the muscle vascularity in my chest and forearms is even more prominent.

    Here are my strength gains from the 18 Oct (20 days) to today.

    Bench: 240 x 2 ------ 260 x 1 with 1 sec pause on chest
    Squat: 265 x 1 ------ 315 x 1 with hip bone below the knee
    Deadlift: 375 x 2 ---- 385 x 2 working on better form here

    So to say I am happy is an understatement. My weight remains up 2lbs with little fluctuation in the morning upon waking. Pumps are still top notch and I am still feeling full throughout the day. Flexing intermittently because I feel tight.


  10. My bad....I actually weighed in this morning 3lbs heavier. Empty stomach too.

    Not a bad gain for 20 days.

  11. Personal best ...pulled 405lbs (sumo) deadlift tonight....and more in the tank....goal is 430lbs for the meet in 14 days. Ignite/creatrona are working their magic. Loving it!

  12. Day 26

    I am still dosing 4caps of creatrona along with 1 scoop of Ignite per day. With other creatine products I normally gain strength, lil more pump and maybe 1-2lbs but I've never been the type to gain a lot of weight, fluid or not. Well yesterday I weighed in 7lbs heavier and today it was back to 6lbs heavier. So for once I found a creatine that I respond to in the weight gain area. I can certainly feel the fullness throughout my muscles. From the start of this log of Ignite and Creatrona stack I was almost 3 weeks into a powerlifting routine because I entered myself in a competition scheduled for 21 Nov. So perhaps the heavier lifting has influenced the weight gain a little too. My strength has increased also if you scan back a few days ago and have a look.

    Outside of this, I have experienced increased libido which has subsided and my edginess is up a little, but nothing I cant handle. I really find after a serving of ignite/creatrona that my window of strength kicks in around 30min after I ingest and lasts about 1.5hours. Definitely feel the intensity and lack of muscle fatigue as I lift in this time-frame. Increased sweating is something I also notice. I feel I am recovering faster and able to train more often.

    Loving this stack. I just wish I could have tested it in the endurance category, as I am normally a runner, but my power-lifting trainer advised me that it would be counter productive to my strength. In the future once this power-lifting meet is over and I can scrounge up a few dollars ....I'll purchase more and test it out!!

  13. Ok I did not know about this log sorry I am late. PR's on a Creatine product seems that I have been hearing a lot of this lately....
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  14. Day 34

    I was down for a few days with the flu. Back up and feeling better now. I kept taking Creatrona but stopped the Ignite though because I was in bed a lot.

    So last couple of days I have made it to the gym and my numbers are still holding strong. My weight remains about 4lbs heavier on average. Still no negative sides to speak of either.

    My mid section is a little leaner and my muscles are harder 24/7.

  15. Good those are good results...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  16. Update tonight.

  17. Day 40 Final Review

    Creatrona 6 Caps/Day
    Ignite 1 Scoop pre WO


    I really enjoyed my run of Creatrona. I can now say this is the best Creatine I have ever taken. The effects kicked in immediately with a stimulant effect along with strength gains. The Stimulant effect subsided after a week or so but strength kept increases. My muscle became saturated and the all day fullness was awesome. Along with the fullness came a fluctuating 4-7lbs mass gain. I am still up 4Lbs as of today and plan on retaining it the best I can...I need more...boohoo!! Anyhow, I've never gained this much mass from creatine, actually I don't think I've ever gained mass from a creatine. Another huge benefit with Creatrona unlike ALL creatines I have taken in the past is that it did not upset my stomach at all. Even if I dosed it with food or not, I had not stomach upset or trips to the toilet.

    Honestly, this is best creatine to date and the price rocks!! I will certainly recommend this to others as the lastest and greatest that work even for this halfish non-responder.

    Ignite 2

    I am sure this Ignite amplified overall effects of this run. Starting out I dosed in the AM but found it to cause slight anxiety. I dosed later in the day and felt fine, so I followed this the rest of the cycle. I found taking it about an hour back from my workout really increased my strength and endurance bigtime. This never subsided the whole run. I felt increased libido at the start but this diminished a lil towards the end. No stomach upset and not a crazy stimulant effect that results in a crash. The taste is good but I never complain about the taste of anything anyhow. I mixed very well too. I lost fat and had prety good pumps, not astounding but good.

    Any non-stim preworkout junkies should turn to this stuff, period!!

    Ignite 2/Creatrona Stack

    I broke some personal records in compound movements. I will purchase this again but instead of just strength and mass training I am going to test it against endurance sports.

    All natural athletes should turn to this combo, it delivers bigtime and again the price is very reasonable. You hit many avenues.

    Thank you again Finaflex for the products. You just got yourself a future customer and I'll spread the word.

  18. Thanks for the great review you're results are very consistant with others I have been reading, I truly believe that this is the best Creatine product to hit the market so for.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  19. And the savings on powdered crea-trona only makes this combo that much better. Damn !

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Cordeen View Post
    And the savings on powdered crea-trona only makes this combo that much better. Damn !
    Yah the bogo was great, and the price for both is very good, you could stock up and dose as high as you want. Don't go over max dose though...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  21. I'm still up 4 lbs since ending.

  22. Not surprising seeing as there is no water gain from the product gains should stay.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug


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