well thought I started this log alreadt??

    Couldn't find it --so maybe it didnt save??

    anyhow--tried thisd patch 3 times so far

    VERY satisfied

    about 1/2 hr after placing on skin start to feel something. An hr in it feels like I have had an energy drink. This is pretty much where it stays. Nothing outta your head stimmed out --no skin reactions either. Only had an issue with it lasting 10 hrs--more like 6 1/2 to 7 hr time frame. But no crash which is always good

    will update more guys

  2. so sorry for the lag in entries

    I must be a little stupid?? Have the hardest time finding my log after starting it??

    Any how bookmarked it so all good now!

    last couple tries with the patch are yielding similiar results--very happy with them. Can't imagine using as a preworkout BUT if you were on a cycle that left you really lethargic--WIN!

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