ignite 2 by Finaflex (dmaa version) energizes my workouts!

  1. ignite 2 by Finaflex (dmaa version) energizes my workouts!

    So I've been having a whole scoop of the watermelon flavour (courtesy of my sharing boyfriend ) 30 mins before each workout for about a week and a half now, and I've gotta say, its fantastic!

    My energy and focus throughout my strength based training has been great, and on days when I've been a bit tired, it has given me the kick to push myself to lift heavier and push out that last rep.

    Taste wise, its delicious, and very easy to drink quickly. Another important selling point for me with pre workouts is the effect on my appetite. Since starting to use ignite 2, my appetite post workout has been off the hook! As I'm looking to increase my lean muscle mass, eating is very important to the process.

    I'll try and log as often as I can, with some numbers from my workouts along with overall energy, focus, endurance and appetite

  2. Update:
    I've been having a whole scoop of ignite 2 30 mins pre workout, and its working wonders!

    My energy is great throughout my workout, and I find that I'm still buzzing a few hours later when I get to work. My sense of focus and motivation to keep lifting, as well as my endurance is also good, which is allowing me to reach some PRs within my strength based training.

    I find that about 10 mins into my workout, my arms are pumped
    and I start to work up a sweat ...

    Overall, I'm really enjoying this product, and ill definitely be replenishing the supply when its finished!

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