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  1. Thumbs up Gamma Labs PTF & Gamma-O Log!

    Whats up guys! well this is my first official product log on I will be logging Gamma Labs PTF pre workout and Gamma-O natural testosterone booster. I can't forget to add the G-Fuel sample packets I received. I want to give thanks to TheFugitive for allowing me to try these products and give me a chance to review it for you guys. I've received the package yesterday and started taking Gamma-O (2 liqui-caps twice daily with food). It has given me a bit of strength at the gym yesterday pumping out chest and hopefully as I keep using Gamma-O my strength gains can increase and recovery as well. I have taken a lot of supplements in my life and have yet to mess with testosterone boosters even though I've taken some before but probably like once in my life, but so far it has treated me good. I haven't taken the Gamma PTF yet and I will be doing so tomorrow and gonna add pictures of the mix before I hit up the gym tomorrow. Anyways guys feel free to let me know if I should add more on this post and what not. Thanks again Gamma Labs (TheFugitive)

    Sorry I can just embed the pictures I've taken because I don't have a lot of posts and I'm trying to attach them but the page/link doesn't load up. (Any help on this part would be greatly appreciated)

  2. In
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  3. Well today I woke up around 7am to hit up the gym and do a shoulder/traps workout. I was extremely tired but since I been working on my car and it's out of buisness for a couple of days till my parts get here I had to catch a ride. Since I was so tired but had to go to the gym I decided it would be a perfect time to try out Gamma Labs PTF. I mixed the powder with 6 oz of water and then I waited about 20-30 mins and headed out the gym. The taste wasn't bad (9/10) it tasted like a sour kool aid punch. I'm not to judgmental with supplement taste for some reason, but it didn't taste bad at all. When I got to the gym and started to pump out the weights I realized after the 3 set into my military DB presses my heart was pumping and my energy was kicking in! So far I'm pretty happy with the result's I got today out of the pre workout. I also took (2) luqui-caps of Gamma-O after I got out of the gym and consumed it with water along with oatmeal. I will take (2) more caps later on tonight with my dinner.

  4. Looking forward to this, sub'd

  5. Today I woke up and felt pretty good. I started my morning with a bowl of oatmeal, protein shake, (1)multi vitamin pill, (1)fish oil pill, (2)Gamma-O Testosterone Booster Caps. I let all this settle in for an hour or so then I got ready for the gym. Before heading out I took a scoop of Gamma PTF Pre Workout with 7 oz of cold water and waited 15 mins and headed out to the gym. Today was chest day for me and I definitely got a boost in my performance so far taking Gamma Labs products sent to me.

    BB Bench press (20,15,12,10,8)reps
    BB Incline press (20,15,12,10,8)reps
    Cable crossovers adjusting the angle from high,middle,low (20,20,20)
    DB Incline Press (15,12)
    100 pushups
    Ab crunch machine (40,40,40,20)

    In all this Gamma-O and Gamma PTF has been doing it's job as I feel energy boost, recovery has been better. I won't post how much weight I have done because I really don't increase every week. Every week I will use different weight, sometimes heavy, sometimes moderate. It just depends on how I'm feeling that day.

  6. Today was the same routine supplements as above, protein shake, (1)multi vitamin pill, (1)fish oil pill, (2)Gamma-O Testosterone Booster Caps. I ate 5 hard boiled eggs (egg whites) and went on with my business at the gym.I took a scoop of Gamma PTF along with 7 oz of water and waited 20 mins to let it kick in. Today was arms and they were pumped and swole after I was done at the gym. The pre workout has been doing it's job flawlessly.

    EZ bar preacher curls 6 sets of 10

    Tricep Rope pull downs 6 sets of 10

    Barbell curls 15,12,10

    Dips 4 sets till failure

    Hammer curls 3 sets of 15

    Skull Crushers 3 sets of 15

  7. Nice lifts
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Nice lifts
    Thanks brother. I'm trying to make big gains but I have an AC joint injury for almost 2 years which has been limiting me from getting full range of motion on a lot of exercises, but I make it work.

  9. Stuff is working out well for me
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  10. Another day of Gamma-O and Gamma PTF. I didn't go to the gym today because I had to work on my car today fixing the tie rods. Since I needed a boost to keep me going with this car I figured I take a bit of PTF in my system! This products would have your veins popping out your skin as you feel your heart pumping the blood giving you a good boost of energy! Not sure if I will hit the gym tomorrow due to having a seized bolt I'm trying to get out! but I will continue to use these products! Gamma-O has given me a strength increase from the last time I went to the gym. So I am seeing results.

  11. What's up! Today I decided to hit the gym and destroy chest even though my right hand fingers are extremely numb from hammering my sway bar links for my car this weekend. I can't feel the middle,index,thumb for almost 2 days and my leg still feels a bit weak from crouching down working on the car. I woke up and ate 5 egg white omelet, 1 whole egg, 8 strips of turkey bacon along with my normal morning supps of (1) fish oil tablet,(1) multi Vitamin pill,(2) Gamma-O test boosters. As usual I also drank Gamma PTF pre workout with 1 scoop and 7 oz of water. The pump never fails!! and it helped me today push out that last rep on every exercise!

    Todays workout consisted of :

    Decline BB Bench press: Sets of 20,15,12,10,8,10,12,15

    Incline Smith machine press: 4 sets to failure

    Incline DB presses: 10,10,10

    Cable flyes: 120 reps in all

    In all Gamma products have been working as they said it would and it hasn't failed me yet. I am currently packing up and getting ready to move from FL to NJ this week coming up so my intake of these products might vary from day to day since I'm busy this week coming up, but I will keep you posted!

  12. What's up guys! Decided to hit up the gym today even though I'm still packing and getting things situated right now. I just signed papers to cancel my gym membership which should start to kick in in a couple of days. I'm hoping to get out of here by Friday. Anyways today I didn't get to eat breakfast because I was busy, so instead I just drank a protein shake with 1 scoop of peanut butter, (1) fish oil tab, (1) multi vitamin, (2) Gamma-O liqui caps. Got my system engine running by drinking Gamma PTF preworkout. Today was arms and the vascularity was insane! I got to push out more weight with arms today than last week so I am noticing an increase.

    Workout for today:

    Rope Pushdowns - 20,20,10,8

    Skull Crushers - 15,12,10,10

    Ez Bar preacher curls - 10,10,10,8

    DB Hammer curls - 10,10,10

    Overhead DB extension - 15,12,12

    DB curls - 15,15,12,10,8

  13. Im going to bump my pills from 2-2 to 3-3
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  14. I think I would be more consisted if it were 3 times a day. Not a bad idea

  15. Quote Originally Posted by LivingStrongE View Post
    I think I would be more consisted if it were 3 times a day. Not a bad idea
    Thats not a bad idea either.
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  16. im going to have to bump it up to two scoops, as it seems a bit weak.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    im going to have to bump it up to two scoops, as it seems a bit weak.
    I like the pump from it, it keeps me going in the gym. Im not taking it these two or three days coming up because I will be driving/moving back to NJ tomorrow

  18. Hey bro's, Im back!

    Sorry for my tardiness, I didn't want to post till we got everything straightened out

  19. 150mg per scoop is low for most users

  20. You need 50 posts to load pictures, save them and post after you reach 50

  21. Quote Originally Posted by TheFugitive View Post
    Hey bro's, Im back!

    Sorry for my tardiness, I didn't want to post till we got everything straightened out
    Ill stop hijacking livestrongs log then.
    Gamma Labs Dual log (sponsored)
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  22. Lulz, Im sure he loves the attention

  23. Oh nice, ill start another one when I get home

  24. Lmao the input you guys put in here isnt so bad. It doesn't make this thread look so empty with just me typing in here even tho there is a good amount of views.

  25. What's up!! Well this week has been alittle crazy for me since I was moving. Well I got to NJ on Saturday and went to the gym yesterday for the first time here. Yesterday I decided to add an extra scoop of Gamma PTF (2 scoops in total) and I added a bit more water (11 oz) I would put more water, but I like the sour taste and I really don't want to water the pre workout down to much. I really got a crazy pump with a bit of a headache. I'm not sure if the headache was from the Gamma PTF or just be going extra hard on the weights. The pump is there though so don't get me wrong! This product has been wonders to the energy I get which allows me to get good sets/reps in. I also took (2 liqui-caps) of Gamma-O. Strength gains are coming! and I got a bit of a boost in performance. Gamma Labs, all I have to say is these two products have been a 10/10 in my books so far. I will take 3 scoops on Wednesday and see if the headache come back. We got a hurricane coming here so everything is closed.


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