Gamma Labs PTF & Gamma-O Log!

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    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review and log these products. Sadly I'm starting to see the bottom on the bottles. I will soon produce a final review.
    All good things must come to an end

    Looking forward to your review

  2. Well everyone this log has come to an end. I finished both Gamma-O and Gamma PTF! Since we have to do final reviews in a different section I posted a link below. I could only find Gamma-O in the list and not the PTF. But I must say Gamma PTF pre work out is a 10/10. Good taste, smell, and it gave me that energy and boost to keep me awake and focused in the gym. I want to thank TheFugitive for allowing me to log and review this product.

    Gamma-O product review.

  3. Thanks again bro, new PTF flavors coming soon!



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