Muscke Pharm's Amino1

  1. Muscke Pharm's Amino1

    I wanted to say thanks to Muscle Pharm's and their reps for giving me a chance to log Amino1. I read nothing but great review and now I get to log it for them. Thanks and thanks for giving the new guy my first log. The package came in on Thurday. Once I open it, I was like nice I can start tomorrow(Friday). The mixing is great, no clumps. The taste. I taught maybe its to good to be true. It was really good, not to sweet just right!!


    So I started taking the Amino1 Friday. I did my PWO at 330 got to the gym around 4ish. Pwo(Cellucor C4). I worked out my shoulder and did some cardio. At the end of my cardio. I mixed a scoop with about 12-14oz of water, I let it sit for a few min while I got into my car. I finish it on my way home.

    On saturday I did it differently. I took my PWO about 45min before lifting and well I got to the gym I mixed one scoop of Amino1. And I siped on it duting my workouts. I dont know if I felt a big change. I felt I had more energy. but nothing crazy. I still love the taste. Great flavor.

    Sunday I had alot of running around so I just threw a scoop and left the house. So with 3 scoops down. Today is day 4 Im gonna take it while working out.

  2. this log wont let me post in my account!!!

  3. almost on it for a week, IM feeling so good not alot of soreness but alot of energy!!!!!!

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