7 inch circumference wrists
9 inch circumference ankle
bodyfat 30.5%
Workout Days MWF

Using ifcalculator, TDEE is 2904

Goals: Recomposition, so eating over TDEE on workout days, then under eating on non workout days.

List of past injuries: pulled groin(a2g squat), pulled shoulder(benchpress), sprained ankle(ultimate frisbee)

Other Supps:
cissus 1g a day, whey powder, vitamin e, multivitamin, singulair(antihistamine)

I am currently saturated with creatine but will not take any during the duration of this cycle.

I took a testosterone saliva test on Oct 6th, and have mailed it in.

Started dosing activate xtreme today(Oct 7th) at 4 caps per day, 2 am, 2pm, 8 hours apart on an empty stomach.

Started working out in Nov 2011. Some time around April 2012 I started doing reg park 5x5 from his book strength and bulk training.

Just ran a 5k on oct 6th, so might skip squats and deads the first week(I'll see how I feel).

Starting bloodpressure 162 / 75
pulse is 103

Protein intake is going to be 131g/day on the low end, and 179g/day on the high end

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