Purus Labs Condense log...SLICED N VEINY

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  1. Purus Labs Condense log...SLICED N VEINY

    Decided to redo the thread make it a bit more "forum appropriate" lol.....major change was I just changed the title yay lol.......PLEASE KEEP IN MIND I AM A FORUM NOOB (really I am, very little experience or knowledge, just doin the log and posting for the benefit of myself and everyone here, jokes are kindly accepted )
    Joined the CHOOSE a Purus product to log and posted the first part of the log on that thread....should have condense by today however i didnt get to jump on it as work interfered with my schedule so I will most likely take it tomorrow.
    Thanks to the reps n people behind Purus labs for the opportunity. I hope this all goes well and Im really lookin forward to Purus Labs' products! Lets get started!

    5 weeks out GNPC Bodybuilding/Fitness Competition & Invitational
    stats and 1st log are as follows....
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 157.0 +/- 2lbs
    BF%: 14.5
    Water%: 66.0
    Friday October 5th 2012
    Training: Cardio/ Delts and Traps
    4am – 5 minutes stretch
    Cardio fasted state 45 minutes 65-75% HRM (heart rate max)
    15 minutes light resistance training. This was only to get the blood flowing to the delts and traps nothing crazy just light sets with 12 – 20 reps.
    5 minutes stretch
    8am – 5 minutes stretch
    30 minutes cardio 65-90% HRM
    Delts & Traps: I am particular about my training and it goes all by feel and my Macronutrient intake. You wont see any numbers at this stage because I often go by feel for pump and take sets to failure majority of the time. However I can say that the rep range does stay within 8 – 15 reps per set. So its safe to say that estimation of the numbers range from 60 – 80% of my 1RM (1 rep max). Today I was without a partner so I was in the range of about 60 – 70% 1RM. Nonetheless these are the numbers for sets per exercise; do not expect exact numbers or calculations, I base my sets on “the pump” and the “mind muscle connection.” Also do note that this is somewhat incomplete as I will not note any exercises that are used to maintain pumps. What I mean by this is that in some instances I will do an additional set if I feel that a set was not sufficient in bringing a good pump to the muscles or it lacked failure. These exercises will not be noted and are often isolation exercises to target specific muscle fibers.
    *note: I do warm up sets, these are not included in total sets, weights vary and are not above 40% 1RM
    SUPERSET – Dumbbell Military press/ front lateral raise: 4 sets, Increments of 10-20lbs.
    1st – 120lbs (60lb dumbbells)/ 60lbs (30lb dumbbells)
    2nd – 140lbs/ 50lbs
    3rd – 160lbs/ 80lbs
    4th – 100lbs, 80lbs, 40lbs (drop-set) military press DB

    SUPERSET – Side lateral raise machine/ military press machine: 3 sets, varied weight.
    1st – 90lbs/ 65lbs
    2nd – 100lbs/ 65lbs
    3rd – 100lbs, 70lbs/ 65lbs (that **** got tight lol!)

    Front Lateral Raise – 2 sets (total weight added, each dumbbell comes separately) (batteries not included, only pure will!)…..and sweat!
    1st – 60lbs
    2nd – 80lbs

    SUPERSET – Pec deck rear delt machine/ side lateral raise: 2 sets
    1st – 115lbs/ 40lbs
    2nd – 145lbs/ 50lbs

    *Additional exercise estimate: 2/1 set each

    15 minutes cardio 65 – 70% HRM

    First time I’ve felt depleted in a while; last years’ competition I was depleted and tired 3 weeks out up to the weigh in. I noticed it on the stair stepper and felt pretty tired at that point. Idk if it was from waking up and doing cardio so early, but the second session end cardio was a bit tiresome. I feel better now, ate my food and now going to work for an 8 hour shift. Got all my meals packed n ready to go. ALSO gona stop by the PO to see if my Condense is here and if it is I might just take it during work for an afternoon pick me up ;D!

  2. sweeeeeeet
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. sup everyone just got my morning cardio in and im back on schedule. its about 10 and im going to head to the post office to check if my Condense is here, hopefully it is cuz im real fukin excited bout it and its arm day so i wana get some arm blasting done today! either way if i have it or not ima swell up me arms big time today, feelin that drive!!!!! got hit with the depletion today during my 1st sesh cardio and wasnt too surrprised but only felt it in my legs so its a good sign and so ive decided to increase my carbs a little just for the arm session to make em big n swol! ill try n get some pics in today....anyways
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 157.0 +/- 2lbs
    BF%: 14.3
    Water%: 66.5
    Saturday October 6, 2012
    Training: Cardio/ Arms
    8am - 30 minutes cardio 60-70% HRM
    5 minutes stretch

    at home eating now preping for 2nd session at 1230

  4. OK second session in! sadly i did not get my CONDENSE today i ****in hate postal services to Guam it takes to dam long and its so much BS...cant get it tomorrow since its Sunday so im praying itll be here on Monday which is good since itll be chest/back day!......
    2nd session
    Training: Cardio/arms
    12:00am - 1 hour cardio 65-85% HRM
    Bicep/Tricep: This session was sick! I loved it but i did feel a bit tired since ive been depleted a bit but i did have carbs (about 60 grams separated with 20g with PWO meal) Either way i had a real sick workout and busted my ass for the sake of loving it!
    *light warm up set for triceps with static holds and full contrations
    SUPERSET - dumbbell overhead extension/ cable push down: 4 sets weight varied
    1st - 50lbs/30lbs
    2nd - 70lbs/40lbs
    3rd - 80lbs/40lbs
    4th - 90lbs/40lbs

    Cable push down: 4 sets
    1st - 30lbs
    2nd - 70lbs
    3rd - 100, 70, 40 (dropset)
    4th - 40lbs

    I have no idea what this machine is called but i call it Stabby machine lol. I think its a isolated tricep angled press machine: 4 sets
    1st - 40
    2nd - 70
    3rd - 90
    4th - 90,70,40

    SUPERSET - Tricep cable push down/ Bicep EZ bar curl: 3 sets
    1st - 40/50
    2nd - 70/50
    3rd - 90, 60, 40/ 50

    Bicep EZ bar curl: 3 sets
    1st - 40
    2nd - 70
    3rd - 60

    SUPERSET: EZ bar curl/ seated dumbbel curl: 4 sets
    1st - 50/ 60(30lb dumbbells)
    2nd - 50/ 60
    3rd - 70/ 60
    4th - 70,50/ 30

    *additional pump exercises: 2, 1 set each

    and thats about it so here is some of the pics i had taken today...**** quality but whatever.....

  5. i weighed in at 158 post workout

  6. Subbed.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.



  8. Guess what? ITS SUNDAY YAY...nooo booo cuz its my off day......i hate being off from the gym, sucks but i need rest......sooooooo UPS is **** and i hate shipping costs lol. still waiting and hopefully monday the post office isnt closed. those ****ers! need my ****! damit! too much agro i know im gona go chill
    soooo, im pretty fukin happy today, just took a dump and finally got rid of all dat carbs lol XD
    height: 5'6
    weight: 153.4 **** YEAH!
    BF: 13.4% **** YEAH x2
    water: 67.2% **** YEAH x3

    this is an indication of bodyfat reduction (obviously) but so far my water is up, something i want for when i cut water going into the show...everyone thinks im going to be in the lightweight division but hopefully i can hit bantam with water reduction

  9. its monday...................
    my **** better be here.....
    or im gonna kill something -.o
    other than that...
    6am Morning cardio fasted state 60-90% HRM 50 minutes
    10 minutes light stretching and ab work

  10. its monday...................
    my **** better be here.....
    or im gonna kill something -.o
    other than that...
    6am Morning cardio fasted state 60-90% HRM 50 minutes
    10 minutes light stretching and ab work

  11. its not here........im super pissed so its my lucky day, this means i am going to absolutely DEMOLISH the weights.......seriously, im really pissed, DA FUK is Postnet closed for? **** Columbus Day...dat bitch didnt even discover America, fukin retard. smh mannnn, SMH!....anyway
    this session is gona be unique, same cardio just super agro weight trainin so heavy weights are bound to come, also i did add some carbs in today and im still steadily puttin em in so i can guarantee some epic training....i might just post a vid ......
    once again......
    **** shipping...to Guam..........

  12. SUP BITCHEZ! so i had my Agro Training today lol....since i so passionately hate having to wait for stuff i let it out on the Iron (poor iron must be hurtin)
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 156.4
    BF%: 13.7
    Water%: 67.1
    Monday October 8, 2012
    Training: Cardio, Chest/Back
    This session was an exception to my prep as I used weights that were moderately heavy and ditched the plan, goin straight for destruction and brutal pumps!...agro trainin like a boss! Make dem bitchez cummmmm!
    1 hour of cardio 65 – 80% HRM
    minutes of stretching total: 15 minutes
    *note: I do warm up sets, these are not included in total sets, weights vary and are not above 40% 1RM
    *Epic sets are my form of bodily torture (also known as Giant sets but with my own take on things). Supersetx2/w a dropset/ w a failure set (almost every set is to failure)
    *EPIC SETS – Flat Barbell Bench press/ Barbell Row/ Pull ups: 3 sets each one to failure
    1st – 225lb, 135lb/ 135lb/ Bodyweight
    2nd – 275lb, 225lb, 135lb/ 135lb/ bodyweight
    3rd – 135lb/ 135lb/ bodyweight
    SUPERSET – Pec Deck machine/ Lat Pull down: 4 sets
    1st – 135lb/ 165lb
    2nd – 210lb/ 180lb
    3rd – 255lb/ 210lb
    4th – 120lb, 90lb/ 165lb, 90lb
    DROPSETS – Flat dumbbell bench press: 3 sets
    1st – 100lb(50lb dumbbells), 60 lbs
    2nd – 120lb, 60lb
    3rd – 150lb, 120lb, 100lb
    SUPERSET – Upright Bench Press machine/Isolated Lat pull down machine: 3 sets
    1st – 110lb/ 180lb (total of two grips)
    2nd – 90lb/ 180lb
    3rd – 90lb/ 180lb
    All sets to failure utilizing full range of motion repetitions, half reps, quarter reps, and static holds.

    *Additional exercise estimate: 1 exercise, 2 sets

    Fuk shipping and handling………………………………,……………………… ……………theres a coma somewhere in here !

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    dat Prime rib!
    ohhhhhh yes cheat day ;D....last day on red meat btw, all lean meats to the show by fish or chicken...if i see fit, ill add in some red meat if i flatten out anytime in the prep, i doubt it tho

  14. Where is that steak from?
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Where is that steak from?
    lol! its a steakhouse on Guam called Manhattan Steakhouse....looks bomb eh? dat bitch was 16 ounces of death ohhhhh fuk my cholesterol i mite as well not do the log since my vein gon b all clogged w dis **** AHA! XD nahhhhh, cholest = test :P...just not that much it was my last epic cheat meal and red meat so i had fun with it

  16. woke up today after epic meal time last night which was my last great cheat meal ...down to busniness now my carbs are monitored on cheat meals and every meal for that matter, protein is still high (about 1.5 - 2 g per lb bodyweight) fats are in the mid range and there majority EFAs and MCTs so im not too concerened about monitoring them as i cut out the red meat and my Sat. fats are not that much, also cholesterol is bout the same coming primarily from my eggs, sodium is cut down slightly just because i cut out the red meats, cheat meals, and other various things that add up sodium (exact values not established) water% is where i want it (67.1 after rising) BF is down weight is still fluctuating but im baseline 156 now and my training feels a slight bit draggy from the depletion but today was strange as i carbed up last night n felt drag in morning cardio, but im pretty sure its because of hormone influx due to the great amount of stress and food from the night before lol :P. so nothing to worry bout, woke up with that nice carbed up look n detail so im thinkin my GLUT4 is pretty responsive which is a good thing! (hehe secret weapon >.<) so im curious to see how well i look come my next cheat meal when its monitored.....
    730am - Cardio fasted state 1 hour 65-75% HRM
    *this was quite interesting as i was hungry about 30 minutes into my session with hunger pains LOL! it caught me by surrprise but im pretty sure its because i overate last night and my hormones were imbalanced :P but nonetheless its fukin weird when you eat a 16 ounce prime rib the night before and wake up starving!?!?!? o.O! lol

  17. Your workouts are looking killer bud. Hope that mail man treats you well tomorrow.


  18. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Your workouts are looking killer bud. Hope that mail man treats you well tomorrow.
    they can be pretty intense at times, wait till you see leg day ...mail man bettah not b a hoe!....im goin to get my packages now hope its in!

  19. someone send me a bottle of CONDENSE before i ****ing exhale dust and grow old! jesus christ bitchtits man!....you guessed it, still waiting :/ but ey i guess im just gona have to do a 4 week log instead of 4 oh well....for sure when i bulk and run 5/3/1 programs ill post up full cycle on it with consistency, this is just too ridiculous with this shipping bull****, but i wont give up, its just gona have to be a week less than expected sigh* ....
    1230pm Cardio 65-75% HRM
    i did arms, too fukin sleepy to log goodnight...

  20. ok feeling better got my rest and now its time to kill it! today is legs and cardio 1 session so expect nothing but the best! Leg days are always epic so this log is gona be interestin...no morning cardio, currently in class and have one more to go then lunch n a chiropractor appointment. btw im hoping i get my package today, if not it SHOULD be here tomorrow so countdown to competition is 32 days and if i get it today or tomorrow i can hopefully get in a good 1 month log on CONDENSE.....so far my vascularity is gettin a bit better since im cuttin down a lot...diet is on point and i upped carbs today for legs but when i say "up carbs" its really not much. so runnin 30-45g carbs on low days, up carbs on more intense days like legs to about 50-80g, high carbs hit 100 or more just for loading but those should fall on mondays as my comp is on a saturday and i can run that carb up for energy going into a show along with the upped wednesdays and i just got a notification for a package so ima go git it real sooooon....will log later heading to new class

  21. oh ****.....shiet jus got real!.....i got my CONDENSE FINALLY!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! im so effin happy rite now gahdam! was super excited when i got it ! finally i can do this foreals!........how awesome is it too that i got it on leg day ;D! soooooo..............lets see how this goes !

  22. ill post up a pic after i take it too


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