Whats up everyone. This will be my first log and first time using Erase, Anabeta and SNS DAA caps. I will be running this stack for 8 weeks.
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December 2011 156 lbs
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April 2012
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September 2012 Curretn 178lbs
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Training split
Mon-a.m. Chest and Tri's P.M. Back and Bi's
Tues-Legs and Cardio on Rower
Wed-Shoulders and cardio Run Intervals
Thurs-Deadlifts and forearms
Sat-Compound Lifts and Rower machine
Sun-Cardio Jog 2.5 miles
Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sat I will be doing 200 pushups and 50 pullups at home throughout the day

Military Press::115x4
BB Rows:145x5
Stiff leg Deads:115x8
BB Lunges:125x5

Dead hang Pullups to failure-13
Pushups 1 min max-50
(I plan on applying for Fish and Game and these are 2 out of the 6 physical tests for applying)
the others are a timed 500m swim, timed run, vertical jump, and 1 minute situp test