Blowin up tha TEST....boosting With Fahrenheit Nutrition GF-T21

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  1. Blowin up tha TEST....boosting With Fahrenheit Nutrition GF-T21


    DAY 1

    A little about me
    I am 33
    Devoted husband and father or 2 little girls
    Full time job that has a very sporratic schedule
    Been working out since April 2011
    Stay pretty active, weekend with kids are crazy (you'll see)

    I have been training to make the chub go away. I was down to 174 last year and then I started training a little harder and started eatin a little more. I have tried several different test booster, only one so far I was able to notice gains and weight loss<---- sounds crazy but I built up some endurance(gains) and lost size in my mid section. I still have much more to define. I am at 193.5 right now and will be stacking GF-T21 with a fat burner. I noticed some grerat things last time I did this so I wanted to do it again. best part about it is the protein synthisis that is improved with higher test levels. If I am able to tone up and lose a little weight at the same time then I shouldnt be losing muscle.... only body fat.

    I have not used, as far as I knw, anything with this profile. I am looking forward to this.

  2. subbd'
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  3. Today was the first of many

    Took 3 GF-T21 @435am before workout witha fat burner

    Had good energy w/400mg caffine Id better

    incline/decline superset
    flat bench
    fly machine
    preacher curls
    front bar raise
    overhand/underhand cable crossover
    crunch/leg raise
    tri vbar pull down

    sorry there is not any weight on here I forgot some ... i normally post right after I workout but time restrictions this morning and using cell phone was a little difficuly,,, did alot of volume with out much rest... i tried to mix push and pull movements... feel it still must have been good if I am a little sore already....

  4. Hope you don't mind I am posting my log over on BB. Another one of your reps over there I have been talking to since I started lifting and before he was a rep, RAIGS guy guy right there and a hella good cook!

  5. the more exposure the better!
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  6. Day 2

    No gym this morning.

    Dosing 3 GF-T21 with breakfast and 1 fat burner.

    I will be at gym tomorrow and then 2 days off due to work schedule.

    Thursday 7am-4pm the back at 8pm-3am the Friday 8-9 am to 4pm. Gym Saturdays is a job in itself. Gotta be at soccer field at 9am, for 6yr old daughter, leave at 1030 to get to gym by 11 leave at 12 pm. Child care is only available til noon at Golds Gym. Then got kids til mom hone from school at 430. Sometimes I squeeze in groceries before she gets home depending on how tired kids are. Most of the time I hit it on Sunday after kids and I go to gym. Wife and I both workout on weekends but my gym offers kid care so I am struggling

  7. Curious to see how this treats ya bud.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1
    Curious to see how this treats ya bud.
    And as for you... Send me that link of your log when it comes in.

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    190.5lbs after workout

  10. Day 3

    3 caps GF-T21, 2 fat burner, 2caps BCAA, 2g LCLT, with cinnamon chex.

    Post workout- 28g protein shake, banana, nutria grain bar,1g vitamin c, b-complex, omega, and 2bcaa caps.

    Stretch upper back and shoulders

    Clean to press + underhanded bb row
    8@65 + 10@95
    6@85+ 10@115

    Bb over handed pull

    Military press

    Assisted military pull-up

    Shrug machine + Db 5 front an 5 side shrug
    15@4plates + 45lbs
    14@4plates + 55
    12@6plates + 65

    Behind back shrug

    Precor ab with 9lb medicine ball

    Foam roller entire body

  11. What fat burner u using
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    What fat burner u using
    Phenyl Core infinite labs. Have a 7day supply (something like that) the next two weeks will be something else.... Probably ramp up a force factor product or The new one from BSN. I haven't decided yet.

    The last booster stacked like this had DHEA in it, an I finite labs product cyclobolan I think was the name.

    When raising the test protein synthesis is helped, correct? This would seem to make since that I could preserve muscle and be able to tone up. Does that sound right?

  13. Day 4

    Off day 3 caps GF-T21, 2 fat burner some random vitamin.

  14. Day 5
    3 GF-T21, 2 fat burner, 2 BCAA, big bowl cereal

    Post protein shake, banana, south beach diet protein bar

    1.5 hours later yogurt.

    V squat
    10@6plates plus 50lbs

    90 degree leg press
    10@8 plates

    Leg prone curl

    Foam roller

    And .5 mile 9 1/2 min 8% incline.

  15. Day 6

    Midday workout today had a fat burner mañana with some weight control Quaker oatmeal.

    3GF-T21 and a fat burner here shortly before workout.

  16. Day 6

    Like I said before I was going to take my dose before workout. Which turned out to be 10:30 am with one fat burner(Ramp up). Haida very solid workout, though it was a little quick.

    Incline bench

    Flat bench

    Giant set
    Assisted dips + seated dips+ assisted chin ups
    10@55+ 15@95+10@55

    Fly machine

    Med grip low row

    High row

    Man was my chest and shoulders on fire. Had a protein shake then a spicy chicken sandwich

    Still a little sore from the legs the other day. Nothing like what the trainer put me through. I didn't do one of the three squat machines, that must have saved me.

  17. Day 7

    Off day

    3 GF-T21 and 1 fat burner with breakfast. Gonna be a easy day. First we are going to the Zoo then home to detail cars.

  18. How are the doms doing?

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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox
    How are the doms doing?

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
    Not bad. I am pushing hard just not my max, a little soreness is acceptable. Had some soreness in chest left over from Saturdays workout. Just worked iout this morning so I should be good.

  20. Day 8

    3 GF-T21, 2 fat burner, 2 BCAA caps, Creatine and a serving of oatmeal weight control(nice that is has lower calories and high portion then the reg)

    Little different this morning. I want to do a little bit of legs every time, that way leg day won't be so bad. Probably doesn't work that way.

    Squats + underhand BB pull
    10@135 + 10@95
    6@185 + 10@135

    Natulas pull over

    Db rows

    Db skull crusher(triceps)

    Side to side bends

    Low row wide grip

    High row machine

    Tri Vbar pull down

    Last 15 min in sauna. Needed a little extra sweat. At 10 min I thought I should get a cup to catch all pouring off on me.

    Shake 29 f protein, few vitamins, 2 boiled eggs, banana,mini rice cakes.

  21. Day 9

    Off day 3 GF-T21 with protein shake, oatmeal, Creatine and a few Vitamins. I have noticed a little change in my workouts but not a huge one. Working to exhaustion on some exercises makes it tough but I am able to get through them. I haven noticed any aggression or acne- not that I was expecting to but I here that from other boosters sometimes.
    Going to be a hectic one. Last week we were going to do the install well it got moved to tonight. I work til 3 or 4, then Leave house at 8pm to work til 3am, come home shower sleep then back at it by 8 or 9. Overtime and double time.... I can't affor to miss this one.

  22. Just picked up some PES Alphamine since I am almost out of ramp up. Look forward to adding this.

  23. should be a interesting combo. GF-T21 had me ravenous by the end of the run

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox
    should be a interesting combo. GF-T21 had me ravenous by the end of the run
    I am hoping so I just have to figures out when to eat. I have been eating before workouts the last week or so the caffeine I the fat burner is subdued a little, no kinds of upset stomach. Without food not sure how things will go. The GF-T21 states on off days take with breakfast, I wonder what the adverse effects would be hen taking with nothing just a fat burner? Little harsh on the liver I'd say. I might need to pick up some milk thistle or something like that.

  25. Wow this has been a long day... Still at it. Still have to unload and crate the old ovens. Then home shower and bed. On a good note we are moving faster then expected.

  26. Day 10

    Off day

    3 GF-T21, 2 fat burner, vitamins,Creatine with 5 eggs and toast.

    Little tired. Try sleeping when wife and kids are getting ready for school. My wife is in cosmetology school so she has to look the part. Blow drying hair all that jazz, one good thing out of it was she asking me when I was going to work.... In her birthday suit. Had me wanting a little ONE TIME

  27. Day 11

    3caps GF-T21, 2fat burner, vitamins,Creatine,LCLT this morning with protein shake and breakfast.

    Really looking forward to tomorrow training session not sure if legs or back needs to be hit. I want to figure out a couple of isolation exercises to improve a couple of areas -mid back to be one.


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