mkretz gets jacked.....the micro way!

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  1. mkretz gets jacked.....the micro way!

    first off thanks to usp labs for givin me this opportunity, i loved the original jacked and look forward to tryin this new and improved formula!!!

    I just came off a lo of purus labs condense which was awsome! I put on about 4-5 lbs and am now sitting at about 155 lbs!

    I follow an if style diet with workout day calories anywhere from 3600-4600 depending on workouts and activity level, rest days are usually anywhere from 2400-3000 calories once again dependin on activity level cuz i tend to do abs and/or cardio on off days.

    I also tend to eat almost all my calories at once at night cuz thats when i have the most tiem, my days are VERY busy.

    I will also be taking a multi, fish oil, slin sane V1, genomyx protocol and when it arrives, finaflex creatona!

  2. today was teh first workout with jacked micro and what better way to start it off than with a leg day!!!!!....used 2 scoops and it was plenty!

    i usually lift legs in very flat, converse shoes but forot them and forot my lower back was botherin me last week so i was skeptical to go heavy on squats so i decided to preexhaust them!!!!

    I like to start every workout with some sort of power movement sometimes ill do heavy sets then speed sets

    DB jump squats 10 sets of 3 with 40 lbs dbs!

    leg ext.....

    4 sets 12-15 drop set on last 2 sets double dropset on last set!

    strict form squat, made sure not to let my butt kick back in order to save my lower back

    205x6 - couldve done 8 but didnt want to risk the form

    high rep suat, no rest between reps constant tension - these are killer

    115x15 drop 95x11 failure on every set!!!

    front squat

    hack squat - 4 sets 12-15 double drop on last set

    1 le le press machine 3 sets 15-20 drop on last set

    1 leged squat 50 x 12 x3

    2 sets legs in, 2 sets legs out 2 sets 1 legged leg ext

    seated leg curl - to preexhaust hams

    4 sets 12-15 with double drop on last set....most intense mind muscle connection and burn ive had doin these in a long time!!!

    db rdls 4 ets 12-15 with drop on last set

    1 legged glute brigdes 4 sets of 15

    lyin leg curl, 3 sets 12-15 drop on last set

    relly impressed with this preworkout, i had plenty of energy throuhout the whole, worout, ood focus, and reat pumps really looking foeward to the rest of this log!

  3. Great workout, great comments! I'm in!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  4. todays workout was chest/tris and had increases on all lifts! i was lucky enough to have a spotter for a change so i took advantage of it with heavy sets with forced reps.


    155x8 +1 rep from last week
    165x8 +3 reps from last week

    epxplosive bench
    10 sets of 3 with short rests 105lbs all focused on speed

    1 as many set with constant tension....120 x 15 +3

    incline barbell

    115x12 +3 from last week

    DB decline 4 sets 12-15 with 45lbs, very controlled, constant tension

    BW dips 4 sets between 12-15 on all sets

    incline hammer strength

    110x10 drop 90 x 4
    110x11 drop 70x4 50x11

    machine flys - 3 sets drop on last set all sets supersetted with push ups

    vbar pushdown

    4 sets drop on last 2 sets, double drop on last set

    rev grip oerhead cable ext 3 sets 10-12 with drop on last set.

    dip machine 3 sets supersetted with cg pushups

    standing rope crunch - really like these, feel like im really able to overload my abs

    lying cable rev crunch - - another great way to overload the abs...lay on the ground and put your feet in handles and do rev. crunches, good stuff!!

    cable chops 4 sets

    ab coaster to the sides 4 sets of 30!

    started to loose my focu thinking about my pwo meal and studying and what not but oerall a very solid workout, i feel like i was really able to oerload my chest with the heavier weights and forced reps so im happy!

  5. so far so good, liking the enrgy im getting and the pumps...........mies ery well and taste is good, i almost think of it more of like a pink lemonade than a fruit punch but tasty none the less

  6. In. Got some Jack3d Micro on the way so I'll be following.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Colbicide View Post
    In. Got some Jack3d Micro on the way so I'll be following.
    awsome glad to have you in, put up a link to your log when it arrives!

  8. Today was a back/bi workout............overall not hte best workout ive had in a whle but i did a couple different things, felt like i ot a good amount accomplished faster that normal as well...pumps seemed less today though, not too sure why.........

    Low rack DL - shouldve just done them from the floor with how close it was anyways lol......quads are still pretty sor from my leg wrokout a few days ago so i didnt want to stress the quads too much....i think thats why my weihts arent that great

    from floor-315x1, 335x1

    explosive DL from ground - 155x10x3

    bent over row - not perfect form but still try to keep the negatie under control

    175x12+3 drop 135x15

    prone row machine

    3 sets 10-12

    tbar "machine" - has handles that tate so i would start with palms facing me and twist to a neutral grip, real good contractions!
    4 sets 10-12 with drop on last set

    low cable row 3 sets 12-15 with double clutch at peack contraction ....reall good contractions

    one arm smith machine row - in place of 1 arm DB row.....liked them alot suprisingly, as lon as you keep a good arch in ur back u get a really good lat contraction!

    str8 arm pulldown ss with neutral grip pulldown - goa good pump from teh pull downs for sure


    1 arm db over bench straight up....these are by far my new faavorite exercise............. i get such a good mind muscle connection and burn from these, reat contractions as well..........jsut gotta get my right arm to catch up to my left....i was stronger on these by alot today though!

    cross body hammer curls 3 sets 10-12 with drop on last set

    twist curl 3 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    one arm cable preacher 3 sets 12-15

  9. yest was a good workout, extremely focused, much better than the worout was a shoulders/traps wrokout.

    I got caught up talking to some buddies which honestly I hate but O well, it didnt mess up my focus like usualy which is pretty cool

    did some heavy cleans for sets of 1 only focusing on power, then moved on to standing presses and then 3 sets of push presses for 5 reps with 125, and did 1 set with 135.....

    I feel very explosive for the first couple reps but it seems to diminish quite fast.

    the computer im on is runnign out of tiem to use lol, i will continue tonight!!!

  10. ok so it was on of those dumb time limit computers so sorry about that.......... first off i took some pics last nith so ill try to get hose up tonight, i will also post a few pics from right before my condense log so you can compare although the lighting is different and its hard to tell.......

    so one thing i noticed durin my shoudler workout is that i really tend to tense my traps in almost every movement (shoulder presses, lat. raises) and it showed today, my neck is very stiff and I only did 4 sets of shrugs and its not my traps that are sore it is jsut a stiff neck....... not sure why i do this but i really am oing to try and focus on not doing it next week

    today was an off day, did some foam rolling , probably not enough and alot of cardio cuz iw as studying.......calories are at 3300 for today!

  11. [IMG]****67 159&d=1348797606[/IMG][IMG]****67 160&d=1348797666[/IMG][IMG]****67 161&d=1348797667[/IMG][IMG]****67 162&d=1348797668[/IMG][IMG]****67 163&d=1348797669[/IMG][IMG]****67 164&d=1348797719[/IMG] these are most recent

  12. [IMG]****67 165&d=1348797756[/IMG][IMG]****67 166&d=1348797840[/IMG][IMG]****67 167&d=1348797840[/IMG][IMG]****67 168&d=1348797842[/IMG][IMG]****67 169&d=1348797843[/IMG] these are about a month old....i feel like my chest has def. gained some size, also my quad looks more deifne dlast onth but i think its the lithing , the more recent pic looks like my tear drop is alittle bigger

  13. very fast paced chest/arms work out today

    ido2chest workouts a week one with tris with heavierweihts and one with arms with hiher reps and shorter rest periods.

    DB incline fly 3 sets 12-15
    DB press 3 sets 12-15
    DB flat fly 3 sets 12-15
    DBflat press with twist 3 sets 12-15
    DB decline fly 3 sets 12-15
    DB decline press 3 sets 12-15
    3 sets of peck deck focusing on the last portion of the motion for a good squeeze
    3 sets wide press hammer strenth 12-15

    lockout bench 4 sets 6-8 (focusing ontris)
    rope pushdown ss bench dips 12-15 and as many on dips
    rev grip pushdown 3 sets 12-15
    cable kickback 3 sets 12-15

    one arm db over bench (get stroner on these each time) 4 sets to failure 15s used to be real tough now 20s are getting lighter and lighter!
    e-z bar cable curl 4 sets with drop on last set, double drop on last set
    high cable curl fst-7 style
    one arm cable hammer curl 3 sets 12-15 with drop on last set

    hanging leg raises 10x10 really tryin to control the negative
    decline crunch

    pumps were really ood today and carbs were non exsistent yest so that was pleasantly suprising, i think the high reps and short rest periods really helped....felt really good throughout......also ended up doing alot of cardio to study for tons of test i have next week so cals are at 4700!!!! yes u read that right, finishing up the last bit now with some ice cream and a quest bar!!!!,

  14. i was able to sleep in today which was AWSOME, this was the first day in months that i had like no stress, didnt have to et up for anything, had no obligations, oculd just focus on workin out and chillin basically, it was really nice!,

    I had TONS of energy today and also a very very ood sense of well bein all day.

    I definitiely attribute alot of this to the 10.5 hours of sleep I got.

    I recovered pretty decently after a rough le workout yest. les are still pretty sore but not as sore as usual.

  15. today's workout..... chest/ tris/abs

    175x5+2 forced reps.......alto stronger on this, last week only worked up to 170x4 i was restin longer between sets cuz i was with my buddy

    incline barbel

    135x8+2 drop 95x8+3.....last week only worked up to 125x8 so this is ALOT better, again rest periods were alot longer, but still, REALLLY stoked about this.

    weihted dips

    20x8 drop BWx4

    db decline
    55x12 only got 45s for 4 sets of 12 last week!

    wide grip hammer press 3 sets 12-15 with drop on last set

    rev grip smith bench 3 sets 12

    fst - 7 style cable flys - really good pump, gotta love a nice swole chest

    vbar pushdown 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set, double drop on last set

    rope overhead ext ss rope crunch x25 ss crunch x 50 .......... 4 sets!

    one arm db neutral grip ext 3 sets with forced reps on last 2 sets.

    cable one arm overhead 3 sets back and forth no rest for a good pump and forcedreps on last set

    finished with smith cg bench 4 sets of 12 with a drop on the last set for a good pump and really focus on the tris cuz they were pre exhausted

    4 sets 25 rev. crunches.....overall great energy throuhout the workout, nothing to complain about, good pumps good energy, no crash!!!

    cals are at 4600 today!

  16. quick shout to to my man phil heath, great guy, and def. deservedanother olympia kai as well and woudlnt' want anyone else up there with phil, congrats to both!

  17. Didnt sleep well at all last niht, my mind was racing........ felt really out of it today btu forced myself to lift...

    my hamstrin and lutes are still really sore form my leg workout and being a back day, deads were out of the question for me..... I decided to jsut go with how i felt and did more of an instict type workout. I chose exercises jsut by what i felt llike doin, did a pretty high volume workout with less rest between sets and really focused on contractions of my back.

    I did probably about 9 different exercises for 4 sets reps raning from 10-15 with drop sets on the last sets for back and then 5 exercises for biceps same rep range.......overall felt pretty good by the end of it but no where near as good as i feel it couldve been if i jsut felt "right"

    pumps were still pretty good though i think the short rest periods and higher reps helped this and i also feel liek i got good contractions

  18. i have noticed that i have been getting out of breath alot easier while liftin since starting jacked and also get occasional chest pains, i am thinkin of stopping for a week to see if its the jacked or if i have like a heart problem or something, i will give it another week but if it continutes i will take a week off of jacked jsut to see if thats what is causing the issues

  19. today was an off day, had 3 tests in school, only activity was cardio while studying ............ chest/arms tomorrow with a carb up, looking forward ot the meal! and the eowrkout, best workout of the week........get swole! Also, no shortness of breath or heart issues yest. so that is good

  20. i decided to break up my legs again like i have in the past so i can put all my energy into them so today was back and hamstrings

    I also decided to start with hamstrings since i always do them after quads and wanted to give them all the attention i could.

    deadlift 9 sets of 2 with 315 - really jsut trying to build strenth

    squat - 10 sets of 2 with 225 super low, felt very powerful with these, i jsut really wanted to squat al ittle heavier for a change lol

    shoulders elevated glute bridge 205 x 10 4 sets, ass was killin me haha goal accomplished!

    205x8 - best i have done on these in a long time, felt great!

    seated leg curl 4 sets drop on last set

    lying leg curl 1 leg at a time 4 sets last set was a set of negatives with heavy weight for 5 reps.

    high and wide hack squat 4 sets really squeezing my butt with a drop on last set....crazy butt burn lol

    1 arm db row 4 sets 12-15........i tried to stay away from any bent over movement like t bar and bent over rows jsut to save my lower back esp after squats and deads.

    neutral grip cable row 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    rev grip hammer pulldown 4 sets drop on last set

    cg cable pull down 3 sets 10-12 drop on last 2 sets

    str8 bar pulldown ss lat pulldown 3 sets 12-15

    4 sets of 15 lower back raises with band around neck....these are teh best finishers ever! glutes, hames lower back were fried!!!!

    super intesnse workout, super focused felt amazing!!!!!

  21. probably felt so good cuz i was focusin on the workout all day and also got alot of sleep last niht, i gotta find a wway to sleep more lol

  22. back is really sore from yest, probably form the heavy deads but it feels good with my lats and traps being really sore too, all this soreness form one movement! really suprised my butt and hamstrings are not more sore but maybe that will hit tomorrow

    today was chest/ triceps are still sore from a workout a few days ago so i decided to preehaust everything so my triceps didnt get too overtrained

    started off with speed movements

    banded standing military press explosive

    banded bench 95x10x3

    cable incline flys 4 sets to failure with drop on last set

    db incline press

    50x10 + 3 forced - really happy with this since i was prefatigued and sitll maanged some good weights.

    weighted dips - with chain aroudn neck
    x7 drop bw x6
    x7 drop bwx6

    cable flat flys 3 sets to failure

    db twist press 3 sets 10 with 37.5 dbs

    decline cable flys 3 sets to failure

    hammer strength decline 3 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    lateral raises ss db press all 4 sets of 10 with 17.5 lb lateral raises supersetted with 4 sets 10-12 32.5 dbs
    double drop on last set of presses then immediately to lateral raises with 12.5lb dbs with hold at the end! crazy burn!

    lying cable high pull 3 sets 10-12

    cable leaning lateral raises 4 sets 10-12

    hammer strength shoudler press 3 sets 10-12

    donkey calf rasies 5 sets 15 plus 10 burn reps drop set on last two sets

    seated calf raises 4 sets of 30

    very focused throughout the entire workout again, i dunno if its the extra sleep or extra UMF from the supps haha lovign in though, we will see when the week comes and i dont have 1 hours of sleep lol. tomorrow will be jsut cardio and abs, i coudl workout but jsut feel liek my body needs a bit of a break, tehn i will come back hard monday with quads and biceps!

  23. so i really notice the effects of my test lowering as teh week goes on, i inject tonight and my energy levels were def. lower today, however once i got goin in the gym i felt fine, but it is much harder to get going........ with that said had a VERY good quad/bis workout

    I did bis in the morning then quads later on

    for bis i did alot of the same things, 1 arm db curl, high cable curl e-z bar cable curl

    for quads i pre ehausted the quads to make sure most emphasis was on the quads.

    started off with 4 sets of leg ext with a drop on the last 2 sets

    heavy squats 225 x 2x10

    front squats
    115x12x3 125x12

    back squats - constant tension no rest
    125x12, 12, 11, 12 Rest +3 drop 95 x 23!!!

    sissy squats 4 sets of 12 - havent done these in forever but damn these are hard and def. helped to pre fatigue my quads more for leg presses

    shorter range of motion leg press with feet close together to focus on quads, 4 sets of 20, drop set on last 2 sets

    hack squat feet low on the pad and close again for quads, 4 sets 15 reps double drop on last set.

    finished off with 1 leg leg et with no rest between legs witha few forced reps and a static hold

  24. jacked is still treating me well....... will def post tomorrows workout tomorrow, today was an off day, just did cardio, no jacked today, still enjoying it, id say im about 1/2 way through the bottle maybe alittle more...i use abou 1.5-2 scoops at a time

  25. Try a scoop b4 fasted cardio (on a carb up day) I have a feeling it'll treat you very well :-)
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


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