mkretz gets jacked.....the micro way!

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  1. i usually do my carb up day on a workout day....following a cardio only (maybe abs) day...... which is today actually........what do u usually do?

  2. was an awseom workout Decided to do shoulders tomorow cu i usually do cleans with shoulders but my quads are still too sore from my quad workout like 4 days ago, i dotn remember them ever getting so sore!, i busted my a$$ that day :-)

    so today i did chest abs and bis but made sure to do my abs before my bis cuz i really wanna focus on my abs

    my bench is goin up and im pumped, its been a long time since i was consistently getting stronger

    i was abole to get up 215 after trying 205 and 210 plus warm ups and i really think i oculdve gotten 220 jsut didnt try, so net week im goin right for 225!!!

    the workout

    bench 180x2x10

    plyo pushup, explode onto 2 45lb plates stacked on each other, pause at bottom 5 sets of 6

    weighted dips

    20lbs x 10
    x8 drop bw x 6

    banded hammer incline 4 sets of 10 eplosive reps

    incline db fly
    incline db press
    db flat fly
    1 arm db twist press
    machien fly - all3 sets of 12-15 with short rest intervals

    leg raises squeezing at the top and controlling the negative - 4 sets of 12 with no straps 4 sets with straps
    rope crunch 4 sets of 12 heavy reps with squeeze
    cable chop 3 sets of 15
    cable rev chop 3 sets of 15

    heavy barbell curl 4 sets of 8 with a few cheat reps
    one arm preacher curls 3 sets 10-12 with forced on last set
    standing twist curl, 3 sets 10-12 really focusing on good from and squeezing with drop on last set
    2 drop sets on incline curl

    great workout!!!!! thats all i need to say felt grreat

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz
    i usually do my carb up day on a workout day....following a cardio only (maybe abs) day...... which is today actually........what do u usually do?
    I carb up every Saturday, train m/w/f. I do 30min cardio upon waking up then come home and smash. Difference is subtle, yet noticeable. The pump doesn't change but vascularity sets in quicker and seems to be more pronounced thru the day. Cosmetic, perhaps? But it also keeps me moving and doesn't turn into a carb coma.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. i tend to eat all my cals at night so teh come doesntbother me lol

  5. shoulders/tris


    banded overhead eplosive press

    push press

    db press
    40x9 drop 25x6 drop 20x8

    behind head smith press 4 sets 10-12 with drop on last set

    lying cable high pull 3 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    strict lateral rraises 4 sets drop on last 2 sets with static hold

    leral raise machine supersetted with machine press 4 sets

    rev grip pressdown 4 sets 10-12 double drop on last set

    rope pressdown 4 sets 10-12 ss CG push ups

    rev. banded CG smith bench 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set - love the rev band it reall emphasies the lockout and the triceps

    one arm cable overhead 3 sets

    also ran some sprints after cuz i felt so good haha.......... good stuff today!!

  6. same thing today......didnt really get into the workout tilli was drippin in sweat from hypertrophy style lifts.........

    started out with DL 315x2x10 working on power so 2 reps is hard but not drenched in sweat type more CNS

    then did banded rack DLs , i was a a gym with a nice rack/band set up so i had to do these

    5 sets of 5 working up to 275

    banded bent over row 4 sets of 10

    rev grip close grip pulldown 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    pull up machine 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    one arm db row (bad form but jsut wanted to move some weight!) 4 sets of 12

    3 different hammer strenht machines all 3 sets of 10-12 with drops on last set

    finshed off with decline str8 bar et - liek str8 bar pull downs but layin on decline bench, these are awsome for a finisher for the lats!

    then did soem bent over reaer laterals with dbs fo 4 sets and with cables for 3 sets 1 arm at a time to work my rear delts since i negliected them on my shoulder day yest.

  7. did 2 seperate workouts today, shoulders/abs then arms later, used alot of jacked today.........overall felt really good, got into the groove a little earlier today and strenght is def up......tried to clean 155 last week couldnt do, no problem and thats after 10 sets of 2 with 135!

    Also my land mine press continues to get easier......... i was doing just 45 for 12 now im up to 60 for 12 !

    tomorrow i will be doing a wingate test which is supposively hell on a bike, look it up if you wanna know what it is, probaly gonna take a little jacked before taht lol

  8. no jacked today......just cardio, probably got around a week and a half left, not looking forward to running out lol but i will be sure to post a final review when finished........still enjoying the ride!

  9. sorry for the lack of updates recently, jsut havent been feelin the love in here :-( anyways........


    TASTE: - 9/10- only reason this isnt a 1 is cuz i tend to water down my preworkouts alot so it wasa little wateryhoweveroncei did a shot of it and it wasamazing and a def. 10/10

    MIXABILITY - 9.5/10 - mixes very well with a few shakes but a little did sit on the bottom i noticed as my workout continued.

    ENERGY - 9.5/10- very good clan long lasting energy, nothing to complain about here.........i am verystim tolerany ant 2 scoops was def. enough every workout!

    Focus -
    8.5/10 - the clean energy gave a great sense of focus but there were not really any focus specific ingredients which makes teh amount of focus still given quite impressive

    PUMPS - 9/10 - The new ingrediens liekagmatine def.madea different in pumps as compared to the original jacked, also with the original i tended to crash at times but not with micro.

    OVERALL!!!- 9/10 - i am a bit reluctant to give a 9/10 because it did give mechest paisn that i am still worried about, i cannot cimpletely blame themon jacked but i will follow it closely now that i will be taking a new preworkout for now. I was very impressed by the amount of clean energy i got however because like i said with teh old jacked i tended to crash.............overal i say that this is a def. improvementon the old jacked with increased energy, focus and pumps, and overal a solid preworkout as long as those chest pains are not from this product.

    thanks again to usplabs for thei amazing opportunity and congrats on all your new products they all look very promising and look forward to trying a few of themin the future, already love me some modern bcaas when i can afford them lol


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