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  1. Farenheit Nutrition GF-AMA

    First off much thanks to the Fahrenheit Nutrition Team for allowing me to log their GF-AMA.
    Quick background on me. Former competitive bodybuilder, who grew up, got married and had kids. Hold a BS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from FSU (Go Noles) and have been training for about 20 yrs. Used to run a Vitamin World and am afraid to calculate how much I have spent in products over the years.
    Like anything the days of training heavy, spending 2 hours in the gym with buds is no longer. I now do 30 mins of Cardio followed by quick intense bodypart training, principal of 45-1 min rest periods., 4-5x a week.
    I plan on running 4 weeks, 2/3/3/2 and see where this goes. My only other staples are whey protein and a thermogenic.

    Day 1
    I generally do my workouts on an empty stomach first things in the morning, empty stomach usually with a few fat burners. So to try and get a true test, I popped 2 caps and drank a black cup of coffee. Waited 30 mins and off to the races.
    Back day for me
    4 sets of pullups, palms facing in
    4 sets, not sure what they are called but in my squat rack I lay on the floor and pull my chest to the bar shoulder length grip
    4 sets of straight bar rows
    4 sets of db rows
    Felt the workout went well, canít really report and difference in lifts or overall well being, perhaps there is an attenuation period so stay tuned.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. subbd' ive been dosing 3 caps pre workout and 1 cap non workout days on a 5 day split
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  3. Day 3 of dosing, day 2 of lifting.

    Not sure if it is a direct correlation but joints this morning were very sore, not muscles but joints. Kind of felt like my time yrs ago using Methadrol.Anyone else feeling this?

    Anyway got up this morning, popped 2 caps and took another large up of coffee. No food.

    Jumped on the treadmill for 10 minutes to warm up and loosen the muscles.

    Chest day:

    Started off with 4 sets of incline barbell presses
    4 sets flat
    4 sets of decline
    2 sets of flat db flies.

    Felt a little off today, lifts were almost painful, joints were screaming but I forced through it. felt like I was stressing more thru lift than trying to focus on chest explosion.

    Popped a few Salmon oils

    Don't get my wrong, no complaining but just giving my observations.

  4. hey there!

    I havent noticed anything with my joints, only joint supp I am currently taking is from the Orange Triad.

  5. Im in! Im loggin this as well. Been about 5 days in.

  6. So I took off yesterday to let my joints recoup but did manange to take th required 1 capsule.

    Got up at the crack of dawn this morning and Popped 2 AMA's as well as a thermogenic. Time to amp this up a bit.

    Jumped on the treadmill for 20 mins. 3 degree incline, walk 2 mins at 4 mph and run for 1 min 6-7mph. Body was sweating hard at the 10 minute mark. Usually I don't start until 12-13 mins. Could it be the synergy of the GF and Thermo??

    Rolled into a superset of quick arms as the clock got the best of me

    4 sets - close grip straight bar/ skullcrushers
    4 sets - individual db curls / tricep pulldowns palms facing up.

    Although short, I felt good, hunger pains were kind of high but all in all, I was a happy camper.

  7. yeah i havent done cardio on AMA but the Thermo is supposed to do that lol

  8. Day 7

    Still dosing 2 pills, empty stomach in the morning. Having seen anything earthshaking in size, fullness etc but does appear to decrease muscle sore-ness thus far.

    This morning 30 minutes of Cardio and legs

    5 sets extensions
    4 sets of squats
    3 sets leg curls
    4 sets DB still legs
    2 sets of walking lunges.

    Now we'll see if sore-ness time will decrease.

    Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

  9. so here is a question:

    NEW GF-AMA was designed to suit the needs of both Male and Female athletes and individuals looking for lean muscle gains, fat metabolism, and increased exercise requirements. GF-AMA is formulated to accelerate nutrition delivery to the group of muscles trained or in stress due to weight lifting or high intensity workouts. This creates a natural myotropic environment which results in accelerated post training recovery and improved muscle regeneration

    Since I generally train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, shold I perhaps take this post workout with my shake or breakfast.If one of it's highlights is nutrition delivery maybe with a meal is best.

  10. Personally I noticed no difference if terms of change in effect taking it first thing in the morning, pre work out, or even post workout (for those week days where i forget to take it when leaving work ;/).

    It has some GDA effects but it is not a GDA persay.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    Personally I noticed no difference if terms of change in effect taking it first thing in the morning, pre work out, or even post workout (for those week days where i forget to take it when leaving work ;/).

    It has some GDA effects but it is not a GDA persay.
    this......i always took mine pwo, and the recovery is def more noticeable
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  12. So I am a little behind in my logs but have continued to lift and started dosing 3 caps a day.
    On Saturday I did a heavy chest set consisting of flat bench, flat flyes and incline flyes. Within 48 hrs I am generally very sore but today I have very little effect from that workout.
    Yesterday was Cardio and biceps but generally do I ever get sore.
    Today was Cardio and shoulders, lateral raises, upright rows and shrugs.
    As of this writing I am 2 weeks in and nothing earth shaking to report although my overall soreness has diminished exponentially.
    Thanks for reading!!

  13. faster recovery is a great benefit of ama. any hardness?
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  14. Hi guys, little of a busy week, I know, I know, no excuse to not lift.

    I did my Cardio yesterday morning followed up with back

    4 sets of bodyweight pullups
    5 sets of barbell rows
    5 sets of lat pulldowns.

    Yes recovery time is definitely the big factor with this product. I also seem to have a little more of a thermogenic effect when I take it with my fat burners. Could just be a mental thing.

    You asked about hardness...not sure if I see any additional hardness/definition. I have been working out harder, more Cardio but perhaps it is a slower process with me.

    Would love to hear from others currently on the product.

  15. So workouts continue to go well as I enter week 3. Still on 3 pills a day, 1st thing in the morning with a thermogenic on an empty stomach.

    I think we all can agree that this is a great product to combat post workout soreness. After a heavy chest workout this is no different. Very little tightness/pain which is always good.

    Any other mystical powers you guys are finding out there??

  16. glad to hear the recovery is better
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  17. Workouts continue to go well. my typical ritual, 3 caps of AMA, 1 thermogenic and then 20-30 mins on the treadmill where I do the walk 2mins (4 mph) and run 1 min (6-7mph)

    Today I followed up with tri's

    Pushdowns, palms facing each other 4 sets
    Skulls crushers - flat bench - 4 sets
    Skull crushers on 45 degree angle bench 4 sets

    Not sure how much different the heads are recruited with the different angles but what the heck.

    I guess I am leaning out somewhat as closer are looser and I had a friend say I look like I lose weight......guess I will have a 6 pack of dunkin donuts to celebrate.

    Seriously though, my days og maxing out are behind me as I generally do higher reps 8-15 at maybe 60-70% max.

    I am sure this formula would be really good with people really maxing out.

    Would also love to try anything else under the Farenheit umbrella.

    Thx for reading!

  18. Glad things are working well for you.
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  19. Work outs continue to go well, still dosing 3 caps per training day. I have been getting slightly harder which is most likely a great combination of AMA, cardio almost every morning and workouts 3-4 days a week.

    Today consisted of

    4 sets incline barbell bench
    4 sets incline DB flyes
    4 sets of cable flyes

    How is sveryone else doing?

  20. i loved the muscle hardness - still feels about the same 2 weeks out from finishing

  21. i dosed 3 caps pwo and i cap on off days with a 4 day split to extend the duration
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  22. Glad you are liking this as much as i did. i just finished mine up. loved it.
    didnt think I'd get stronger on it but i did. keep it up

  23. Workouts continue to go well with this. Yesterday was my 1/2 hr cardio followed by

    4 sets DB curls
    4 sets DB Hammers
    4 sets of curls where I wrap bands around my squat rack and pull right towards my face, basic curls but arms parallel to the floor

    This is definitely a good product, again doesn't seem like anyone using this can't say this doesnt help muscle recoup

  24. recovery is def a highlight of this product.
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code


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