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Im also running it with
-andro 3 5-diene-7 17-dione
-Creatine Monohydrate Creapure
-Fish Oil

Training Routine
-Shoulders & Traps
-Biceps & triceps
-Back & Traps

I train alone.Mainly cause i choose to.Only person i will always train with is my younger bro and my girl,but thats rare with my bro.I very rarely ask for spots,cause my people have no idea what there doing.

So as of this following Sat the 29th i will be officially logging. Just wanted to make this now cause i have the time.

I train smart.I train right.I focus on my negatives,my contractions,my form,my diet and my ROM.Thats most important,thats how I was taught.I dont lift like a fool.I lift right.

I have no routine @ the moment but my rep range always is inbetween 3 and 12 for compounds and on isloations,I usually stay high reps,just about always.

I will update on all training days.My jobs getting busy so ill do my best to be on logging as much as possible.With as perfect of details as i can.

I will also post my meals one time for the week at the begining of the week. I do food shopping on Sun for the week. Mon-Fri,I eat the exact same thing through the day. I always eat a starchy carb post workout,always.Right now this is a recomp as i am still trying to cut some fat and put on lean mass.My carbs are minimal,my fats are high and my protein is between 185 and 200 a day,best i can do. I work in an emergency Construction gas dept,so eating all the time can be not so easy,but usually get my meals in one way or another.