Vipersg123's Fahrenheit GF-T21 - Test booster log

  1. Vipersg123's Fahrenheit GF-T21 - Test booster log

    Fahrenheit was nice enough to supply me with 21 days worth of GF-T21 (one bottle). Here's a little about me:

    Age: 26

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 177

    Lifting/Training Experience:
    Been lifting since 2004. Began bodybuilding, eventually got more interested in powerlifting/strongman. In 2009 I won New Hampshire's strongest man (lightweight category) and went on to win a couple other contests and eventually competed in North America's Strongest Man (didn't place great but it was a tough contest)

    Lifting/Training Split:
    5/3/1 100 rep challenge

    Lean gains 16/8 cycle carbs based on workout days

    The goal of this log is to get STRONGER. I wouldn't mind getting some more size on me or get more defined, however the main goal is going to be strength.

    this product is recommended to be cycled 21 days on and about a week off, so if the first run goes well I might just do that.

    I should be updating most training days (4-6 days a week)

    Today is my off day, will be taking 3 caps this morning.

  2. In man!

  3. In homie, waiting to run this product myself.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    In man!
    hey, curious... if I am fasting til 1 or 2, should I take the 3 caps in the morning or wait until my first meal (the afternoon)?

  5. i am doing them first thing in the morning (non training days) I fast until the same time as well - i think you could do either, but am seems to work fine for me

  6. Today's workout

    Speed Deadlifts 8 sets 160x2 (had to wait for the squat rack so I just did these as a warmup)

    Back Squat 225x3 255x3 285x7(goal was 3 or more, probably could have done a few more but wasn't pushing it)

    RDL 160x10 210x10 230x10 230x10 230x10

    Hanging Knee Raises 5 sets of 12

    Pronate/Supinate w/ thick grip weighted handle 3-4 sets til failure

    Wrist curls 3 sets til failure (45lb db)

    Ulnar Deviation w/ sledge hammer 2 sets til failure + 1 hold til failure

    Radial Deviation w/ sledge hammer 2 sets til failure + 1 hold til failure

    Today went well! Squat numbers aren't that impressive, I know... however I am working them up slowly as I haven't done them in a while. I treated this session as if my 1rm is 315, and based my numbers off of 70% 80% 90% of that. Once I am done with this cycle of lifting I will try a 1rm squat, it's been a while. Tomorrow is my 100 rep day. No sides or anything to bring up yet. More tomorrow!

  7. lets do it!
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  8. Yesterday was my 100 rep day, it looked like this

    Stability ball Hamstring Curls x 100 (straight set, finish 100 as fast as you can w/ solid form)

    Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats x 100 (50 each)

    Sit ups x 100

    Low body 100's day isn't so bad, hardest part was the hamstring curls... legs are pretty sore!

    Today is prowler day I will be doing 6 sets of 40 yards, 2 sets with a lighter weight, 2 sets with medium weight, and 2 heavy sets. All sets are done walking not running. This is to try and make it more strength based.

  9. Today's workout
    Chinups w/ 50lbs extra x5 x4 x3 x3 x2
    (I am doing these 6 days a week and going up 1 rep every day e.g. first day was x5 x4 x3 x2 x1, second day x5 x4 x3 x2 x2, today was the third day... next week first set is x6. Started with my estimated 5rm weight)

    Close grip bench press

    160x3 185x3 205x3 185x5

    Military Press
    5 sets 105x10

    T-bar row
    5 sets 100+barX12-15

    Nothing huge to report yet, definitely getting some nice pumps! Tomorrow is my upper 100 day so I will see for sure if I am getting more of a pump b/c 100 upper is killer and gives a HUGE pump

  10. Looks good man. I just finished my T21 loved it. Im in i wanna see how you like it as well.
    Question though. are you fasting everyday till 1? or just that day?

  11. Everyday like lean gains

  12. 100's day for upper went well, HUGE pump. However I did get a slight strain in my low back randomly. It's minor, probably will be 100% by early this coming week. I am also starting a new program monday, it is 16 weeks and very athletic based. Lots of plyos, functional strength exercises, a lot of corrective stuff, alot of conditioning... I think its exactly what I need right now as I can tell I need a few months away from strictly power lifting style templates. I am tight and I KNEW that i was going to strain something soon and I should have reacted to it before it actually happened.

    As far as the G-T21 goes all is well, I actually feel as if I am leaner... I was down in weight this week and looked considerably leaner that I was even trying to be. Veins like woh during my upper workout too. Not much to report as far as strength goes, but I feel great.

  13. Took the whole weekend off just to recoup after the low back strain, its pretty much better although still tweaking here and there. Yesterday I did the first workout in my new program. Started with plyos and then went into a full body strength workout, which is pretty low key compared to what I normally do. However, it came at a good time since my back is slightly injured.

    Line hops fwd and back 10s x 3 sets
    Half kneeling med ball chest pass 3x10
    Box jump 3x5

    Started with a 1rm test for bench (255 BAH, wow, thats what I get for only focusing on overhead press)

    Goblet Squats x10 (slow tempo)
    Weighted Pushups x8 (slow tempo)

    Split Squats w/ front grip x8 each (slow tempo)
    Inverted row w/ weight vest x8 (slow tempo

    YTI's 6 each (2 second hold at full contraction)
    Plank 30s (was supposed to be ab wheel rollout, but that would have been a bad idea w/ my back)

    3-4 sets of each super set

    (cardio) Tempo Squats 303 60 seconds on 60 seconds off (used a 45 lb KB) 3 sets

    All in all, I liked the workout and it's sort of what I need right now. Today I did 45 minutes of cardio/cardiac output conditioning. Basically do w/e I want but keep my HR in the 120-150 area for 45 minutes. I did 5 minutes elliptical, 10 pushups, 20s plank, 15s side plank on each side, 8 glute bridges, 8 step ups each side, 5 chinups and repeat that until 45 minutes is up. If my HR went over 150 I rested til it was back down.

    As far as the GF-t21 goes I am now ~11 days in. I feel good, although I cannot say I am feeling much from the supplement yet. I seem to be looking slightly more vascular in my arms and I am getting some nice pumps during workouts. But I am yet to have the feeling as if I am ON something. Still got some time to go here, I will report back tomorrow after my workout!

  14. Workouts are going well, weight is steady at 177. I am getting near to the end of my run of GF-T21 and I have seen no real difference in strength or size, libido is the same as well. The only thing that I might have noticed thus far is slightly more vascular.

  15. sorry to hear that, personally i got some pretty impressive strength gains, when running it.

  16. Well, the GF-t21 is done. As far as results I saw no true benefit from this supplement. That sucks, I don't like getting something free from someone only to announce that it did nothing for me. However, looking at other comments and logs this doesn't always seem to be the case. I have seen some folks talk about getting great results with this product. Maybe I am not your normal responder to this ingredient profile. Either way I want to thank fahrenheit for allowing me to try GF-t21. Sorry I didn't see the results and didn't display the enthusiasm I try to give when reviewing supplements

  17. Sorry it did not work out for you. Thank you for the honest review.

  18. Sorry to hear man. I actually saw some pretty great stuff going on. Like PH type gains.

  19. maybe it was all the extra eating i was doing (in truth i was not really going that far over my intake, not more than a normal lean bulk really) , but my strength / recovery / gains were pretty noticable. 10-12 points easy - no water to speak off, and very little fat it seems. Can only hope for similar results when i run it again down the road

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    maybe it was all the extra eating i was doing (in truth i was not really going that far over my intake, not more than a normal lean bulk really) , but my strength / recovery / gains were pretty noticable. 10-12 points easy - no water to speak off, and very little fat it seems. Can only hope for similar results when i run it again down the road
    Yeah same here. went up about 6lbs and my bench went up past anything ive done on PH's


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