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  1. Week 4 – October 19th

    Weight: 321 (1.2; 11 lbs total) A loss is a loss and I will take it for as hectic as this week was with no gym time. Everything is much looser these days… Insert ‘Your Mom’ joke here. Shoes, pants, button up shirt necks, one notch off the belt. Feeling good about this past month.

    Energy: As usual there is a minor boost in energy. Additional focus was really nice and stayed with me this week.

    Heat: Toned down or I just got used to it. Still it was very mild.

    Appetite/Cravings: I love not having cravings and being to either fast or just eat later in the day. Over eating still not an issue. Black hole is nowhere to be found.

    Odds n Ends: I’ll be posting a review on the boards. I believe this is a great product to run solo or with a hardcore stim.

    Final Thoughts: 5/5 just on the appetite/craving control and suppression. For me, this is what has sold me on the product. Again, I live with a black hole and can over eat at any meal if I choose to. Cravings for beer, chocolate, gold fish crackers, and anything else that folks would deem ‘binge’ food were nonexistent. PNI has given me a product that helps keep both at bay. Yes, if I really put my mind to it, I could do it myself, but there are I times I lose. With the additional help, things were in check, I broke through the 330 barrier, and now have something in my arsenal to help me continue to my goal of 275 or even 250 if I so choose. I will be using Thermodex again in the foreseeable future and I’m making it an 8 week run next time. I’ll be stealing Howwedo’s idea and replacing the C in the EC stack with Thermodex. Can’t wait for an ET run, I can see myself getting below 300 for the first time in years with that stack.

    Thanks again for all that kept tabs on this log and for the additional support. Sorry this last week was nonresistant for updates. Work and family have kept me on my toes. When will November get here?
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  2. Nice job Big C!! You have taken a huge step towards your goal. Looking forward to the sequel of ET. Lol
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  3. Since I cannot add my overall review to the Reviews section yet:

    The following is what I liked most about Thermodex to the least:

    Appetite/Craving Control: This is where Thermodex provided the most support for me. It kept my appetite and history of over eating in check for four weeks. I found myself being able to stick to a large caloric deficit without any issues. Using an intermittent fasting routine for the first three weeks was not hard at all. It controlled the crazy black hole that lives within me that usually raised its’ ugly head around dinner. Thermodex also deadened the craving I had for the entire month. Not one time did I actually crave a beer, chocolate, or my favorite late night snack: Gold Fish Crackers!

    Focus: This was what really caught me by surprise. All day long there was a slight increase in focus and if I found that I really needed to put it to good use, it was there. This really helped me the first couple of weeks as I had food on my mind the entire time due to trying to watch what I was eating. At three weeks, that food driven thought was gone and my mind continued to stay clear and on track.

    Heat Generation: Being a larger than normal human, I generate enough heat by myself. Thermodex gently increase the heat within me at a slow pace. It was really nice because though I am active in the way I teach, it wasn’t an overbearing heat and did not cause me to sweat buckets. Heh, my shirts remained dry.

    Energy: Thermodex’s boost here is very mild, especially if you are a stim junky or former junky. The bump was nice but was even better with a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for something with an added kick, these are not the droids you are looking for. But if you looking for something low key, that can be taken late in the afternoon and still be able to go to bed a few hours later, this is it. If you have high blood pressure, this is definitely the way to go. I speak from experience.

    Diuretic Effect: There were two that I noticed after a few days. First was the frequent trips to take a leak between classes. Surprisingly this stopped at night even if I drank half a gallon of water before bed. The second is the dry/cotton mouth feeling that kicks in about a week. To keep this in check, I just upped my water intake even more. Both are not hard to deal with, just be prepared.

    One last thing that I really did enjoy was how Thermodex does ramp up over several days. Each day the effects come on just a bit stronger and around the end of the first week level off. I found that my body was able to adjust and not become overwhelmed or worn down.
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    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  4. Fantastic final review brother I'm glad you found such great results with a products that only costs 20$ it is certainly a legit fat burner and well worth it for anyone to try
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  5. Very nice detailed review.
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