PES/USP Testifying for my Muscles, Celorza to the Stand!!

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  1. PES/USP Testifying for my Muscles, Celorza to the Stand!!

    Okie doke people time to get the court going. First of all a Huge thanks to the Rep team and the Staff at PES for giving me this awesome chance much appreciated!! I'll give it my all, now without further ado...

    Last night I got home to a very beautiful package from UPS enclosing:

    1 bottle of PES AnaBeta


    1 bottle of USP Test Powder.

    Now, we all know how amazing is AnaBeta harnessing the power of sheer natural anabolism, and it also has been proven to raise testosterone. Well it has now been paired up with another rather interesting product now.

    USP Labs Test Powder Brings along to the table tried and true DAA at it's effective dose of 3g, but it also packs Agmatine Sulfate, I am guessing for its LH boosting and GDA benefits; along with the most intriguing Afromomum Meleguetta.

    This last compound should play along magnificently with the AP DC extract in AnaBeta and DAA, seeing how it has anabolic-enhancing and also AI properties. How good of an AI? Well according to a study it presented itself (at the proper dosage), with a very similar (and almost on-par) SERM activity compared to Tamoxifen Citrate. This could very well be a holy grail for natural supplementation and hormonal manipulation in the non-grey-area market.

    So the protocol will be like this, I lift at 6am, so at 5:30 I will dose:

    -2 AB
    -2 scoops Test Powder
    -2g COP
    -6g Citrulline Malate
    -EC stack.

    -Recomp, kCals will be cycled in the manner of 2400 kCals on Workout days and 1900~ on burn days.
    -Increase Maxes if possible.

    Current Pics (taken this morning):

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    Starting weight, as of today in the nude: 142.8 lbs

    Progress Pics will be taken every Friday post workout and post shower in the AM every week. They will be completely relaxed and without any flexing manner, flexing pictures and in action pictures will be along the log anyway. This is to measure the recomping abilities of the diet and the stack.

    Supps used along:

    -GDAs (SSv2 , Na-R-Ala , I use them from time to time)
    -Abliderate Advanced (SPP version) , been running already for 2 weeks , applying after post-workout shower (and after the pics, so no redness on pics) and post-everning shower. Last time I used it I got real nice results after an eviscerate smolder run.
    -Beta Alanine
    -EC stack
    -Ocassional Pre-workouts like Focus-XT or Craze.

    Training Schedule (5.3.1):
    Monday: Over Head Press + Assistance (max is at 110x2) + 20 mins HIIT
    Tuesday: Deadlift + Assistance (max is at 285) + 20 mins HIIT
    Wednesday: LISS cardio
    Thursday: Bench Press + assistance (max is at 185x1...working on it) + 20 mins HIIT
    Friday: Squat + assistance (max is at 225x1 Parallel and 165 ATG...this time competition Judge judged <he trains here at UTs gym>) + 20 mins HIIT
    Satuday: LISS Cardio
    Sunday: Rest.

    Day 1, 9/21

    Supps used Pre-workout:
    -2 caps AB
    -2 scoops TP
    -1 scoop Bulk Modern BCAAs
    -EC stack

    Squat (Last Deload day)

    It was a Deload I know, but I took the time to bother a National Record Holding Powerlifter today to help me out with some ATG squats, and the way he made me do them was with full ROM , sitting down...staying there some 2-3 seconds and then coming up. My problem lies in keeping driving which I am gonna be working on, driving with my hips I mean.


    Quad Assistance Work:

    Front Squat Grip, Single legged Step Ups. (Reps for each leg)

    5 sets of:

    Lower Back Assistance:

    Back Extensions

    5 sets of
    BW+25x10 (Same as squats, all the way down, stop there completely for 2-3 secs and explode up, contract a second and down again)

    Ab Assistance work:

    Cable Crunches
    5 sets of

    Cardio: 20 mins HIIT Elliptical , only completed 7 sets of 30 second sprint and 1 minute cool-down-jog, rest of the time was Warm-up and Cool-down time.

    So! Lets get this started!! AB will last 30 days and TP will last 24 days according to the back panel (2 scoops=1 serving; 24 servings included).

    Note: ATM having my Post workout meal since I practice IF and already had my 3rd and 4th cap of AB both 30 minutes Pre-meal.

    Stack Notes: Nothing to report ATM, first day is too early to give any impressions other than early placebo.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  2. Subbed
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Thanks Rodja ! It is an honor to have yah here! I've never seen you subbing along to a log before !
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    Thanks Rodja ! It is an honor to have yah here! I've never seen you subbing along to a log before !
    I sub to some here and there, but not too frequently.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. In for the start of this. Nice write up to start.

  6. Thanks man!! Subbing along on yours in a sec!!
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  7. Lets see what this stack does for ya.
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    Lets see what this stack does for ya.
    Lets see Aaron!
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  9. Subbbed
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    Welcome aboard Officer Cannons!!
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  11. In. I know Cesar, it took me a whole hour and I apologize!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Dewey99 View Post
    In. I know Cesar, it took me a whole hour and I apologize!
    Balance has been restored to the world now ! Welcome Dewey haha
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  13. Subbed for this bro. Kill it

  14. Quote Originally Posted by BPjohn123 View Post
    Subbed for this bro. Kill it
    Yes sir!!

    In action pic of the day:

    Name:  Screen shot 2012-09-21 at 4.32.51 PM.png
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  15. Im in!!!

  16. Sub a dub dub! In for the ride!

  17. I'm ALL up in dis beeyotch!
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    I'm ALL up in dis beeyotch!
    Quote Originally Posted by N.Woods Giant View Post
    Sub a dub dub! In for the ride!
    Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494 View Post
    Im in!!!

    Welcome Gentlemen! Do you swear to attest the truth and nothing BUT the truth, so be it under the name of God? If so, then please feel free to give criticism upon progress pics, workouts and diet. Input is appreciated, and you the Jury will judge if I was Just and Fair upon the execution of this stack!
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  19. Unsubbed

  20. Eh, ill follow along. Itll be entertaining at the least. That is a pretty sick stack. Is it original formula anebeta or anebeta elite?
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  21. Quote Originally Posted by superbeast668 View Post
    Eh, ill follow along. Itll be entertaining at the least. That is a pretty sick stack. Is it original formula anebeta or anebeta elite?
    Anabeta brother! and welcome
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  22. Nice looking stack Celorza. Good luck buddy.
    PEScience Representative

  23. Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post
    Nice looking stack Celorza. Good luck buddy.
    Welcome Spartan Brother!! Thanks a lot !! I'll give it my all to put a good show! Just you see, in around 10 years I'll be closer to your lean-physique brother!
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  24. I'm here.

  25. You only taking 2 anabeta per day? or just 2 that pre-WO dose, then more anabeta later in the day?


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