**GOLD FEAST** Watermelon ~A Lean Bulk~

  1. **GOLD FEAST** Watermelon ~A Lean Bulk~

    ~GOLD FEAST Watermelon Review and Log~

    I applied to log this product for Controlled Labs because of GF's outstanding nutritional profile and the company's reputation for putting out quality products. I also enjoy White flood Watermelon and look forward to trying the grape!

    I've been cutting through the spring and recomping for a while now and decided it's time to dedicate myself to adding some quality mass. I'm currently using Dr.Houser's Hardgainer's Recomp workout and will continue to do so until i find something or design a new workout. In this log I'm going to judge GF's flavor/"drinkability" and effectiveness at reducing DOMS when used solely as a post-workout. I'll also note any improvements in overall health, if there is any and I'll carefully document any downsides or dislikes of the product as I'm particularly critical of my protein supps. It's very important to me that I enjoy my calories!

    Current stats:

    Age: 28 Height: 5'10" Weight: 236lbs BF: roughly 13%

    Current Training Split:


    Current Staple Supplements: Been using these religiously for over 5 months (except the carnitine those only for 1month) so there won't be anything different other than the addition of Gold Feast.

    -Jarrow Formulas B Right
    -Now Foods Cayenne Pepper capsules
    -Healthy Origins soy free Ubiquinol 200mg
    *occasionally use Focus XT w/ Piracetam for mental boost or White Flood w/Piracetam+choline for energy

  2. So far this has been a nightmare trying to update this log... our servers at work took a sh!t so we were using an out of the country server and I wasn't able to access AM.

    I've been holding out on using My Gold Feast until I could log it so here it is...finally.

    For my first post-workout shake I mixed 4 scoops (2 servings) of Gold Feast Watermelon in a shaker cup with a blender ball. It came out smooth with no lumps. Here's a few key observations from Monday's GF shake.

    -The flavor was strong but not overly so.

    -I noticed it left a sweet taste in my mouth for sometime after.

    _ I had some good muscle fullness after drinking postWO compared to my usual 40g of Whey isolate and 3g leucine. Guessing it's from the oat powder?

    Again, sorry guys for all this mess and delays.

  3. OK, so the same thing is happening at work again but whatever just gotta make time after the gym like today....

    Yesterday's Pull day was great. Trained with some new people which helped me keep my intensity high. So after all training and cardio was done I slammed 4 scoops of old Feast in a shaker cup w/o a blender ball. It still mixed perfectly without any clumps.

    The flavor is still new to me and way more intense then my usual shake but I'm happy to report I haven't had any issues as far as gas or bloating from it. In fact, the only thing I've noticed so far is a nice muscle fullness as if I had eating a solid meal.

    My initial verdict on the flavor is going to be a solid 7/10 it's pretty tasty but I think I'm just not into fruity proteins as much as I am chocolate/vanilla and at this point I would mainly drink it for the amazing nutritional profile and less for the flavor. I'm kinda thinking this would be great with 2scoops Gold Feast and 1 scoop of vanilla whey isolate. I guess I'll see if it grows on my over the next couple of weeks and if not I'll try it with the scoop of the vanilla mixed in.

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