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  1. OK well this is a snag. I guess they changed the forum rules at AM since my last log. I just made my before/after albums on photobucket and I am now not allowed to post links until I have 150 posts or more. I will try to find a way around this.


  2. OK here is the best I can come up with. I am going to PM the links to the PES board sponsors. Please post them here when you get them. Sorry for the delay, everyone (the pics were actually from a week ago).


  3. Quote Originally Posted by tyrub42
    OK here is the best I can come up with. I am going to PM the links to the PES board sponsors. Please post them here when you get them. Sorry for the delay, everyone (the pics were actually from a week ago).


    after: http://s1056.photobucket.com/albums/...ter%202012-10/

  4. Dude, that was the fastest turnaround ever! I don't even think I had enough time to send that message to other reps before you were in here posting the links. Thanks a lot!

  5. Now if anyone can help me post those on this forum, please do. I am still having no luck trying it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by tyrub42
    Dude, that was the fastest turnaround ever! I don't even think I had enough time to send that message to other reps before you were in here posting the links. Thanks a lot!
    No problem bro, great progress !
  7. Before pictures


  9. Simply amazing!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster
    Simply amazing!
    Yupp, I'm super impressed. He really shined on this log compared to his first log I followed. Both gave great results, these results are just stunning!

  11. Huge difference, well done

  12. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize how big the difference was until I looked at the before pics again. I really got out of shape there. I will still post my final review as soon as I have some free time, so keep following!


  13. BTW that PES Insider deal that I just got in my email is RIDICULOUS! If anyone hasn't signed up for that yet, you are missing out big time! I can't spend any money on supps right now, but that deal is probably the best hookup I have ever seen.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by tyrub42
    BTW that PES Insider deal that I just got in my email is RIDICULOUS! If anyone hasn't signed up for that yet, you are missing out big time! I can't spend any money on supps right now, but that deal is probably the best hookup I have ever seen.
    Thanks, hard to pass up that deal

  15. Quote Originally Posted by BPjohn123 View Post
    Thanks, hard to pass up that deal
    Yeah it is basically a buy-1-get-3 free offer...gotta be a lot of people who were thrilled about getting that one. Nice range of choices, too!

  16. Anabeta final report:

    OK so now that I have finished my run and had some time to really think over the whole experience, here is my final report. I will keep it as short as possible (but you know me, that might be a futile effort). First of all, if anyone here hasn’t tried Anabeta yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. Although natural supplements have different effects for everyone, Anabeta is the cheapest natural anabolic you can buy (the most I have seen it sold for is 40 dollars, and I have seen it as low as 25, and that is for a full 30-day supply at 4 pills ED). If you look around the Anabolicminds forums, you can clearly see the dramatic results that many people have gotten from it. It helps with everything from bulking, to recomp, to nutrient repartitioning, and all while producing a great sense of well-being (at least in my case). If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your next supplement order as soon as you have a few bucks to spare.

    So first, how did the Anabeta help me as far as strength? In short, it helped a lot. I was doing several things that are typically bad for strength: lowering carb intake, cutting fat, doing cardio before weight training, weight training with a very tough system (rest-paused sets to exhaustion), and last but not least, practicing bjj for up to 90 minutes of live rolling after the cardio and weights, before my post-workout meal. All of these things point to a loss of muscle and strength. I will talk about muscle as a separate section, but concerning strength…in a word, wow. If you don’t feel like reading back through my very (overly?) detailed log, here is the short version: personal records on almost every exercise that I did while on this run. If my strength simply stayed the same, it would have meant that Anabeta helped a lot. If it went up slightly, it would have pointed to a great supplement with myriad different uses. But to have that many PRs while targeting fat loss was incredible. This wasn’t a one-time thing or a slight increase either. I was setting PR’s in some exercises REPEATEDLY (setting a PR and then breaking it a few days later with an even better one) throughout the second half of the log. So, in sum, it worked better for strength than I could have expected (and, based on my last log, I had very high expectations).

    Next, how did Anabeta help me as far as muscle mass? In short, it helped a lot! This might be confusing for some. Why did I separate strength and muscle mass into two sections? Well, a lot of supplements are known to boost strength significantly but not always produce big gains in size or muscle mass, so I wanted to separate the two. If you didn’t read the above paragraph, go back and read my workout and diet routine, and you will see that I really shouldn’t have been able to gain any muscle mass on this log. Again, just keeping the strength and muscle that I had at the beginning, while losing fat would have been significant. This was not the case, however. I have no way to know the exact amount of muscle that I put on, except that clothes fit much tighter to the extent that one of my bjj rash guards no longer fit comfortably and I was almost unable to even get it on. Upon viewing my before/after pics, it is apparent that my arms are larger, my back is wider, and my shoulders and chest look bigger and rounder as well. While changes to shoulders and chest can often be an optical illusion when one loses fat, you can’t say the same about the changes to my arms and back. They don’t just look more ripped, they look legitimately larger and fuller. I couldn’t make a real educated guess about exactly how much muscle I gained, but I would think that it has to be at least 4 pounds based on the pictures, and how much tighter all of my clothes feel (even though I weigh 9 pounds less than I did at the beginning). How much is it actually? Unfortunately, I can’t claim to know for sure. Fortunately, I don’t really care, because I can still say “a lot” without any hesitation.

    Next, we have fat loss. How did Anabeta help me as far as fat loss? This is a tricky question, because my diet was so tuned up, that I would have lost a lot of fat anyway. I lost about 9 pounds of body weight on this log, but with the muscle mass increase, the real figure is more like 12-15 pounds of fat loss. Is this more than I would have lost if I had kept the same diet without the Anabeta? Anabeta is well-known for reducing the amount of fat one would put on when consuming a calorie surplus (which makes it such a useful tool when bulking). Whether or not it helps increase fat loss on a deficit is less well-known, as it is a much harder thing to judge. It is difficult to analyze a question like “Would I have lost the same amount of fat if I hadn’t taken it?” Having dieted extremely several times in the past (I lost 100 pounds in 11 months in high school, and I lost 18 pounds in 4-6 weeks when I did a bjj comp a few years ago), I can say that I have the ability to get fat off when I dial in my willpower. However, I can also say that doing things like that always ate up a fair amount of muscle. This run, by contrast, added serious amounts of muscle while I lost a lot of fat. I also had the added benefit of having a small safety net if I ever slipped up with my Achilles’ heel (eating carbs at night). If I ever caved and had a bite of my fiancée’s burger, or a tortilla with my last meal before bed, the Anabeta reduced the impact (those kinds of foods at night can put on an extraordinary amount of fat for me unfortunately). So, did the Anabeta actually help me lose fat? The only honest answer I can give is: I don’t know. But I also don’t care, as it DID help me put on more muscle and strength than I ever have in 6 weeks before, instead of losing muscle and strength like I normally would have.

    Next, we have miscellaneous things that I noticed about Anabeta on this and other runs.

    1. Anabeta improved my mood and sense of well-being. This was more apparent on this run. I was generally bright and happy on this whole run, and always felt great!

    2. Anabeta improved my energy levels dramatically. Again, this was more apparent at 6 pills ED but it was still noticeable at 4. Almost every day, I felt as if I got the best night’s sleep of my life and just drank a big cup of coffee without any jitters (I don’t drink any coffe or take any stims except a small pre-workout stim). This effect was amazing and I haven’t felt anything like it before. Even if I only slept for 5 or 6 hours, I felt great all day. Probably because:

    3. Anabeta reduced the amount of sleep that I needed (possibly combined with Powerfull). Now first, I have to again mention that I did take Powerfull several nights per week to help me sleep, and Powerfull is great stuff. However, I have never gotten this dramatic an effect from just Powerfull. I usually aim for 8 hours a night. On this run, 6-7 was optimal, and I never really needed more than that to feel great all day. This is great, because on the negative side:

    4. Anabeta can cause some serious insomnia for me when dosed too late at night. First of all, let me clarify that this is not a common problem for people, but it did happen to me. I experienced this on my last two logs, and now I can say with certainty that for me, taking the Anabeta too late at night causes insomnia to a serious extent. I always tried to take 2 pills with my pre-workout meal and another two post workout. This turned out to be a mistake because I was working out 6:30-10 or 10:30, and then trying to sleep at 12 or 12:30. It was so severe that even with 12.5 mg diphenhydramine, 3 powerfull, and 2 mg estazolam, I was still tossing and turning (and estazolam can pretty much put me down no matter what at only 1 mg). This goes hand-in-hand with the energy increase. Anabeta gave me so much energy that even though it is completely stim-free, I have to lay off of it for at least 4 hours before bedtime. Is this really a bad thing? Of course not! The energy is amazing as is the sense of well-being. I just had to learn the hard way to change my dosing schedule and boom, problem solved. Plus, make sure you take it before meals, because:

    5. Anabeta has some serious nutrient repartitioning qualities. Take this stuff without food, and see how long you last before you are feeling woozy, irritable and starving! Dosed 1 pill at a time, this was still noticeable, but dosing it 2 pills at a time, the effects were huge. You eat it and you WILL be hungry a few minutes later. A few minutes after that, you will be STARVING. Eat a nice amount of healthy food, and enjoy the burst of energy and well-being! I loved it for this purpose. It wasn’t exactly like other nutrient repartitioners, in that it doesn’t seem to be completely about carbs. Eating a pre-workout meal with 50 grams of protein and only 20-25 grams of complex carbs was sufficient. But wow can you feel it kicking in with a burst of energy! My favorite dose was the morning, because it was 2 pills, 60+ grams of complex carbs, 20+ grams of simple carbs, and 50+ grams of protein (oats, whey and raisins). That got me blazing through my whole morning feeling like a million bucks. Stacked with Pslin pre-workout was even better. Take 2 AB and 1 Pslin, wait 15-20 min, eat 60-80 grams of complex carbs and 50 grams of protein, and go lift 2.5-3 hours later. It is AWESOME.

    Now, I just want to touch on a few other things that I noticed about my diet/workout routines:

    1. My diet was VERY disciplined, but I did slip up occasionally, especially towards the end. A couple of nights, I ate a few handfuls of chips, or some other similarly horrible stuff that my fiancée was eating. I didn’t have any real cheat meals except one towards the end, so my first instinct was to excuse this, but I just can’t do it. Eating this stuff at night hurts my fat loss, plain and simple. If I wanted to eat a cheat meal, the time to do it was Saturday post-workout, or another day as early in the day as possible. Not at night.

    2. My workouts were good and intense, but I did get too lazy about leaving the house on time. I know exactly when I have to leave the gym to get to bjj on time. If I am still at the gym after 8:50, then I am late for bjj. This means that I should have left my house at 6-6:30 to get in 30 minutes of cardio and an hour or more for weights and stretching. Despite knowing this, I was still leaving my house often at 7 or even later. This meant that there were days when I had to shorten cardio, do fewer weight exercises than I wanted to, or miss some bjj practice. Switching to a rest-pause style workout helped make sure that I always got some good lifting in, but I knew that I wanted to lose fat but often wasn’t able to do my full cardio session, or full bjj session. There is no real excuse for this. Even if I was working late or had something to do, it should have waited. I am being pretty hard on myself, but that’s how I have to be.

    3. My knee issue kept me from doing many important, strength-building compound lifts and stopped cardio and bjj for a week at least. I had a previous back injury, but I was feeling really good getting back into deadlifts. Then my knee got screwed up. That meant no more deadlifting, no squatting, and for the last few weeks of my log, no heavy leg work at all. I think that definitely had a negative impact on my progress, but the only thing to do about it was to work around the problem and do the best I could.


    I loved this run, and I love Anabeta. It is my favorite supplement hands-down and it makes me feel amazing. I have known people on real steroids who haven’t gotten results like these (although I would be willing to bet they didn’t put this kind of work into their diets and workouts either). It helps users in several different ways and generally makes you feel great as well. Despite the fact that Anabeta seems to be tailor-made to use in a clean bulk, it is incredibly effective for recomp as well, making it a very diverse supplent with a huge range of beneficial effects. Considering the fact that you can get a 1-month supply for the same price (or less) than a 1-month supply of many manufacturer’s insulin mimickers, I consider it to be the best value on the supplement market hands down.

    I do have some idea for the future, and I would like to log again with these changes:

    1. Try the same basic log, but with Anabeta Elite to see if the added ingredients help accelerate fat-loss (and/or accelerate muscle growth). After reading about the added ingredients, this sounds really exciting.

    2. Try Anabeta with the same end-results, but with alternating weeks of 3 or 4 pills ED with a significant calorie deficit for a more hardcore cut, and 6 pills ED with a very clean surplus for a very clean bulk. Doing this, 2 bottles could last 7-8 weeks and I feel like this might produce an overall better result than the way I did this log. It also might not, but that’s why I want to try it.

    Well, that’s it for me folks. Now that I filled up 4 pages in Word, that comment at the beginning about keeping it short just looks silly. If anyone actually took the time to read that whole freakin Master’s thesis of a final review, thanks! Also, huge thanks again to Nattydisaster and the whole PES team for the opportunity; you guys are the best! If anyone has any questions/comments/etc. just post them here. I will still check this log. Finally, thanks to everyone who bothered to follow this log. You all gave me the extra motivation that I needed!


  17. Hi Everyone,

    I just started an Anabeta Elite log here on AM Tyler's first Anabeta Elite log (sponsored)

    Please follow if you can. Thanks so much to all of you for your support on my previous logs!


  18. New log starting on Friday! Anabeta Elite and X-Factor Advanced!

    Tyler's gettin' CRAZY! X-Factor Advanced AND Anabeta Elite

    Please follow if you can because it's gonna be great!



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