Sup everybody,
Im new to these threads. N actually will be my first time logging here.
Muscle Sport International sent me a little package with some of there stuff. So I'll def be giving everybody a heads up on the products! I have tried their Lean Revolution Pre work out and thought the stuff was awsome. Anyhow I got a tub of the Fight Revolution pw, a tub of BCAA Recolution and since i lift late afternoon n can't sleep at night cuz of PW, they sent their Sleep Revolution! I'm super hyped especially about this Pre workout. The Lean revolution I tried before was awsome. And the description and ingredients in this Fight Revolution seems to be more my style.

I will be taking doses as described on the bottles
  • Fight Revolution: 1 scoop (10grams)
  • BCAA Revolution: 1 scoop (15grams)
  • Sleep Revolution: 1/2 serving (2 pills) determine tolerance.

I am also supplementing Orange Triad multi and Optimum 100% Whey
About me
5'9" on a good day
10% body fat

Flat Bench- 315lbs max
Shoulder Press- 295lbs max
Squat- 450lbs max
Leg Press- 1000lbs

Hoping to increase on all of these points. I will keep u guys posted on any gains I make, n how well these Supplements work!