i need to log what's going on. started training at circus center august 1 2012, 2x a week for august, upped to 3-4x a week in september. classes are 90 minutes - max strength, strength endurance, not very much strength-speed or plyos, as this beginner training for a long time. core stability, muscle control, movement coordination.

    ok so supps:
    training days

    upon waking- 3 caps serovera for crohn's, 5 caps ast systemic enzymes, 4 caps labrada sorenzyme, 15 tabs aox/plx, 2 caps guggul gold for thyroid, NAG, NAC, gamma oryzanol, Vit C, 2g ornithine akg/arginine akg (?)

    30mg pure-camp

    small protein based breakfast 2 hours (will play around with a meal closer to workout, done chewing 1 hour before.... also need to understand role of starches preworkout... should i be doing 30g protein 60g starches during breakfast???) before training plus jarrow b-complex, zinc orotate, 6mg astaxanthin, 300mg lactoferrin, lauricidin, 3caps ASU, 2 caps AJR

    1 hour before training
    a TCM herbal concoction of 1 tsp each various concentrated (ranges from 4:1 to 10:1) extract powders of adaptogenic herbs- reishi, ant, he show wu, salvia, eucommia, rehmannia, eleuthero, scizandra... basically whatever i have left or can afford - though salvia/red sage seems to be a keeper as it increases circulation very well.
    plus 3g sarcosine 3g DAA

    60 minutes pre training

    8 cit malate
    1600mg carn-fumarate
    2g LCLT
    1 tsp cherryflex for anthocyanins
    2.5g creatine
    2g BA
    vit C
    500mg agmatine
    2g COP
    2g super saponins
    800mg 1-carboxy

    2-4g taurine (added this on tuesday 9/18 and had a TERRIBLE WORKOUT, i did not do the noot stack, and i took the cns stacks and all this other stuff 30 mins pre workout and did not feel ready/amped up, i had terrible motor control and zero max strength, terrible x 1million - possible factors- lack of sauerkraut, too much cheese, too much taurine, lack of d-ribose, took it all too soon pre-wo and therefore did not have time to absorb...)

    the CNS OPTIMIZATION STACK PART 1: 3g Tyrosine (or 1.5g NALT), 1g phos. choline, 250mg DMAE
    the CNS OPTIMIZATION STACK PART 2: 1g ALCAR, 15mg policosinol, 600mg NAC (unless taken earlier)
    The STIM STACK: 1-200mg caffeine, 20mg DMAA, 2g glucoronolactone
    the NOOT STACK: 100mcg Huperzine, 10mg vinpocetine, 3g piracatem, 750mg aniracetam, 300mg adrafinil (?)

    [2g ornithine & arginine AKG- moved this to upon waking due to directions saying use on empty stomach]
    5g ribose, 20mg NADH, 5g glutamine - tues 9/18 took these 3 out as per coops rec

    would there be benefits to adding any of the following products:
    Bulk Super Cissus RX
    Life Extension Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract 98% Polyphenols/EGCG
    Focus Dirt

    30 minute bike ride to get to training

    during training
    i sip on mix of 30g 8:1:1 bcaa (change to EAA? just leucine, mix of leucine and peptopro?) with 20g-50g dextrose, 2g BA, salt

    5g ribose - tues 9/18 took these 3 out as per coops rec

    post training
    2-3 TBS pepto pro (24-36g protein), 30-60g dextrose, 2g BA, 2.5g creapure creatine, 200mg magnesium glycinate, 500mg agmatine, 1 tsp cherryflex, salt, Vit C
    the CNS OPTIMIZATION STACK PART 1: 3g Tyrosine (or 1.5g NALT), 1g phos. choline, 250mg DMAE

    5 g d-ribose, 1g glucoronolactone, 5g glutamine - tues 9/18 took these 3 out as per coops rec

    repeat the pepto pro/dextrose drink 30 mins later

    so essentially right now i have 24 hours of recovery between each session tues-friday, with almost 3 days between fri and tues, but i do work at the nightclub on those "off" days so i consider it very active rest, cardio centric at times. for performance goals i need my mind-muscle-CNS connection to be strong, hence the nootropics in the pre workout, and i need to decrease muscle fatigue ASAP. i also do not want "PUMPS" but i do want a lot of endurance and the ability to keep going as max strength as possible.

    DIET- playing around with this protocol from gymnastic bodies...

    in the anabolic window (AW) we are aiming to avoid GNG, maximize protein absorption for building/repair, and carb absorption for fueling.
    the AW starts 1 hour pre workout (?)

    we should eat a real food meal (containing x grams of slower digesting carbs and x grams protein and x grams healthy fats to further slow digestion) and be done chewing approx. 1 -2 hours pre workout (?)

    we should drink a pro/cho drink 60-15mins (?) pre workout.
    we should sip on a pro/cho drink intra workout (what is the max workout length?)
    immediately post wo we should drink a bcaa/creatine/cho drink, wait 15 mins, then drink another pro/cho drink.
    30 mins later, another pro/cho drink
    30 mins later, solid food meal, 2:1 cho:pro, max 30g pro, so 60g cho. some healthy fats
    30 mins later, liquid pro/cho
    30 mins later, solid food meal
    30 mins later, liquid pro/cho
    (at this point i dont know if the sequence repeats, or for how many times it repeats: 3 hours from the time we are DONE exercising?)

    in the above, the cho:pro ratio is 2:1 (?), the cho type is mainly glucose from dextrose, or mixed sugars from fresh fruits. the protein is fast digesting in the case of the liquid drinks (i will be using hydrolyzed casein called "pepto pro" bc even hydrolyzed whey is farty, and i seem to have no issues digesting the hydro. casein.)
    the point is to always be replenishing the protein digestion curve or some such, and always eat enough cho with it, to avoid using any of the protein for fuel.

    further questions:
    what does eating look like on active recovery/non-training days?
    what does starch/complex carb consumption look like in grams for each solid food meal?
    when do we start adding in complex carbs to our meals post workout?
    in the liquid meals, when if ever are we adding fats or complex carbs?
    what does the fat consumption look like in grams and types of fats for the solid food meals?
    when do we start adding in fats to our meals post workout?
    once we are done with the AW, do we still have more meals left in the day if we are hungry? or should we not get hungry again until breakfast the next day? in any case, how are we eating when not in the AW?

  2. 9/19 had a great training- well better than tuesday's. i took all the cns/noot supps 1 hour pre and things worked out better. also had only 3 tortillas with breakfast, rather than 5 so maybe things entered my system faster. still bonked joint and cns wise at the end 90 mins-ish in.
    9/20- had to cancel training for the next 2 days - extremely angry/depressed, both about this fact and i just woke up angry. i couldnt get to sleep on time last night, possibly due to excess cortisol. also discovered viral outbreak hich is directly responsible for increased pain, depression, fatigue etc. so i am ****ed right now. so certain supplements i ran out of are necessary and keeping me from dying. immune support: lactoferrin & lauricidin. sleep: phos serine post wo & l-dopa before bed?
    ordered everything plus bulk 1-carboxy (l-dopa), super saponins & pure-camp. hopefully will arrive soon.

  3. 9/22 had a pretty good training. 9/23 off, 9/24 couldnt train because i am slightly sunburnt. this inflammation game is ****ing killing me.

  4. 9/25 seems like i'm also getting a cold now. when it rains it pour. my immune system is ****ed. ive been taking 600mg of lactoferrin, added in oregano oil and olive leaf extract. ordered the aox/plx again and waiting on NAC - all sod/glutathione precursors. ordered some labrada sorenzyme too. really ****ed for cash.

  5. 9/27 skipped today - a few problems - trained tues nite, wed morn - wed morn jacked my back due to # of factors - not enough sleep/recovery - too much pain - fighting a head cold. its amazing im only THIS angry lol. so the supps keep rolling in and i just started or restarted a bunch
    nac, nag, aox/plx - all for sod/glutathione production, well nag is for joints and intestines. i will be upping the dose of these. 15 each morning for the aox/plx which will last me 2 weeks at best. nac and nag 2-3 caps a day.
    labrada sorenzyme - combining with the ast enzymes. will use 4-8 a day of the LS.
    started the super saponins/1-carboxy (l-dopa)/forskolin pure camp combo. will run for 8-12 weeks i guess as per instructions.
    still taking abt 600mg a day of lactoferrin, and trying to do 800mg a day of Phos serine.

    ordered asu avocado soy unsaponified joint complex, as well as athletes joint restore. will take these and see what happens.
    after that, i will test hyalauraonic acid and super cissus rx bulk.

    so main issue is sleep deprivation/recovery deprivation. life is getting overly busy with no fun. i will probably have to skip training until monday, which is ****ty, but hopefully supps will kick in. working tonite, small sleep, 3 hours tomorrow friday morning at the ucsf study, come home, eat, go to chiro, go home, eat, go to work a double, sleep, eat, work another double. hopefully sunday morning i can train, if not, then monday, sun afternoon i have a sewing class.

  6. going to add in 500mg agmatine before and after training

    started taking 2 caps AJR, 3 caps ASU
    ordered paractin will take 250mg a day when it arrives 10/10 ish



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