Gold Feast Review

  1. Gold Feast Review

    Thanks to RR, i received my GF yesterday! I will be doing a full review today then will post a video later this week (have a big test monday so ill do it after that) of how well it mixes. I will compare the mixing with PP MAP if you guys want. I will stir one and the other i will shake in a shaker cup. excited to get this going.
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  2. 9/16

    So today I mixed one scoop with about 16 oz of water in a cup and stirred with a spoon. Took about 15 seconds for it to be completely mixed (no clumps). I stopped at 10 and noticed some small clumps to i mixed for 5 more seconds. The taste is unique. To me, it tastes like a blend of watermelon and oatmeal. Not bad at all, just something I have never tasted before. Tonight I am going to use 2 scoops in a shaker and see how that mixes. once my test is done tomorrow, ill post a video on here to show you guys both stirring and shaking with both 1 and 2 scoops.
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  3. sorry guys, my video wouldnt upload. still workout on it. got a new phone so its giving me trouble. ill probably end up doing it on my camera. I am using this in my androbulk log and will do a final review of it in there as well.
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