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  1. Well I'm a couple day in to my Pct and thing are going good. My life is insane at the moment. My wife's grandfather died on Monday and I interviewed for a new job on wednesday that im really hoping to get. So my workout haven't been my main focus this week but I think I'll come back good and look forward to adding weight each week again. Curious what people thought of my Pct.'i think it should be a bit of overkill for such a mild cycle but I'd rather over do it then under.

    This was Wednesdays workout

    Cardio warm up
    Squat 125x8,175x6,200x8x2, 125x10
    Dead lift straight leg 105x8,125x8
    dead lift 220x8
    Military press 90 3x8
    Arnold press 35 3x8
    Lat pull down 160 3x12
    Cardio, 24" box jump,then bike

    I'll post up my final review soon.
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  2. I wanted to wait until a week or so into my Pct to give my final review. Just to get a feel for how well I could bounce back so to speak. I can say that I never really felt shut down on cycle and I haven't had any recovering. Both of which I find surprising because this stuff really works.i can't explain how bad it sucks that I got sick and missed my fourth week of this cycle because this just stuff was just getting better and better.

    Before cycle: On 3rd week
    Bench 185 5x5. 200 3x8
    Squats 175x5. 210 6x2
    Pull ups 8,7,6,5. 10,9,8

    These are just some examples I went up in every lift. Most on them every week. I didn't notice a much of an increase in weight but I was leaning out which is what I was dieting for.

    Bottom line is this was a great cycle. I would like to run it again. Great for anyone looking to lean out and gain strength.

    So I want to give a big shout out to Heavyiron for this promo.
    Also to IronMagLabs for making a great product with minimal side effects.


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