OK thanks PP for the opportunity to log

I will officially start taking Dermatherm on Saturday as I will finish Alphha T2 about friday.

I will be using Cel's PCT Assist, SNS DAA and TestPro along.

My goal, well I should be 10-11% bf right now and I want to drop it a little while maintaining strength and endurance/stamina.

My workout are a mixture of oly lifts, kettlebell drills and classic bbing in the form of Max ot or fd/fs type programs.

I do weights 2 times a day (if I can) 5-6 times a week (but sometimes my weight training is more like WoD or Iron Cardio) martial arts in the form of K1 or Submission Wrestling 3-4 times a week. Cardio, hmm, I ride a bike everywhere so this is one thing, about 20 min of jump rope a day, 5 times a week I do a long endurance type cardio of 1h so I can catch up on reading otherwise I do tabatha or stepper machine intervals.

My diet is way off I eat 2-3 meals a day 2 meals being calorie heavy but clean natural sources a lot of fruits, veggies, eggs, meat (especially liver, beef, chicken legs, occasional fish), dairy and some carbs from grainy sources.

This will be my first experience with PP products and with transdermals I think I will apply in the belly button area

for pics visit me on FB since I do can not post pics here, nor links

Marcin Godziejewski and then albums:
Dermatherm Target by Primordial Performance beafor pics