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  1. Quote Originally Posted by xR1pp3Rx
    <3 <3 <3 // love dat der Aaronjp1 ur good stuff bro.

    Thx. Yeah I saw the 17, I'll have to try it one day.
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  2. I'm tempted on it as well.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by xR1pp3Rx View Post
    well heres hoping you find something you like! im sending out the good ju ju to ya.. if you want u always have me for a refference!
    Thank you! I'll keep ya in mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    You were good to me when it came M1D Blk time.
    Well come on how could we NOT hook you up?

    Days 12 and 13 (today) down. Nothing new to report. Still liking this at 2 caps/day. SNS and Fahrenheit have agreed to let me log this along with the new caffeine free Focus XT which should be arriving in the mail soon. I'll be doing separate logs but noting how they are together in this log in addition to my notes on just the Lean EFX. I'll be experimenting with them both together and separately. It's going to be a pretty bad ass study combo and I'm really looking forward to using them both to prepare for my first couple of exams in the next 2 weeks!
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  4. Days 13 (9/20) - Day 17 (9/24):
    Still enjoying this. I am pretty surprised actually at how well this is still working for me. After the initial drop in effectiveness it does not seem to have declined much more and 2 caps per day is still just right for my busy days where I need to stay productive and mentally sharp. I am still noticing some appetite suppression as well which is appreciated despite the fact that I am bulking because I am hungry pretty much all the time and this is making it more manageable. The rise in body temperature I was experiencing has declined slowly. I do get an initial increase in temperature shortly after taking it if I do not take it with much food because of the niacin but other than that the temperature increase is there but very slight at this point. I really don't mind this as I am not particularly interested in the thermogenic effects and even if I was a decline in thermogenic effects is pretty unavoidable with any stimulant fat burner.

    Edit - Oh and an additional note... My Caffeine-Free Focus XT came in the mail Friday and I tried out the FXT/Lean EFX combo for the first time on Saturday before a long study session. This is an excellent combination just as I expected. Both products are great separately but put together my performance and mental endurance was significantly improved as opposed to not using anything at all. For any students looking for a good basic study stack I would absolutely recommend these two products together. Throw in some piracetam or other racetam and that's just about as good as you're going to get!
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  5. Days 18 (9/25) - 22 (9/29):
    Over the past few days especially I have noticed the effects declining. My nose has been a little stuffy so maybe I am coming down with a cold and that's making me tired/resistant to stims. I am still mentally sharp between the Lean EFX and Focus XT and my mental endurance is still doing very well but I am feeling run down and like I am not getting much out of this in terms of physical stimulation at this point. Maybe I'm sick, maybe I have just been working too hard, who knows. When I am low on sleep I tend to be resistant to stims so hopefully it's just something like that and I'll be back on top of things soon. I have still been at 2 caps daily on most days and for the sake of this log I will not exceed that as the label recommends 1-2 daily. I think if I were to start taking 3 caps daily it would just cause resistance to build up too quickly anyways so at 2 caps I shall stay!

    I used the Lean EFX/Focus XT combo for the last 5 days leading up to an exam on day 19 (Wednesday) and I have to say the combination really helped in my last minute cramming. The Lean EFX kept me alert and focused and the Focus XT really helped me take everything in without getting that mental burnout that you normally get from intense studying. I ended up doing really well on the exam which I obviously cant attribute completely to the two products but they certainly did help!
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  6. Good to see ya back little lady.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1
    Good to see ya back little lady.
    You sir have an avi addiction lol
    Email me for free prodigy samples
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  8. Day 23 (9/30) - Day 26 (10/3):

    Well I seem to be back to normal now. No more stuffy nose and needing additional sleep. Maybe it was one of those times when you almost get sick but not quite, haha. The Lean EFX doesn't seem to have picked back up much in effect though. A couple of times I tried taking the first cap a little before breakfast instead of with/after it and while it did seem to make it a little bit stronger I had a pretty bad niacin flush. It was uncomfortable enough that I'll be sticking with taking it with or after a meal from now on. I am still enjoying this for sure but I think that after finishing a bottle I would take some time off by either stopping altogether or more likely switching to a different stimulant for a while.

    One more exam down this week. I needed to do some last minute cramming for it and the Lean EFX/Focus XT combo did not let me down. I posted more on this in my Focus XT log but my last minute studying was definitely effective. The boost in memory was obviously due to the Focus XT but I just want to mention again what a great combo this is.
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  9. Days 27-33 (10/4-10/10):

    There's not much new to report. I definitely feel like I need a break form this to resensitize but it is still doing its job well enough. The time of day when I feel it the strongest is when the first and second dose are overlapped for a couple of hours when those two doses are taken close together (4-5 hours apart). I only have 13 caps left so a final review is on the way! I'll also review the combo of Lean EFX with Caffeine-Free Focus-XT in case anyone is considering it.
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  10. Cassie good phuckin move to USPLabs!!!

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  11. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Cassie good phuckin move to USPLabs!!!

    Thanks Aaron! I'm really excited about it.

    Days 34-40 (10/11-10/17):

    I'd say I'm feeling about the same on this as I was in my last update. I love how smooth the energy feels. It's difficult to tell when my last dose has completely worn off because the comedown is so gradual. This is important because often times I work out late at night. It's too late to take pre-workout stimulants and the last thing I want is to be caught in the middle of a crash right when I need to go lift. The only complaint that I have thus far is my inability to take a dose on an empty stomach without turning into an itchy red lobster from the niacin. That is easily fixed by eating a carb containing meal before taking the cap and I think I am just extra sensitive to the niacin flush. I have had this problem with quite a few other products so other people might not get the flushing with empty stomach dosing. I only have 5 caps left so my final review is right around the corner!
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  12. Cool deal!

  13. Days 41-44 (10/18-10/21):

    Well the bad news is my Lean EFX Refined bottle is empty. The good news is that I really like this stuff. I stretched the dosing the last few days taking just 1 cap most days. There's nothing new to report for the final few days.


    Energy (10/10) - Spot on exactly what I was looking for. I experienced smooth sustained energy. It was not jittery but rather I had a wide awake type feeling which is exactly what I need to get through my day. This is not a pre-workout supplement but rather something that picks you up and keeps you going. I did not experience crashing which is a big deal for me because a crash right when I need to work out or do something else important can seriously put a cramp in my style. I noticed that I had good focus and attention span while using this which really helped me in completing reading/studying and other projects. My only complaint is that the effect faded significantly after the first couple of weeks but honestly that is expected with any stimulant.

    Appetite Suppression (5/10) - I noticed appetite suppression for the first couple of weeks but after that it seemed to fade to about the same suppression that I would get with any other stimulant.

    Weight/Fat Loss (N/A) - I was bulking and noticed no difference however I was purposely gaining weight. If there was any fat loss it was overshadowed by my efforts to keep consistent with my plan.

    Side Effects(8/10) - I did not really mention this before because I hadn't realized what the cause was but I get a slight headache from Lean EFX Refined. It begins as soon as I start really feeling the effects of the cap and then fades along with the other effects. This isn't a big deal but I did find myself using ibuprofen more often while using the product. In addition to this I found that if I took a cap first thing in the morning before eating I would get an intense niacin rush. I think I am extra sensitive to niacin. This problem was corrected by taking the cap with a carb meal in which case I wasn't bothered in the least by it. I gave it an 8/10 still because while these sides were present they were easily corrected and were not a big inconvenience

    Will I Consider Buying in the Future? - Absolutely. What I got from this is pretty much what I wanted and what I expected. With a bottle lasting me over a month it is absolutely worth the purchase.

    **Additional Notes on the combination of Lean EFX Refined and Caffeine-Free Focus XT***

    Wow, amazing combination! Caffeine-Free Focus XT gets a good review for me as well. With that improving my mental function and endurance and Lean EFX giving me the physical and mental stimulation that I need I was able to improve my productivity and studying was more enjoyable with the lack of brain fog and tired feeling. I was also able to maintain performance while working/studying for a longer period of time. The two products complemented each other very well and I would highly recommend this combination to other students as well.
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  14. awsome final review!
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  15. Nice detailed review!
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    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  16. Great review! Thanks!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    Great review! Thanks!
    No thank YOU for the opportunity to try this out! I really enjoyed it!
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