Enhanced is getting sliced & diced w/ Lean EFX Refined

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  1. Just looked it up. Looks like I'm going to have to try it out!

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  2. remember fit10 if you buy on nutra

  3. Lean EFX day 20:

    Weight still holding steady around 172.

    I'm starting to doubt my scale,but at the same time,I'm not doubting what I'm seeing in the mirror. Not necessarily visible abs,but definitely an overall leaner look. The scale said I was about 3lbs heavier yesterday than the day before,now,this afternoon when I got up,I was back down to 172... Like I said,nothing compares to what I see in the mirror..

    I saw in BPMARTYR's log that he's tried the double dosing of this in the morning. He said his appetite was crushed. Well,I'll be giving that a shot on Monday. I'm working nights all this weekend,so I'll wait till Monday morning when I'm about to go home.

    I went grocery shopping this morning & loaded up on high protein meals. The wife is Italian,so she leans more towards the pasta's. Yeah,no pasta was bought today.. lol.. I even bought some diet tonic water for my gin.

    We moved into our new house 2 months ago & have been trying to save our pennies for drapes,but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet & get some of that Flexible you guys speak so highly of.. I was hoping to go a little longer w/out buying any more supps, but this knee is really limiting me. I asked me wife to look & see if she could see a difference w/out telling her which one was hurting. Sure enough,she noticed the inside of my right knee was slightly larger than my left. I've considered a trip to the Dr,but he'll just prescribe me some anti inflamitory or something..

    Other than that fellas,this stuff is freaking awesome. I've been bragging it up at the gym to some people there for its super clean energy and absolute power over appetite.. If I get enough rest tonight,I'll hit the gym & get an upper body circuit course in.

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  4. LEAN EFX DAY 22:

    Weight -no sure. I'll get a more accurate weigh in on Tuesday morning.

    Tonight's my last night shift,then off for 2 days. Hoping to get some good rest tonight so I can hit the gym on the way home tomorrow morning. If I do,I'll be experimenting w/ the double dose to see what that's all about! Looking for even more appetite suppression (not sure if that's even possible),and more energy. The energy will come in handy if I go home w/ limited sleep tonight.

    I went to the gym yesterday afternoon before coming into work & had a great upper body workout. I dosed 1 pill on an empty stomach upon waking & did a few things around the house w/ the kids before I left. I was limited on time,so I did a high energy upper body circuit course. I kept all my reps at 20+,and the rest between sets to a minimum. I had great energy & great endurance throughout.

    Tomorrow morning,provided I get the rest I need,I'm going to do another upper body circuit,but this time,it'll be different exercises,hitting the muscles from different angles. I'll then follow up w/ 30 min of cardio. It'll probably either be the elliptical or stationary bike because of my sore knee.

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  5. Good luck with the double dose!

  6. Dude, it kicked in within about 15-20 minutes!!! Feeling great right now!

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  7. damn nice!

  8. Morning cardio over with. Popped 2 pills again this morning. Felt them kick in about 20 min later. Ran an easy 20 min around the subdivision. Could have gone longer, but I gotta get ready for work.

    More update later today when I get to work.

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  9. LEAN EFX DAY 25

    Weight as of yesterday: 171.9 -still going down!

    I think I have about a week or so left w/ these pills. Seriously considering going keto for the remainder of this run.

    The other morning,when I got off shift,the 2 pills at once worked great initially. Around 1 or 2pm though,I really started gassing out.. I popped one more pill just to get me through the rest of the day. I probably should've taken a nap around noon when my daughter went down.. The workout was very good though. I hit upper body again,but from different angles. By Saturday morning,I was feeling it! I got up early enough yesterday morning to go out & get in a 30 min jog around the subdivision.

    I got up this morning @ 3:15 to get a run in before coming into work. Nice,chilly 59* morning run. Felt great! When I first started,the knee was tight,but as the run progressed,it loosened up & didn't really limit me. Now, about 7 hours later,it's a little tender.. I popped the two pills when I got up this morning,& have been feeling like I'm on cloud 9 ever since! Did I mention that I'm here at work!!?? Before I left the house,I made 6 eggs w/one whole smoked deer sausage link. I put about cup shredded cheddar cheese & a hand full of banana peppers on it. I ate that around 6 this morning & haven't been one bit hungry since. I've probably already drank a gallon of water by now too.. I think that's also got something to do w/ my lack of hunger..

    So,for today,the mood,energy,and appetite suppression are all in full effect!!

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  10. LEAN EFX Day 30

    Final weigh in this morning was 171.2!! Not too shabby.

    Once again,I need to thank the guys over at Fahrenheit Nutrition. This is the first of their products that I've run, and I can honestly say,that if their other products are as good as this,then they're going to stay on my go-to list!

    Well,I never was able to commit to the keto diet for the remainder of this log. The past 5-7 days were just so fast & hectic,it would've been difficult to maintain that type of dietary discipline. Throw in the 2 kids & their dinners and then a busy birthday weekend for my 5 year old,and just maintaining even a halfway clean diet was challenging.

    Like I've been saying from day one,this pill is an absolute appetite destroyer!! I've taken other diet pills w/decent appetite suppression,but not quite this strong. I will say that there were a few days,(literally,only a few out of 30),that I did have greater hunger than normal. These were the days where I would cave & eat quite a bit. I guess it was just my body telling me to get the nutrients it needed for my active lifestyle. Had I made it to the gym more,or just out on the streets more for cardio,I think I could've shed another 2-3 lbs. I started @ 174.8 & ended up @ 171.2 I'd say that's pretty damn good,considering my "family style" diet,and cardio only about 3-5xa week. I think the sore knee messed w/ my head too & kept me from running more on my days off..

    The energy I got from these pills was the cleanest I've had from any dietary supplement. It would come on in about 15-20 minutes,nice & gradual. Not like a slap in the face the we get w/ pre-workout type supps. The first pill in the morning would usually last me a good 6 hours,& I'd dose the 2 nd pill to get me through the rest of my day. There were times when I'd get off my night shift & dose the 2 nd pill usually around 3-4 hours after the 1 st pill,just to keep me awake & alert. I hate sleeping on my first day off,I feel like I'm missing out on a day w/my kids. Never once,did I get jittery w/ these pills. I could even enjoy a cup of coffee and not get too wired up.

    I'm hoping to get a decent amount of rest tonight,so tomorrow morning,I'll try & hit the gym & get an "after" photo.

    Overall,I'd say that these are a definite plus for anyone looking to shed a few pounds.

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  11. Glad you liked it! Thanks for logging . When you can can you please post a review on nutra?

  12. I can do that tonight when I get home.

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  13. cheers

  14. I tried to leave a review on Nutra this morning, but for some reason, it didn't go through. I can try again in a bit.

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  15. it takes a few days to go through - ninja monkeys read them all first

  16. Oh man, solid Review. I cant wait to take this stuff.


  17. golden log

  18. Thanks fellas. This was some good stuff!

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