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  1. good luck with the mudder!

  2. Day 18

    Back to work. First dose 5 AM fasted, second 11:00 and breakfast at 12:00. Appetite was under control throughout the day and I had no problem meeting my calorie deficit goal.

    Good energy and focus throughout day. Supposed to be a rest day but I needed to do something in the evening so: burpees, jump rope, lunges, lawnmowers, wind sprints etc. for about 35 minutes. High intensity for 1 minute then walk a minute rinse repeat. Felt great.

    To bed a little early for some good rest.

    Overall: appetite and energy levels still right where I need them to be which is great for any diet. Can't speak of any actual increased fat loss yet but as mentioned the mirror shows me slowly recomping while the scale stays stagnant.

  3. Day 19

    Fist dose 5:00 AM fasted, second at 10:30 with breakfast around 12:30. Appetite suppression was pretty evident in the afternoon after some food and the evening after training but much less in the AM. May need to start dosing higher, maybe 2 then 1.

    Trained around 5:00 PM, back & biceps followed by 2 mile jog to the school track, HIIT for 1.5 miles (jog straights, sprint corners) then 2 mile jog home. Had great energy and feeling pretty euphoric.

    Overall: energy and mood lift still nice, appetite suppression reduced. May need dose increase or might just be my body craving a refeed. Might do both.

  4. when was your last refeed?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    when was your last refeed?
    2 weeks tomorrow I think.

  6. damn man. i could never make it that long

  7. Refeed started. Broke fast early, 7:00 AM vs noon. 1620 cals down.

  8. impressive

  9. Day 20

    First dose 5:00 AM fasted then decided to do a refeed couple hours later so I didn't take a second dose.

    Did shoulders, chest & tris in the evening followed by a 3 mile jog.

    Ended up at over 6k calories, 726g carbs, 236g protein and 217g fat.

    Refeed felt really good and needed. Feel refreshed and ready to kill the diet next couple of days before Toughmudder on Saturday.

  10. Awsome review thus far
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  11. Day 21

    First dose 5:30 fasted, second at 10:30 and breakfast at 12:00. The appetite suppression has decreased significantly from the single morning dose then kicks in a while after the second. Once I have added a meal to that it gets even better.

    Finished at work and got home around 5:00 where my ground turkey spaghetti sauce was awaiting in the crock pot. Smelled fantastic but I felt no need to dive right in, a testament to Lean EFX. Want to rest up some before Saturday so I just did some misc. stuff to get my heart pumpin: jump rope, burpees, lunges, lawnmowers, pushups - wash, rinse and repeat for about 30 minutes. Energy levels awesome, could have done that for another hour lol.

    Bowl of pasta with sauce and an Isopure whey with pumpkin butter added (fing yum btw), shower and a nap.

    Woke up for some cottage cheese and peanut butter to hit macros for the day and bed shortly after.

    Overall: Appetite suppression diminished with the single dose. Going to try dosing 2 caps at once in the morning to see if that curbs the hunger more for me. Not sure if I will need to add a third later or not. Energy and focus still nice and clean.

  12. Day 22

    Dosed 2 pills 6:00 fasted, no stomach issues. Did not do a second dose to gauge effects of the two at once. Appetite demolished all morning. I had a scheduled Friday treat at 12:00 (raspberry croissant ) and then salmon + veggies an hour later because I knew I needed to eat, not because I was hungry.

    No workout today. Hitting the road in a couple hours to stay the night close to where the Tough Mudder is being held. Eating on the road with my copilot, not sure where we will eat but hoping they have fish or chicken boob.

    I will try the double dose again after the weekend, I liked it today.

  13. Interesting. I may try the double dose on Monday.

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  14. Day 23

    Woke at 6:30 and did a double dose. Decided to eat a little bit to try and keep some endurance through the course. Banana, peach and a greek yogurt. Off to Tough Mudder! Our heat started at 10:20 and we made it across the finish at 12:40. 2 hours and 20 minutes of abuse. We kept a good pace but kept getting bottled up by slow people from the heat before us we were trying to lap.

    At the finish line I ate a banana, cliff builder bar and a beer. Didn't settle well and I started feeling like crap. Stopped in at a gas station to refuel on the way out and grabbed a chocolate milk thinking that may settle my stomach. Nope, worse. I ended up puking in the bathroom about four times and felt much better. Not sure what the deal was.

    Picked up some pizza after getting back into town around 5:00 and scarfed a few pieces of Al Greco from Pizzacato ( mellow lamb sausage, feta, onions & tomatoes on a garlic/olive oil base side of tzatziki sauce ). Outstanding pie. Could have easily finished the whole pie but had plenty of willpower to know when to stop. Still short on cals so I made a protein shake with Greek yogurt, egg, whey isolate and Mocchachinno Syntha6 to wash it all down. Scrubbed off the remaining mud in the shower and got to bed early.

    Overall: amazing how contained my appetite was today with all the calorie burn. Energy was good throughout event and kicked back in after the short post race down to get me through the long drive.

  15. good stuff
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  16. Day 24

    First dose 6:00 AM fasted. Only did single pill and skipped the second dose as I wanted a relaxing lower stim day. Dis shoulders, chest & Tri's around 8:30 followed by jump rope, burpees etc. for about 20 minutes to really get the blood pumpin.

    Took it easy the rest of the day; grilled some chicken, watched some movies, napped etc. A bit tender from the prior days activities so the rest was nice. Met my calorie goal and macros as well.

    Overall: Even with the single dose in the morning my appetite was under control, albeit not gone, and my energy levels were good, mind sharp.
    A few more days here and I will do final measurements and weight. I don't like checking too often, it's discouraging lol.

  17. Day 25

    Single dose 5:00 AM fasted, 5k run at 6:30. Took second dose at 8:00 and off to work. I am liking spacing the dose closer as opposed to doubling up. I don't need the heavy appetite suppression to kick in until 10:00 or so when I normally start with the hunger pangs. Had good appetite suppression and energy throughout morning.

    Breakfast at 12:00, the usual stuff: salmon, broccoli, greek yogurt with pumpkin, 2 hard boiled eggs, bag of carrots, bell peppers & blueberries and finally an Isopure no carb whey isolate shake. Appetite stayed under control throughout afternoon, energy levels up.

    Did back & bicep workout at 4:30 followed by another 5k run. Carbed up some after with some mac & cheese, chili, cottage cheese and sardines made into a sundae.

    Overall: appetite suppression still working well and dosing 3 hrs between first and second seems like a win. Clean energy, mood and focus also still chugging along. I have been in a decent mood throughout the day even being in a caloric deficit for a while now (save refeeds) where normally I would be a bit grumpy at times. Switched up to 2 a days on the cardio vs. one longer session to gain a bit of fasted cardio in the morning and extend raised metabolism window some. Getting to the bottom of the bottle, final measurements and thoughts soon!

  18. Day 26

    Single dose 5:00 AM fasted, 5k run at 6:30 then off to work. Second dose at 8:00, still fasted. Appetite under control all morning but was ready for food when time came. Energy/focus good and clean.

    12:00 breakfast, the usual salmon, broccoli etc., etc. Appetite still good throughout the afternoon despite cals being on the lower side. Energy good.

    Went to the lake for some trail running with some friends around 6:00 pm. A little over 5k with some good hills and sprints sprinkled in. Had to shovel the food down the rest of the evening to get to calorie goal then off to bed. Have an early meeting with a long commute in the morning.

    Overall: If you want something to aid in a calorie restricted diet, this is a product I recommend checking out. Appetite control and clean energy still great in my 4th week!

  19. awsome! Have the effects dimminished any for you?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    awsome! Have the effects dimminished any for you?
    Slightly over time. Reason I played with the dosage timings. Bringing them within 3 hrs apart has the appetite suppression where I need it still though.

    Final update & review soon, tomorrow is last pill.

  21. Day 27

    First dose 4:30 AM fasted followed by 5k run at 5:15. Training meeting at work that lasted all day. Second dose around 8:00 and my appetite stayed at bay until 12:00 when the sandwiches and chips arrived. Ate a large portion knowing I wouldn't have access to food until later. Got really sleepy around 1:00 and kept dosing off while presenter was talking lol.

    Got home around 5:00 and ate fried chicken, sweet potato, brownies and pumpkin ice cream. Decided against an evening run but did a shoulder, chest and tri routine a while before bed.

    Overall: Another good day for appetite suppression and energy levels but the food was all provided and set in front of me and I am no prude or diet Nazi so I made it fit my macros.

  22. Day 28

    Took last pill 6:00 AM fasted followed by a 3.5 mile run, also fasted. No more pills for second dose so I drank extra coffee. Appetite was not under control with just the one and ended up breaking my fast early at about 10:30.

    Started not feeling well in the afternoon but pushed through. Got what I call a "ninja" workout in the evening: basically jogging to the park, climbing all over the equipment, multiple sets pull ups and rows, shimmying accross goal posts, more jogging up and over the picnic benches, some ring work etc. for about 35 minutes.

    Spent the next couple days basically in bed with a nasty cold and eating like a horse without tracking food. Feel much better today and am leaving for a run in a few minutes.

    Final results: My stomach measurement went down from 34 to 33" over the four weeks. Chest from 44 to 44 1/3". Weight from 178 to 175. Calipers reading from 11.8 to 10.5%.

    Measurements show a decrease in midsection with a slight INCREASE in muscle mass with an overall reduction in bodyfat %.

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    Before .. After

    I felt really good on LeanEFX Refined and the appetite suppression was right where I like it, not completely destroyed but to where I can more effectively manage the constant calorie deficit. No crazy jittery energy but a more "motivating me to go do something physical" type of thing. I can't really say much about the "fat loss" as your diet is really the key there and I don't know if I would have lost less without it save for overeating due to lack of control in the appetite department. If you are looking for something to help keep you on target however, this may be a great fit for you.

    I can theorize that this product aided in using more fat for energy which in turn freed up nutrients for muscle gain while still in a deficit, but I am not the smartest guy in the room with that sort of thing. To be very clear: I am not one to promote anything for fat loss other than diet and training being paramount with supplements added to aid and assist. There are no magic fat loss pills.

    In short, get your diet plan in order, set a realistic training schedule and you will be capable of changing that body. If you need a little help sticking to that plan, be it reduced appetite to not overeat or a little extra mojo to get you running some sprints, LeanEFX Refined may be just what you want. Just don't expect the pill to do all the work.

  23. awesome! glad it worked out for you nothing like losing some fat and gaining some LBM!

  24. Can you also post the final review on nutra as well? Sorry!

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  25. Done
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  26. thanks


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