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  1. So the back is still hurting, had to skip out on hamstrings yesterday...couldn't do RDLs or good mornings so I figured there wouldn't be much point in hitting them on their own, so I'm going to try and mesh quads and hams together on Saturday if I can. The back is getting better though I think. i just got out of a hot epsom soak and stretched, there is definitely an increased range of motion. I'll hit the inversion table, roll, and ice later on tonight. I had a client cancel on me this morning after my lift so I was able to get a long foam roll and stretch. My back cracks all the time, even more than normal...I'm a chiropractors wet dream right now. I'm guessing the strain is causing pressure to build up faster than normal, hence all the cracking.

    Another good couple of lifts monday and today. Frustrating though, as my flat bench regressed this morning, I have no idea why...Incline bench went up, I went heavy on parallel dips (which felt pretty good on my shoulder), and increased reps on my fst7 set. My flat bench is just stagnant and I'm not really sure why...

    DB Bench 120sx4,4,3,2
    Inc BB Bench 195x8,8,7,7 (Last set rest pause)
    Parallel Bar Dips BW+125x5,5,5,5,5
    Dec Hammer Strength Bench Tempo (3010) 70sx11,10,9 (1 minute breaks)
    FST-7 Flyes 40sx10,10,10,10,10,10,10

    Decline EZ Skullcrushers Bar+70x8,8,7,7 (3 Negatives on last set)
    OH DB Extensions 85x8,8,8
    => Bench Dips 85x7,7,7
    Reverse Pushdown Tempo (3010) 150x10,9,8
    FST 7 Preacher Machine Extensions 95x10,10,10,10,10,9,10

    Meant to do calves, but I ran so long on what I did I figured it would be counterproductive to do any more. I still feel very lean but still making progress in size. I think I need consider increasing calories more. Either I'm underestimating the amount of cals I'm burning when I lift (I estimate I average 450 cals/lift) or my bmr is higher than I've calculated. I think I may go up to 450g carbs on lifting days, do 350 on cardio days, and 300 on off days. Possibly even 500 on lifting days. Something to think about.

    Also, I was reading a thread about raspberry keytones best taken away from lifting sessions because they can decrease androgen receptors. Any truth to that? If so, I may dose the rest of the HT2 in the afternoon away from my lifting sessions.

    I've been up since 3:45 this morning, so I'm going to take a nap before I hit some paperwork and take care of my back tonight.

  2. good luck with your back.
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  3. It's been a long weekend/beginning to the week. I am spending half my week in another city trying to transition my job from one place to another, and it's tough trying to keep training and diet on point. So far so good, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

    I had a decent leg workout on Saturday, re-aggravated my back on leg press of all things but was able to hit front and back squats after. I hate lifting at this gym because the leg press machines are slightly different, and I'm not used to it. Was doing fine with my knee/back til I started lifting legs here. Anyway, I switched things up and lifted chest yesterday and FINALLY some progress on flat bench. Got an extra 2 reps over 5 sets with a little extra energy to spare.

    Leg Press 580x8,8,7,5 (back gave out)
    Front Squats 205x5,5,4,4,4
    Back Squats 210x8,6,6,6 (still getting comfortable with low bar position)
    Front Squats Tempo (3010) 155x8,7,7
    Leg Extension unilateral negatives 155x10,10
    Leg Extension unilateral 70x8,8
    Leg Extension fst7 150x10,10,10,10,10,10,10

    BB Bench 250x4,4,4,4,4
    Inc DB Bench 90sx8,8,8,6 (drop set)
    Dec DB Bench 85x12,12,12
    Pec Dec fst7 150x10 165x8,7,6,6,6,6+2
    Reverse BB Skullcrushers 90x8,8,8,8 (3 negs after last set)
    Pushdown 95x8,8,8
    => OH Rope ext 72.5 7,7,6
    CG Bench 175x6; 180x5,5
    Rev Pushdown 72.5x10,8,7,6,6,6,6

    I think I've finally found a solid dosing protocol with all these products with my schedule: 1 oxy black upon waking, 1 heaping scoop prodigy pwo, 1 oxy black & HT2 either 30 minutes pre cardio or pre meal. Too bad it's taken just about the whole run to find my sweet spot! I think I'm at the last workout with prodigy tomorrow, and either 2 or 3 more days of oxy black, a few more with HT2 after that.

    Have pics and vids up shortly.

  4. Thanks for the update. Sometimes it takes a while to get down new products.
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  5. Nice update...glad you found your sweet spot!!
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    [email protected]

  6. http://i774.photobucket.com/albums/y...a/IMAG0279.jpg
    => Lean+Dry+All Day Pump = Win! This was after waking up from a 2 hr nap



    Last two pics taken this past saturday

  7. So I'm completely out of all products now except for the HT2. I have probably another week of dosing the HT2 1x/day on lifting days and 2x/day on cardio and off days. Since the HT2 is synergistic with caffeine (i believe if I'm not mistaken), I'm going to dose it w/ 200mg caffeine.

    This morning was a weird workout, first time doing this particular chest workout at my new gym...I normally get 8 reps at 110s but only got 6 on my best set. Similarly on Incline BB I was technically weaker, but different benches & weights is what I attribute it to. Also, I'm working on getting better extension on my pressing.

    DB Bench 110sx5,6,5,5,5
    Inc BB Bench 195x8,6,6,5
    Dips 100x6,6,5,5 (rest pause last set)
    BB Bench Tempo (3010) 135+chainsx6,6,6,5
    FST-7 Flyes 42.5x10,8,8,7,7,7,6
    Incline EZ Skullcrusher 50x12,12,12,12
    DB OH Extension 85x7,7,7
    =>Bench Dips 85x8,8,7
    Unilateral Rope extension 20x8,6,6,6
    FST 7 Rev Grip Pushdown 72.5x8,7,6,6,6,6,5

    Planning on doing an AM lift and PM cardio, or vice versa...haven't quite made a decision on that yet. Should have vids regardless from my first RDLs since my low back injury. Crossing my fingers that it goes well.

  8. Thats weird I watched all the vids and posted afterwords and its not up here
    Nice job on the vids man.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Marms
    Thats weird I watched all the vids and posted afterwords and its not up here
    Nice job on the vids man.
    Nah doin hams tomorrow, going to vid the RDLs then. I don't anticipate it bein anything exciting though, probably going to keep it relatively light

  10. Hams ended up going well considering the struggles I've been through with my low back, hams went well. Didn't go as heavy, and couldn't get quite as large of a ROM as normal, but left pain free. I'm hella sore today in my low back and hams (moreso in my hams than in my back, which is a good sign), which affected my back/bis lift this morning...couldn't go heavy on bent rows because I couldn't stabilize 235 in a bent position. Ended up going 8x215, which still felt pretty heavy. Thinking I might need go back up on cals...


    Good mornings 12x155

    RDLs 10x325

    Rev grip bent row 8x215

  11. I cant do good mornings with 10 lbs
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  12. Took a look back here and realized I never gave a final review for the products! So here it is:

    Oxy Black: Solid clean energy, lasted about 6-7 hours for me. At first the energy was a little overwhelming, but after a couple days it was great...didn't feel stimmed out at all, though it was enough to keep me awake even when I was sleep deprived. Only negative was I was dosing at 2 caps per day and only 45 caps in the bottle. Wish it was 60 to last a full month! Other than that, a very solid product.

    Hyper T2: Great product, low stim and easily stackable. It took me awhile to figure out the right dosing for me with my eating habits, but once I spaced out my meals a little more I could feel it working. What worked best for me was finding a space where I had 4-6 hours between meals and dose at least two hours after a meal due to the a-yohimbine and its interactions with insulin. This might be in my head but if I took this before working out it negatively impacted my lift. This only happened a couple times, so it could be something else. On the plus side there are 90 caps per bottle, which is awesome from a cost efficiency standpoint.

    Prodigy: Lots of energy in this one. Taking oxy with this is within a couple hours a biiiiiig mistake unless your very stim tolerant, which I found out very quickly! Way too many stims between the two, but alone it's very solid. Kept me going for my entire long workout. This was my first experience with COP and I liked it quite a bit. I picked up two tubs of primaforce from nutra when it was on sale for the future from the use of this. Pumps were good, but I felt the energy and focus more than anything else.


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